Outer beauty

May 13, 2016

Outer beauty


We are generally influenced

And have noticed too

That outer beauty has great impact

On our daily acts


We are easily carried away

And try to stay

As near as possible

Even if that means trouble


So of the women prefer to be individual

Very rich and influential

They try to select man of good repute

And remain firm with dates


We web’s be able to say

Whether they are heartless or have their simple way

As everybody tries to be safe and secured

The happiness is never measured


Rest all parts indicate visibly

But heart reflects silently

It cries and shows all respect

The tears drop and narrate the fact

smile lady


Loyalty on demand

May 13, 2016


Loyalty on demand


Eat the bread from master

And be loyal forever

As it gives room to serve him better

He deserves it as an employer


It moves in veins as blood

After transformation from food

It is inherent quality of human being

To serve as loyal so long it brings happiness


Your entire family is dependent

On single gesture of employment

If you serve with half the heart

You can never feel loyal or as inseparable part


So it is never purchased

But chased in pursuit

Offered with complete approval

As an honest individual


If an animal to whom you are feeding

Suppose it resorts to not gratifying

It will be an end of duty towards master

As he has proved to be good care taker too

Real difference

May 12, 2016

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Real difference


Day and night

That seems alright

With the emergency of light

It is farewell to night


Yes there is change

With seasons and with age too

Child is rushing towards adulthood

There is improvement in relation of the neighborhood


Everywhere you find mark improvement

We need to catch with the moment

Once slipped out of hand

It shall never come back at the end


So go on exploring

And not waste on snoring

Sleep is alright

But to lose is really not alright


So life shall rise

And cause fall in chase

But what makes real difference?

Life is lived as chance

Happily done again

May 12, 2016

Happily done


I care less

And fearlessly face

The stiff resistance

And take full chance


I am deep in love

And believe

In destiny

Set by an almighty


I shall always seek

And speak

With strong prayers

For protection of my lover


I shall breathe

Till death

For his living side by side

And positively aid


This is how love becomes known

And gets momentum of its own

It sees no danger from any one

And dreams for things happily done


Go in for

May 12, 2016


Go in for


It has nothing to do with the stars

Whether near or far

The sun has its own sphere

To light the place everywhere


Whole of the universe depend

And send

The same message of peace and love

We all trust and believe the same


The feeling is naturally generated

And openly stated

Who knows when two souls may start liking?

See each other and secretly kiting


No religion plays part

No color comes in the start

It is just pull from attraction

Such is the start of the relation


So it has special role

To respond to the call

Go in for strong affiliation

And stay near forever in jubilation


May 12, 2016

smiling man

Off the guard


Each one lives by some standard

To move with ideals and words

This makes his position clear

He is considered best among dears


Even poor man moves

And proves

With caution

That he cares for human relation


He is tied with situation

And loves its continuation

This keeps him struggling

And along with helps in surviving


So he learns how to move on

Stick to the position and not easily blown

With some fast experience

And not taking chance for deterioration


So life is not what he had originally thought

Yet he is not caught

Off the guard and remains unaware

He is happy person and always fares well

Cold in noon

May 12, 2016

girl leaving

Cold in noon


I have stopped worrying

As it was carrying

Hell lot burden

Adding some more concerns


I was delighted to have you

But soon it proved untrue

You were fading and appearing

I soon started fearing


I was tot ake decision

And I took it with precision

You were not the person I should dream

You were not at all fit for team


I started missing your presence

And soon took turn to absence

I wanted no more chance

It was immediate step at once


Good bye even if I had entered

You were never centered

I defocused soon

And felt cold in afternoon

Human behavior

May 12, 2016

human behavior

Not the love


Not the love alone

But all humane

Despite doing all painful thigns

Must stick to something


If you can’t speak truth all the time

Miss the lies sometimes

If you can’t offer sincere prayers

Silently utter from heart


It may help you somewhere

But dare

To do something good

The meaning amd menas shall be clearly understood


For livelihood, some short cut is necessary

Or as you see it as customary

But make it point that it is is not in access

And later on you can’t face it from heart


This is not difficult

As some of the good qualities are inbuilt

That shall take you to positive side

You shall, then be. happily able to decide

Who are we talking about

May 12, 2016

cunning nab

Who are we talking?


We have gone

Insincere and insane

Lost the trust in almighty

And has rush to become wealthy


No one cares

But everybody dares

To attain by evil ways

And later on dearly pays


People blame creator

Why has he created poor?

Why so much of agony and pain?

And thus throughout ignorantly remain


Corruption, bribery and deception

These things have become part of relation

Even religious head are not excluded

Politicians are altogether included


In public life it is seen everywhere

Murder rape is not seen as rare

It is taking place daily

Who are we talking about really?

Long for

May 11, 2016

lovely girl 12.jpg

Long for


Official or unofficial

It is individual

Varies from person to person

With variety of reasons


I may like simple face

With little smile and love’s trace

She must be simple

And probably mixing with people


Why should I make farce?

And be fierce

In presenting to society

When I love her and her beauty


It is just pull

And that makes lull

You run day and night

To get her right


It is natural

With any individual

Too long for good looking girl

And present when tide turns