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We the soldiers

December 31, 2015

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We, the soldiers


Let us rededicate

And openly relate

About our role

For all kinds of call


We can never question

The prevailing wisdom

By the leadership

For our tears to weep


We were given go ahead

For the solution that was denied

For several years

But now it is cleared


It casts doubt

When we talk about

And raise questions

For administrative caution


The new dimension has been added

The charge of receiving fund from ISIS is traded

If this is what seems to be government concern

It is time for us to prove and disprove the allegation


Enter newyear

December 31, 2015

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Only few hours


Few hours are left

But promises are still kept

Vision is just before us

We shall take pledge to restore trust


We did not restrain

And failed to maintain

The country’s prestige was in peril

The core value of country was intact still


We shall enter New Year

And celebrate with fun fare

But we may forget soon

The sun shall blaze full in afternoon


Can we not take few steps?

And keep

Close liaison with nature

To make the survival for sure


Not rivers alone

But air is prone

To all kinds of diseases

That is indication for us to cease


The phenomena may be world wide

But politicians refuse to decide

The trade is likely to suffer

All agree on good points but finally differ


Let us good bye this year with hope

That we shall survive and not stop

In our endeavor for pollution free world

The death warrant type progress can not be sold

Inner compass

December 31, 2015

Inner cmpass

Inner compass
Woman by nature
We can say mild by behavior
She needs no direction
It is reflected in her move
And action child likes her
Family adores and provides shelter
She is everywhere
Assures full protection with no fear
God has given her enough of compassion
With love to all in or without relation
It is her greatness that is always remembered
Whole of family and interest is heavily centered
Where from she gets such energy?
She is blessed by an almighty
She knows full well about circumstances
And counters it with full resolve and presence
She has nothing to hide
But to decide
About future course
As she is an embodiment of source

Selfish inclianation

December 31, 2015

Selfish inclination


We have poetical world

Where no sufferings are old

Only love and happiness is shared

Any unwanted thing is debarred


This lovely land

Where emerges only good friends

Who have only selfish inclination?

And sincere care for human relation


It is our way to choose

And lose to

But it is always readership

And close affiliation with friendship


It is not my business

To have more access

With their smiling faces

Or even meaningless chase


I shall dislike if they prove harmful

They shall stick and stay if prove purposeful

The poetry land is for all to excel

Love with peace share with exemplary tale







Miss I miss you

December 31, 2015

Miss I miss you


I was stepping in to become young

I thought it is nice journey but too long

I am afraid and take care not to go wrong

I was expecting everything for song


I am so much influenced by lady smile

She has entered in life just before while’

Life seems to be so interesting and fine

I want to dance on floor with glass of wine


Miss, you can’t be so rude

For a word you have made prelude,

All warmth and affection you have included

Hate and distance you have excluded


I never expected you to cast

All doubts but trust should not last

You were the first to realize it fast

Reality known but never wore any kind of mast,


Your innocence and name is kind to infuse

Kind words for me but not meant to confuse

Time was for decision but you never refused

Always stood at right point and crisis defused


Even amidst delicate moments

You did not offer a word or comments

You were hurt most but you used simple word,

Is it blessings to you or gift from Lord?


I loved you most as your dearest friend

Still you didn’t put any word at the end,

Kept me at dark or asked or any excuses

Used otherwise it as pretext, denied or refused


‘Miss’ I miss you but you don’t miss,

Did not expect from you kind hug or simple kiss

Not even kind gesture or more of any show

Still I miss you and never beat eye brow


Will this uncertainty remain or go?

Life will be full of remorse but still I would forgo

Is there any restriction from your side or embargo?

You bear always ‘no entry’ smile with logo


You called on me for good luck and best wishes

I remained dead as no water was available for fish,

May be it is very hard to swallow for some reasons

Why then there should be drought without any season?


I was quick to grasp situation,

Avoided unwarranted efforts for persuasion,

Shock was sudden and heavy but came very late,

I did accept it with grace and as part of fate


She didn’t become mine for some reasons

I waited simply for spring season

She too eagerly longed for strong bond

As I was inclined and very fond


She had everything to loose

But she had no option to choose

Why did she take extreme step?

She always used to call me as sweet babe


It may be her way of thinking

It left me high and dry with blinking

What should I call her sacrifice?

A step of dedication or break of promises?


Basic culture

December 31, 2015

Basic culture


What type of empowerment?

What shall we talk at resent?

That shall be merely lips service

With hollow words and promises


We frequently talk of mother

Own daughters and sisters

But forget about the fact outside

We openly lay a seize on them outside


What kind of criminal mentality we have?

How cruelly we behave?

Pick four or five year’s girl and molest

As if that work is considered best


We are sick minded people

Adding more woe and troubles

We talk of granting more powers

But at the real time retrace the steps or shiver


No amount of legal immunity shall work

No good lecture or seminars with sweet words

The judiciary has to be strong enough to deter everyone

And come down heavily with strong message on

Empowerment of women

Small child

December 30, 2015

Small child


I get bored

And snore

With the worry of tomorrow

To get up early and go


Whole day goes with hectic schedule

The tuition are in pipe line with lessons from school

The sun rushes to west

With fast movement from east


Night is still on head

Whole body becomes dead

Mind bears vacuumed

Whole of the energy stands consumed


Parents are worried

But whole of load is carried

On my shoulder

Mentally I suffer


You look at the size of school bag

Books are pushed inside with tags

It has no relevance with my being

I have all restrictions on me to sing

For all of us

December 30, 2015

For all of us



And believe

That life is precious

And remains not continuous


You might belong to family

That shall have many

Members to share joy

And cheerfully enjoy


Even beggars

Sometimes appear

In laughing mood

Even though they may have no sufficient food


See the poor mother

And condition of her

She is still in command

With children and friends


Let us define

And feel fine

About different world

But behave nicely as we are told
The people are same

No one is to be blamed

Peace is vital for all of us

We got to enjoy it with dignity and trust

for all of us

Wrong to assume

December 30, 2015

Wrong to assume


It is wrong to assume

That she is only flame

She may ruin the carrier

And nit keeps me as happier


I have known her

Since long years

She is certainly my choice

I have gathered strength and raised voice too


Many times I tried to cross limit

On each count she tried o beat

With her strong persuasion

And with bong and long relation


Can we build palace on ruins?

Will that allow us for peace of mind to maintain?

I was little forceful

But she sent me back without feeling regretful


You can take any lady for example

She has strong urge for struggle

She only needs cover

The best one to receive as shield or shelter

under umbella

Feel warmth

December 29, 2015

Feel the warmth


Whatever you tell

But one thing you must feel

Never try to steal

In real
Life is not short

It is enough to report

With joy and happiness

And to continue with smile on face
If I can remain as friend

Till an end

To feel the warmth

In each count of breathe


I am certain

And still maintain

The secrecy

And become scary


Still I love

And believe

In oneness of mind

With always in habit to remind