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Holy place

August 5, 2014


In coming days
You will find no ray
But sound of bullets
To seal our fate

The churches
The temples and
Shall be beyond reaches

The terrorist may control
Issue the call
Guns shall be freely given
All good people may be driven

The churches may have shape of rockets
The temples may bear the sign of bullets
The barrel may be pointed at you
The gun and bombs shall be only truth

We are seeding terrorists
They will assume full shape and insist
“Come and follow the path we suggest“
Or accept the death as means best

“Say no” and you are dead
You will fail to read
Your tongue shall speak nothing
You will watch the sky for something

Spare us from death

August 5, 2014



Spare us from death

O death, be merciful
Our houses are full
There is no space to keep death bodies
We all mourn the death and weep among families

The sky daily showers death
Yet we have lost no faith
One day may turn the leave
The sun may shine for us to believe

Is it so difficult?
For world to decide and build
The stable state with secured boundary
To alleviate he sufferings of people living in misery

The dead bodies are waiting for cremation
They are stored in fridge for preservation
Long queues are seen for ceremonial burial
Has the wise world any cause for denial?

I pray and bow down
Before almighty and own
All my wrong doings
But pray for blessings

“Spare us from cruel deaths”
What have we done with our faith?
We are asking freedom with life
One nation sans struggle and strife

The tree bears fruit

January 21, 2014

fruit trees
Tree bears fruit
After hard efforts
It comes in long way
To enjoy with happiness in any way

Many factors combine
Add color to make it divine
Mother earth feeds the line
The plant has grown up to define

The fruits and flowers adore
We need to watch and explore
Take the fruits out for use
That is the main line to choose

Enjoy the outcome
Of hard labor and welcome
This is life and return is seen
Life never creates ugly scene

O, rose

January 3, 2014

unique rose
O, rose

If some one suggests with offer
I shall politely turn down an offer
Come straight way with the name of rose flower
And smell the fragrance sooner

It is only of its kind
To be named precisely as king
King of flowers
Red, pink or for that matter any color

Look at the natural blessings!
Almighty has shown clear leaning
Or favor to a majestic flower to show
When it naturally grows

What a mechanism to protect!
To keep others away from evil act
Thorns underneath to give test of punishment
What else you expect from nature at present!

IT is nice gift from brother to sister
And from daughter to kind father
It conveys the message of love and affection
No one turns nose to offer reaction

Such flower needs our attention
For all purpose its retention
In magic spell and fragrance
It is lovely and life time chance

The petals stand in elegance
They show color with presence
It is unique stand with plant
That is all we need and want!

Beauty in possession

December 27, 2013


I hunted for original beauty

And prayed for one to almighty

Black or white was welcome

Found certainly when was back home


Exactly original as if carved out

That was in mind when talked about

She stood there with elegance

To see her face to face was just golden chance


God really spare time for beautiful object

So he has not fear of letting down on act]

That figure goes all out for praise

When lands on earth to find demand with chase


See her eyes and find heaven

Lots of invitation with graceful silence

I would love to call her beauty on earth

Anyone would love to fall and like till death


No sex appeal but full innocence

That can be observed at variance

Her eyes speak a lot for secrets inside

She is there always to confide


I find her like ocean

Her face speaks volume still remains clean

No secret dept of any kind

I still try to probe and read her mind 


The probe is on to go still deep

Her face reveals all that I want to keep

A good human soul with utmost integrity

God has really granted very good personality


She must excel in each field

With sway over position held

I wish her grand success and elegance

With beauty in possession on face 


Merry x-mas

December 24, 2013

merry x-mas

Rose may pose

December 20, 2013

Rose may pose

Rose may pose
Red or pink color suppose
For love and dedication
Simple form with indication

Believe it or not
The entry is really fought
Thorns are at gate
For beauty to state

Do not crush
With simple rush
Let roses blossom
Such beauty may be found seldom

Both have role to play
Watch them from distance and stay
Enjoy beauty and express joy
Her petals are for us to enjoy

Heart may accelerate beat
Wish may compel to greet
Alas! We could have it at last
Wished must confine and not blast

First prize

December 16, 2013

I had to search for shepherd’s dress

As it was needed for fancy dress

Son had taken part in as milkman

I was total failure in finding dress man


No dress could be found

That puzzled me to go around

For dress as well as all belonging

I was in for wait and hanging


I noticed one little hut

It was protected and shut

I shouted for little help

The head came out him self


“I needed dress and utensils”

“To dress up son as shepherd”

He heard me patiently and replied

Sir, I have dress but dirty and can not be relied


I promised him to wash up again

And bring back after sometime

He was happy too to remind

You are always welcome to find


I was so much impressed

Here was kind man but remained

In state of gratefulness

I too bore so much thankfulness


The son won the first prize

There was so much joy and surprise

The hut man had done noble job

Else son would have been robbed from chanceImageze


November 2, 2013

Let Dipawali* bring all kind of happiness

With simple and satisfactory smile on face

That all wishes are fulfilled with honor

No grievances are at heart to feel more


All over the country, the earth’s surface

The lamps may illuminate with smiling face

The flame may try to reach sky with happiness

Let light spread its power over darkness


Light may try to take control

Over hatred by love’s sincere call

Hearts may long for durable peace

Let people feel about its impact with ease


This is how festivals occupy their position!

In coming days with each season 

Let our minds be not vitiated

As we are proudly linked and related


Might and light is all there

But so long experienced with no fear

Any discrimination in thought or action

May add to bitterness with reaction


As we remove all dirt from houses

The festival must light up without any misses

Let our heart boom with clear intention

From now on only “brotherhood” should rule the human relation


* Dipawali…. Festival of lights celebrated all over India    Imagedi


October 11, 2013


And ring

In my ears

I want to hear


Your melody

With sweet voice already

I shall sing too

Love song true


I have missed

And so far leased

My voice to others

As it led me to bother


Will I hear it again?

Sans pain

Sweet and lovely call

Nature’s recallImagejad