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Th safe port

October 30, 2015

boat at port

I slipped into past memory

It compelled me to carry

The past into present

I weighed both factors in favor and against

Those were horrifying days

The poverty was not helping in any way

I was struggling to find ways and means

But no solution was found or seen

I had to look after aged parents

Btu all the means were absent

It was driving me to the desperate corner

With no kind offer from any quarter

I didn’t lose hope

And continued non-stop

With the only hope of bright tomorrow

I left it to the almighty and silently followed

This paid me handsomely

As future smiled on me endlessly

I gave all credit to tireless efforts

Which had forced me to reach at the safe port?


No net accesss

October 30, 2015


I realized it today

That there is no other way

To remain happy with outside world

If you are cut off from rest of the world


The public departments dug holes haphazardly

For laying lines for water, drainage and electricity

They keep no linkage for work schedule

The hardship is then faced by normal people


I suffered isolator period

With no net access provided

I remained cut off from rest

It was really worst kind


Net accessibility has become part of our life

I feel world at next door even if faced torn strife

It comes to rescue in troubled time

I have realized it n recent times


I felt sorry for being cut off

Sometimes I used to laugh

With simple reason that I should not become slave of some system

Even though I have yet to adjust and trim

Swing in air

October 23, 2015


I swing in air with speed

Come down and read

The movement of time

I think seriously many times

I am still in my teens

But happy being

Still loved in family

And called sweetly

I see many friends around

They have grown rapidly on ground

Now they are shy with growth

Keep some distance and keep mind with

I too realize

And sensationalize

With my teen’s habit

I rush t them and lovingly greet

One day, I shall be fully grown

With name known

Yes, they stare at me with hungry eyes

And with shine in eyes, try

Daily new

October 23, 2015


Love is not what you expect

But gained from an act

That coutns as selfless

And brings tremendous joy on face

What do I care for?

Why do I feel soar?

Nothing to gain from selfish people

Only I have so struggle

I look at sky

And certainly try

For my catch on ground

The eel hunger is found

Love has its vastness

With full trace

That vies inside

I think it seriously and decide

Even though I may be called “Kingfisher”

But that is essential for my hungry

I must catch my pry

Look at sky and try

I go for hunt

And bear the brunt

People call me real cheater

But I am loner

I stand on one foot

Look inside water and feel fit

All the times I remain on alert

With daily new hunt to start

This is life

And we walk on sharp edge of knife

Daily new challenges

With strong resolve to manage

With breathe

October 23, 2015

word of god

Who are we to think?

With thoughtless ideas to sink

Why not we leave it to the creator?

To grant us life that can be spent with honor

We are simple creation

That has been brought into existence

For peaceful chance

And show it to world at once

Even cruelest man has some mercy

He is thankful forever to an almighty

For bringing life on this beautiful earth

This fact is borne in mind till death

Only circumstances compel

That doesn’t go well

With set mind

But fails to find enough space

The life becomes unbearable

Even after great struggle

It makes him to adopt evil path

With each count of fresh breathe

With respect, dignity and honor

October 22, 2015

my feelings

Pleasure can’t be borrowed

But allowed freely

From anything that comes in natural way

And spreads the sway

Only love has that power

You are carried away in shower

The monsoon makes you wet

And seals your fate
People say” you are in love’

And generally believe

That you have chosen path

And shall stick up to last breathe

It has all kinds of ups and down

It shall never be made known

You will know only when it has knocked the door

Y the time you shall be rolling on the floor

You will know its real might

You shall be forc3d to surrender and not fight

Love has its own color

With dignity, respect and honor

Like sweet cake

October 22, 2015

dartersnake bird...

It is vastness

That shall envy interest on face

Make you to spread wings

Fly in air and sing

You are no different

And looks apparent

Those odds may shadow your present

But you shall have blessing already sent

You stand by for any trial

And take it as casual

It shall give best result

As the confidence is knitted and built

You are suited to darkness

As it shows you clear traces

You are not waiting for day light

But go on to catch the pry with delight

The danger can’t take you by surprise

As you stand worth for any promises

You are destined to remove poisonous snakes

And eat them like sweet cake


October 22, 2015


I have felt your love

And blindly believed

That it is backed by sanctity

Blessed by creator and an almighty

Not all people shall have joyful day

Asia has all the way

She dances before my eyes

Even if I win with desperate try

I am not man with intelligent back ground

But have always found

The brightness in eyes dark

I pick the thread and start

I may not be her favorite

But it brings me delight

A substance of great satisfaction

To bring in sacredness of relation

What do I long for?

And feel sore

Yes it is her non-communication skill

That makes me feel weak and kills

Close link with people

October 22, 2015


Not all people get standing ovation
That shows how best you have made good cultivation
In human circle and all around
The close link is definitely found

Let people not grant you same respect
That is demanded for noble act
It may take some more time
For you to reap fruit in time

It is not questioned
What you have mentioned?
It is certainly discussed
What you have missed!

Is it heartfelt poem?
That is concerning them
Or content is offending
As the controversy shall be unending

What matters most?
Not with the words that you try to boost
But with what sincerity you are trying to project
That shall be accepted as reality with facts

Colorful and fly

October 21, 2015

narendra modi 1

O weather God, why are you not helping?

The country is directly facing

Starvation and shortage

There is no let up or stoppage

Somewhere it is short fall in rain

Somewhere an earthquake adds more pain

People are made homeless to face plight

The inflation makes it hard for survival and fight

Who can help under such situation?

When there is mounted tension

The communalists are raising head once again

The incidents are taking place in chains

One man is taking it in personal stride

He is taking only water and is on holy fast drive

Let us not weaken him for our sake

The nation has lot more at present on stake

Should we sacrifice such rising star?

Who has only one vision to take us far

On international arena with head high

Let our national flag remain colorful and fly