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Care for

November 30, 2015

My heartTo care for


If you are left crest fallen

With face sullen

Cry not in open

But fully condemn


It was not pure love

That you believed

To be true

For going through


It was simple illusion

That kept you in confusion

Led to live with untruth around

The true love was never found


What made you to surrender?

When it did not appear

And made you to take decision

With no loss of time in anticipation


You get cheated only once

You shall not take second time chance

The love is not meant for deceiving some one

But to care for remember everyonelove yourself


Liberty to chase

November 30, 2015

liberty to chase

Liberty to chase


Once you stand on own feet

You would love to move an inch and feel fit

The people shall be talked freely

And you shall be feeling cheerfully


The mind travels faster than light

That puts prospective in right

It makes your mind to read

Brings out the ideas from dead mind


You are in position to convey

Much to your dismay

That you have such positive sign

You are not forced to resign


You shall have room to maneuver

Put threads together and try to remember

About the safe zone to venture

And make it sure


You have out of bondage

And gained freedom from cage

You are free person with innovative ideas

You are able to make inroad with liberty to chase

Life to dead

November 30, 2015

love yourself
Life to dead

Person who hates
And makes misses

He can never love
Led to believe
In loving others
As he is not in position to offer

Love is what he tries to see
Not to come out from illusion and feel free
He shall cling to old thoughts of school
And behave like fool

So prepare
Yourself putting into fray
For permanent stay

You shall have enough of room
To shine and blossom
With fragrance to spread
And bring life to dead

Harmony in open

November 30, 2015

10622845_752504381484057_7888973044270092434_n blossom

Harmony around


We had never been cruel

it went on so well

There was no greed to fall

No warning on wall


It was simple

Without any struggle

Lovely people around

Fragrance all over to be found


wE loved them in garden

As it looked part of heaven

No plan, no painting, no color design

Simply nature’s reign


Until we changed atmosphere

Added new dimension of fear

Created pain in to bear

Only voice of curses to hear


No, it was not the life we wanted

It was not the peace we hunted

We did not call single person in street

It was harmony on ground to wish and greet


Venture in open

November 30, 2015

images. [downloaded with 1stBrowser] (4)

Venture in open


I get another day

The sun may shine all the way

I shall go out with purpose

To get something and not to lose


It is thanks giving

And forgiving

Whatever happened yesterday!

It was forgotten day


I shall move an inch forward

With word

In mind

For firm ground to find


I may err

But bear

The consequences for lapses

And near misses


“Poor and helpless human being” as we are often called

I shall prefer not to be stone walled

But venture in open

To feel an earth as living heaven

Make move

November 30, 2015

images (16)

Make move


First, first and first

Make move next

But keep one thing in mind

You shall never find


The secret of life on earth

With count of each breath

You fear invasion of death’

But always saved by strong faith



And try to offer

Sincere prayers

As good follower


Not with any hatred

Try to lead

With double standard

But with simple and straight word


You shall earn

The name in turn

With label of good human being

As poor man or king


Your fancy

November 30, 2015

10165_570757106291997_196000237_n. [downloaded with 1stBrowser] (1)Your fancy

Love to the last drop
And never stop
To remind that you love her most
Let there be any cost!

Never measure depth
With fear of death
Go deep down
And make your sentiments own

No one has far
Reached sky and stars
But dreams have gone far beyond
Like fishes run from one end to another end in pond

Our fancy may find way
In new heights with fascinating way
That is real challenge
But we shall manage

You come near
And share
Your fancy
With match to my query

Control of loving heart

November 30, 2015

loving heart

Control of heart


My thought travels far

Reach the sky and stars

It has no end

As I find only friends and friends


I always right

And feel with delight

“It is no different world”

As have been told


But I love to be an active part

And shall never like to depart

Before putting views about how do I feel?

Heart speaks and mind reveals at will


My pen is writing with skill

I don’t know “why is it called still”

I have no idea about what others thought in the past

I want to sing forever and last


Many a time I have got wounded

But healed too

Someone takes control of my heart

Moves hand in my curly hair as an art

But remember

November 30, 2015

11391484_10155683950415093_7009730495261926032_n (1)

But remember


Nothing is wrong

If you sing a love song

And suffer an anxiety

It is gift from an almighty


As seasons change

An urge develops with age

It blossoms in mind

Your heart tries to find


It tries to fly

In the direction of sky

You eagerly wait upon

Until he has invaded and gone


Why such things happen?

When an earth seemingly looks like heaven

You feel about special role

And try to respond every call


Venture in unknown world

And remain in lovable fold

It is your pick for the life

But remember, it is an edge of knife

Flower’ blossom

November 29, 2015

flowers blossom

Best suited


What is love?

Leave or live

But believe

It is mean to survive


But will you forgive?

And strive

to mushroom

with blossom


For all your childish acts

I ignore the fact

And try to remain

With peace to maintain


It is not child’s play

You have to firmly stay

With whatever you have on hand

As friend


I shall feel

And fill

Your presence

With lovely chance


Will you sing?

In set ring

Before all

With inviting call


Say it with “please”

And release

Your emotions

For my relation


You are smiling queen

Best suited to the scene

I shall drop in always

And come in your ways