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Rush out side

September 30, 2015

ovely roses

You were deep routed

And firmly seated

In life forever

That shall be wiped out never

I used to hear

And still bear

The separation was used by distance

But I am prepared to accept it as chance

I was not weak at all

And gave definite call

I pledged to remain with you

And stood up to last very true

I used to rush outside

And freely decide

About what shall be my future!

But I was very much sure

You gave me means to live

And firmly believe

That bond is very much essential

In the life of an individual

I shall peacefully breathe

Till the arrival of death

So long you are driving force

I shall never regret or question the source


Positive approach

September 30, 2015


I might have been biased

And obsessed

With single thought

Self centric approach whether wrong or right

I had still right conscious

And to feel continuous

But had no inkling about righteousness

As I was never pointed out on the face

It can be still alright

If I had to fight

With odd and still hold the ground

The negative thoughts were not given any ground

I always advocated

And indicated

Willingness for positive approach

And went ahead with plan as such

I am not religious minded

But never offended

Any one due to utterances

Even if that had caused annoyance

Unrest and peace

September 30, 2015

peace n unrest

Se to act

But never react

To the criticism

Offered by them

We are human

And prone to temptation

We are influenced by greed

And call it as paramount need

If I dislike

That will never strike

In my mind to act contrary

I shall then be prepared to carry

I shall silently choose

Between unrest and peace

I will go on working

Without taking notice

Less you involve

And comfortably you solve

Any irritant

That lies ahead at present

Life is not conttinuous

September 30, 2015

life.. movement

“Life is not continuous”

The old saying is famous

We know it is like bubble

And needs so much of struggle

Still we go on

And remain

Fully occupied

Without being lied

It is taken as mission

With own confession

That we got to live with purpose

The path we got to choose

No matter how hard it is

But we can live at an ease

Right or wrong is for us to decide

We can certainly confide to self

It may not have surety

But we are blessed by an almighty

We are leaving everything to His decision

So life become precious in relation

With turn out

September 30, 2015



It is seen on face

Your face reveals

And makes you to feel

Yes, it can be shared

And defined too

Not material gain alone

But show it whenever you are chosen

It is double aged weapon

Try not to show it in open

But declare when it is necessary

It shall never be appreciated by an adversary

If you are fortunate

Go and relate

With friends or poor

Instead of lying on the floor

It can be personal achievement too

You have made it through self contentment

You are happy with whatever you have

It can be seen with your turnout when behave publically

No wisdom in it

September 30, 2015


Consider it as prison

With simple reasons

But come out of it as soon as possible

As life is meant to be struggle

Not all shall be born with silver spoon

You will notice many working hard in burning sun

But no one complains about hard work

It needs only efforts and not consoling words

We have thought wagon

It is better known as prison

We are trying to evolve theory of own

We try to create dreamy scene and get prepared to be flown

It helps in no way

We should try to come out and be away

Else it will give birth to new burden

You shall fell uselessness in return

Life is not meant to be absent

Eat and live merrily in tent

Why you need big palaces and kingdom

I think you shall never find or seldom have it

With nature again

September 30, 2015

with anture

With each day’s shine

I really feel fine

The rays touch my body

I fly in air with wings already

It is unusual change

When I feel it with an age

Body needs someone to come around

The presence of such person seems so sound

I shall surrender

And offer

My place in his arm

And feel warmth

I must flow

Like river water and go

Zigzag way

Strike the shore and go away

I shall remain fair

With nature

And its change

With autumn and spring

No concession

September 29, 2015


I come across talk

When go for walk

Enter into conversation

And talk about good relation

Have I known all people?

Who come off well after struggle?

Many fail in attempt to score

But still continue to explore

I still move

And try to prove

About natural things

For happiness to bring

Sometimes it is reciprocated

Sometimes it is scolded

Yet I leave no efforts

And constantly report

We are, after all, weak human beings

And pray almighty to bring

All kinds of happiness and cheers

But hidden fear still remains there

Seaize it

September 29, 2015


At least Sun worshipers believe in a reality…
Where is your God at the beginning of the day?
Or has that fakeness…
lost its way?

Let us say

And seek way

From darkness to light

And from being wrong to right

The sun is reality

And remains constant source of energy

We worship sun as not God

But certainly as pathway or future road

Mankind may perish

And the existence shall be finished

But Sun, Stars, Moon and Sky

Always allow to rise high and fly

The divine objects

Shall remain there as matter of fact

We have to realize the importance

And seize the chance

Memorable scene

September 29, 2015

rinu rinu 1

I saw in her

Real freshness with offer

She had natural smile

A simple and dedicated woman

It is full reflection of innocence

Lady with charm in her presence

She has real dominance

Life is really beautiful with love’s essence

It is luck to associate with

I sink with stoppage of breathe

Can there be more elegance than this?

You feel quiet at  home with peace

She leaves behind long tail

Of good behavior and tell people

“I am delicate like rose flower”

You can see from distance with cheers

My hand shakes

But faith is not shaken

I look at her face and find

Some form of assertiveness with approach so kind

I did not dare to look in eyes

Yet I made an attempt or tried

It made me to swim in vast ocean

As it was presented with memorable scene