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I screamed

February 29, 2016

in open

I screamed


I wished

I could

Bury the dead



But alas! That did not happen

You were not seen

And probably gone

Never to be seen on screen


I could scream

But refused to beam

Instead went for silent memory

But felt no sorry


What was needed?

I really added

My love into rainbow

And decided to throw open


No it was not likely

As you disappeared behind tree

My eyes searched and searched

It did not reach far end


Very common

February 29, 2016

h break

Very common

It is long desire

And so strong here

To move ahead

With many things to spread


You are going for alliance

You call it love chance

But it is parlance

With firm bond at once


You won’t know

How fast it grows

And shows

Fast growth
You have family

That is into being readily

You become head

And finally wait to be dead


Such things remain

Very common

And made its existence

Without feeling tense

Firm ground

February 29, 2016

seedopen sou

Firm ground


I have not seen audio

But its signals reach through radio

I listen as if it airs through medium

I feel its impact as maximum
Life has suffering

When you are enduring

Trying to overcome

With resolute time
When you know

And go

With set mind

You shall find


The way is found

When you gain ground

Stand firmly and look around

For making it looks less sound


Until this tendency is set

You can’t coo tar the fate

Accept the sufferings

But face it with brave like things


February 29, 2016




Who will think of betterment?

Self, people or opponent

One must lend ears for improvement

And tackle solution at present


We can’t take advice

And surmise

For personal benefit

Where feel fit


Take not it assign person

As it may be marred by many reasons

But ultimately it is counseling

And ideas for self selling
Criticism is nice

But what surprises?

If it is not aimed at an improvement

But works as an impediment


So steer out

From fall and talk about

How best you can achieve?

And improve


Within limit

February 29, 2016

Within limit


One wrong step

And you will have slap

On face forever

And repent later
The happiness is just momentary

Which was not necessary?

You should have thought over

Before surrendering for cover
The youth is uncontrollable

When come across many people

You are going for quick result

And lend with insult
So life becomes hell

When does not move well

You are left alone

When he has gone
You have ability

To stand with adverse stability

Even thought it was called stupidity

But you were acting within limit of humanity


Mystery still remains

February 29, 2016

Mystery still remain


They are concentrates

Of holy water and relate

Human woes

When moves in


Sip by sip

You keep

Bitter test

And try to rest


It is not easy

But keeps you busy

To forget what you did

Whereas there was no need


No one has said so

Life seems like water flow

Slow down at each curve

And calmly observe


Nothing new

But for few

It is like top of the mountain

Mystery still remains


Where is delight

February 29, 2016


Where is delight


Look at other side too

Some of the things may not be true

Life shall test you bitter

You shall be running mad after


No metaphor works

When fail the words

Promises are broken

And humanity is forgotten


Poor look

And shook

In disbelief

When will they get relief?


Life is so cruel

And speak now ell

We know nothing

But go after something


Temples are built

Lamps are lit

But where is delight?

To feel right

I write daily

February 29, 2016


I write daily


I write daily

And feel really

So close and intimate

When relate


They ask often

To write even

For them in verses

I carefully choose


I remain among

And do no wrong

Hurt no feelings

And act as human being


It was no joke

But I spoke

So often

To feel them happy even


It is not easy

In such busy life

To make people feel

Nice at will

Each word here

February 29, 2016

god's grace

Each word


I lend my ears

To followers

Who wish to be heard?

For each word


I feel sometimes sad

Over their deed

But make up mind

And start acting kind
They may err

Create terror

For fellow men

I take them as normal human
I hear them with woes

When it flows

In each word

I act benevolent lord


I forgive

And give

One more chance

To improve upon at once
This is message

For people of all ages

To come up with change

And fully manage

Come over

February 29, 2016


Come over hurdles


Let me make it clear

“keep no fear”

I am ready to encounter

With all that you want as an offer


It is simple proposition

As is needed inholy relation

Iam in for any connection

With firm and resolute action


People may name it as blindness

But I see reflection on your face

That hint of happiness

Makes  me eager to trace


All people like us may be wanting

Same bond and liking

I go for your wishes

And willingly finish


Let us swim in this vat sea

And see

What kind of joy is in

Let us come over hurdles and win