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More in store

March 31, 2016

More in store


I have made home

Where no one is welcome

Only barbed wires around

So movement is found


What the hell it was?

Only gun shots and blood bath

No one was safe from hellish fire

We escaped and crossed border


Only life was saved

Family pride was shelved

At least we were kept in custody

Much to the will of an almighty


We may not return

And find in turn

Same freedom and liberty

In our own country


Let the unrest die down

Let our fate be made known

We shall have to endure some more

Life has more for us in store

refugee camps 1


Smile or sadness

March 31, 2016

soul tajen

Smile or sadness


Time does not permit

Or allow greeting

At the time of departure

You are driven for sure


You are sure to die

Whether lay idle or try

You are taken away in time

But no miss is made any time


You may not want to go

Leave behind family and show

At heavenly gate

Will luck or ill fate


You may decline

And not incline

To opt for departure

It is decree signed earlier


No one is mortal

And fate is certain for all individuals

So one got to keep full preparedness

With smile or sadness on face


In nice manner

March 31, 2016

good writer 2

In nice manner


Language gives command

And helps to send

Beautiful message in verses

For masses


It is immaterial

For an individual poet

Whether he is familiar

Or unknown writer


He knows real sentiments

And presents

Through words

Real combination of beginning and an end


The poet has his own domain

And remains

Totally cling to facts

And reacts


We get him clear

And land our ears

To whatever he writes

And honestly states


It may cut less ice

If not put in nice manner

Or in a language not familiar

But he is good sympathizer

Any pressure

March 31, 2016

many flwoers.jpg

Any pressure


Woman is flower

Always kind and milder

Very susceptive

And sensitive too


She has tolerance

And hence

Stands calm in crisis

And shows super class


She has fragrance

To spread at once

In family and outside

She is sole judge to decide


She is pious and simple

Stands at peak among people

She has special inclination

For family to maintain relation


She always maintains balance

But never feels tense

She may stand any pressure

To make the future very sure

Only people here

March 31, 2016

peace w.jpg

Only people here


No nothing changes

Until we write on page

With golden ink

Or positively think


The world shall witness

And face

Tremendous change at heart

With our present


We feel

And make others to heal

The hurt feelings

We remind them of well human beings


No color shall create hatred

No religion shall be fed

No region shall appear

We shall remove mental fear


So we gather

And offer

New world order

Of poets, poetesses and many leaders


We shall burn

Hatred and in turn

Bring in loving atmosphere

With brand new name of “only people” here

Always fall back

March 31, 2016

Always fall back


You are Omni present

And felt

At heart

And as inseparable part


At the start of new work

It starts with the word

With so much of gratitude

And with submissive attitude


So you are recognized

And fully read

In each natural object

With powerful act


Not a wind can move

Not an earth can prove

Its fertility

Without blessings from you


Let some people remain ignorant

Or keep intent

Of showing disregard

They shall always fall backward


Worth to trust

March 31, 2016

worthWorth to trust

Such Kind of people is rare
You hardly come across with act so fare
In individual cases and on personal level
So many are doing very well

But yes that is well wish
We finish with one word
Help me save from bad people
And make me not more to struggle

Common friends are many
But only few may remain closely
Help to come over rough weather
And silently offer assistance

You are not left alone
But helped often
Same way is seen for them too
When you also prove very true

But beware
When you put blind faith everywhere
You need to be cautious
As not all the people worth to trust

May end soon

March 31, 2016

oh life

May end soon


They call me whore

But adore

In night

To their delight


I am seen from one angle

As simple sex symbol

For their joy

And to enjoy


I am served with lavish dishes

But I finish

With sadness

On face


Toss ell body


To the people of no liking

The thought is always striking


I play on

The game is never won

Life may end soon too

It may be engulfed by gloom

With kind eyes

March 31, 2016

With kind eyes


Go with the open mind

And find

In abundance

Lot many chances


God is willing

And filling

Your heart

With kind art


That is not given to anyone

And you re lucky one

Besides being beautiful

You are lovely individual


Keep on praying

And swaying

With openness

And frankness


God shall protect

Your all acts

With kind eye

So you keep on trying


Smash the wall

March 31, 2016


Smash the wall


It is catching with time

So nothing is missed this time

Time is ticking away

And we should find the way


Not all succeed

But we pay heed

To an old advice

Live with promises


Run in time and at pace

To win the race

It is not speed alone

But enough steps are won


Reach their first

And count with thirst’

You have still more

Time to score


So get on well

And tell


That you are meant to smash the wall