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Flew with

May 14, 2016

Flew with


That day arrived

For which I had dreamed

Sony years have passed

So far I only assessed


The change was observed

And I behaved

As if wanted some support

Like needed by small plants


He appeared on mind screen

And I had special vision

To see him with large image

He was fit for my age


As happens usually

I was seduced really

But I had no fear

As he chose to reassure


I have no shame

To share the blame

But I flew with sentiments

And that was the beautiful moment

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Run for cover

May 14, 2016

Run for cover


Whole of the world strives

And longs for peace

But result has yet to come

Any improvement shall always be welcome


I don’t know what guides

And decides

Their mentality

About supremacy of an almighty


If heaven is awaited

After so much of bloodshed

I think the hell can only be the place

For such mad chase


Evil minds are on work

They not only fund the drive

But spread the ideology to survive

With religious appeal and strongly believe


No doubt, such people shall be eliminated

But annihilated

On the earth’s of the surface

They will run for cover to escape hunt chase

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Special effect

May 14, 2016

2 in 1

Special effect


Love is an ocean

Its depth is never seen

No measurement can be made

It is not trade too


It is not made

It shall never fade

Once made contact

It becomes pure act


No one can restrain

Or maintain

Distance at will

It will kill soul from inside


Until you have feeling

You can have no inkling

It speaks of unique language

Until there is rejection or change


It is either love

Or no love

There is now wait or in between

It has special effect with vision

Joy in depth

May 14, 2016

happy heart


Joy in depth


It is very simple

You are very much in trouble

People will simply poke

And make joke


You are simple target

And they work on that

They wait for chance to pull you down

And heir behavior is rightly known


You are rejecting their efforts

And making no reports

Keeping silence

And goes on schedule work at once


What do you gain?

When you maintain

Purity of approach

The good people only try to reach


Some feel happiness an inner depth

This threatens them with no death

They are least concerned on poor response

As they have chosen the path

Personal inferences

May 13, 2016

different attitude

Personal inferences


It is personal opinion

And perception too

Yes, but do not forget at all

You are an individual


“How and why you live” is entirely your choice

You need not raise voice

You must pass on silently

Peacefully and quietly


You are moving in organized society

So you are bound by civility

You can’t act arrogantly and be self centered

Here your attitude has to be altered


If your life is to influence entire mass

Then think of special class

Your life is not yours and belongs to people

And to whom you have committed to struggle


No one can dictate and guide

As you are in position to decide

The course of action and independence

But these are all personal inferences


Change is natural

May 13, 2016

faded flowers

Change is natural


Change is in nature

Onething does not stay for sure

It has to be over

No one has permanent cover


Even body is mortal

Any accident can turn fatal

One has to die

Despite numerous try


Flowers with open petals appear

And disappear

The fragrance is spread

And later on they remain dead


Even sun sets

And meets

The beautiful fate

To reappear next


So get over

From wrong fear

Change is must

Life is just movement

Only nature for us

May 13, 2016

only nature

Only nature


I know the secret of nature

To deliver the goods for sure

To make the mankind happy

And above all keep the environment healthy


Find the air movement

It moves from all the direction at present

Whether it is dry season

Or icy winds are on


In cyclone too, the nature stops onslaught

The forests comes to rescue outright

Three trees get uprooted and land gives in

The less devastation is seen


The rivers and mountains

Still maintain

Their magnificent presence

And show the world about their importance


Who is benefactor of nature?

The human beings for sure  

It is their future

And development too is secured

Ready for relation

May 13, 2016

Ready for relation


I did not care

When stared

At the picture

That was seen to me as my future


I saw her intensely
And found her beauty

Of different kind

I was glad to find her


But I found her miles away

Still I stayed

In constant pursuit

It suited her and me too


What did we find in common?

She was kind enough to eb called human

No arrogance and proud nature

I dreamed her for sure


I was proposing from distance

she listening to me at once

“yes” came the answer with affirmation

Now I was ready for full relation

only hear

Hardly found

May 13, 2016

simple peopleHardly found


Make your presence felt

And fragrance smelt

The noble work is done for poor and needy

Feel pride in being the emissary of an almighty 


You may be hand to mouth

But still breathe

For those who need your support

In move for capturing the fort


It is symbolic drive

To live

Among people with some motives

And keep self very selective


You are leading mass

That is called downtrodden class

Who need someone as their leader?

And feel sufferer too


There is dearth of good people

Who feel the pulse of simple human?

You may have many rich people around

But some simple and good people are hardly found

simple people

Much of noise

May 13, 2016

old woman 3

Much of noise


As neighbor

And stranger

I loved your forgiveness

That surely reflected on your face


You were scolding

And sometimes harshly wordings

For our noncooperation

You were firm with outburst and indication


I heard today

That you have passed away

After mild heart attack

It was real shock


I watched you from distance

But had no chance tot all to you

I heard you were very kind at heart

Always felt for others and remained as close part


You were advocate of cleanliness

And made it like mad chase

You were shouting from top voice

For lifting dust and papers with so much of noise