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Love for life

January 31, 2016

For her desire

No one can challenge

For her brilliance and age’

She is more than an individual

Perfectly suited for the role


Her eyes speak

Very powerful and not weak

Message is conveyed

Even if person is dismayed


She is in need

And wants to heed

To an advice

For fulfillment of promise


Her eyes desperately search

Try to reach

Among the people

And settle
But where is that man?

Ideal and human

She has dreamed for a character

Who can be with her as partner?


You have indomitable personality

And really blessed by an almighty

You are an exception

For any kind of relation

my life


Love is by chance

January 31, 2016

Love is chance


Love is precious bond

And can be compared none to second

No one can own

For the reason well-known


It is god’s gift

The position can’t be shifted

It is heavenly sent chance

And can be had only once


Lucky are those people

Who have it in the capacity of an individual?

It is generally accepted

Right from when it was incepted


Love is to give and take

Accept it when given shape

It has some blessings always

And finds its lace


Never curse or lament

It is destiny and presents

Well orchestrated life with joy

Involve fully and enjoy

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Never say no

January 31, 2016

eternal fragrance

Never say no


Love has no secret language

It comes with an age

You never know when it shall grip

But heart skips sometimes


World is too large

With lot many thing sot write on page

To feel and inscribe

With heart beating to describe


Never say openly

Whether you love or not jokingly

Eyes do reveal

Even if you try to seal


Ne err try to score

But adore

The person you love

And trustfully believe


You may refute

And silence the tongue

But heartland mind shall always differ

With single aim to stay near

Her lover and poetry

January 30, 2016

Her love and poetry

It makes me to wonder
When clouds thunder
Lightening take over
Followed by heavy showers

At first, it seems outrageous
Harmful and hazardous
But act seems to be noble
And not for creating any trouble

So when lover is angered
No amount of arguments are convinced
She is in rage
As if pen refuses to move on page

Yet, thoughts invade mind
Words rush to make her kind
Poetry takes shape of rainbow
The words very easily flow

When showers are complete
She too pleases and refuses to remain mute
The voice tune changes in favor
You are still her favorable lover

rain lover

Her forever

January 30, 2016

Her forever


It was do or die

I did try

For durable relation

It raised even more questions


I had no other option

But to lower the tension

Come down in terms

And restore relation in turn


She was adamant

And totally unrepentant

Not a word for lapse part

But even readiness to depart


I felt sore

So tried to explore

For patch up

But she told “shut up”


I stared at sky and sought solution

With request and firm resolution

I shall keep her forever

Set everything alright and never differ

mera bimb

True and correct

January 30, 2016



Life is not for lust alone

It involves trust also

Life is dedicated to each other

Believe me it is sincere offer
As young lad

You may be remaining sad

For the want of good bride

As matter of pride


You feel proud

And speak loud

As you have one of the best things in possession

And now you cling with obsession
Know one thing very clear

Have no fear

For life or death

That shall remain till the last breathe
Make the life dependable

Cheerful and enjoyable

It has to be witnessed by both of you

With meaning correctly understood and true

life in real

Real role

January 30, 2016

Real role
Love some one
And never be gone
Even from memory
To feel sorry

It is such nice bond
And stands none to second
It is holier than holy
And looks so lovely

You get new lease
With release
Of energy
To live happily

It demands nothing in return
But affords strength in turn
To serve one another
With cheers

Hopefully it shall
Give strength to scale high wall
prove true to character
and play truly the role of stage actor divine light

Only enemies

January 30, 2016

deva premal

Only enemies


It is means to live

And believe

In theory

As put to the shaky mind


On war front

Only enemies are present

No relatives or friends

As they all have to die at the end


“Kill the enemies” god says

As this is need and you need to pay

Heed an advice and attack

Else they will kill you and ransack
Whole of the theory is explained

Evil has to be destroyed

Everybody has come with destiny

Now they are all enemy
The message is understood

Earlier the better or good

We must get rid of cancerous portion

And live with no confusion

Talk about self

January 30, 2016

no dreaming

Talk about


Fools live twice

With no choice

One while dreaming

And another when sun session the evening


They live with fantasy

Believe in tale that is filmy

Which has no head and tale?

But only struggle


What is se of such life’s journey?

Where you are not living with reality

You think” God shall send an opportunity”

You do nothing but believe in almighty


God also helps those

Who trust and repose

But at the same time work very hard

Keep some space in life and live with word


Such people succeed in long run

As they overrun

The difficulties and come out

With flying colors to talk about

Mighty survives

January 30, 2016

Mighty survives


Whole world survives

And revives

With hope on exploitation

And strengthens the relation


Mighty reigns

And regains

Control over weak

And then speak


It grips soul

With a call

Or roar from lion

In the region


Keep no fear

As it comes from rear

Or with frontal attack

So everything is at stake


It is difficult to survive

But one has to believe

Live with no fear

Be alert and hear (inner call)


Nothing works again will

Even if it kills

Your instinct

For noble act

no fear