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Holy place

August 5, 2014


In coming days
You will find no ray
But sound of bullets
To seal our fate

The churches
The temples and
Shall be beyond reaches

The terrorist may control
Issue the call
Guns shall be freely given
All good people may be driven

The churches may have shape of rockets
The temples may bear the sign of bullets
The barrel may be pointed at you
The gun and bombs shall be only truth

We are seeding terrorists
They will assume full shape and insist
“Come and follow the path we suggest“
Or accept the death as means best

“Say no” and you are dead
You will fail to read
Your tongue shall speak nothing
You will watch the sky for something


Spare us from death

August 5, 2014



Spare us from death

O death, be merciful
Our houses are full
There is no space to keep death bodies
We all mourn the death and weep among families

The sky daily showers death
Yet we have lost no faith
One day may turn the leave
The sun may shine for us to believe

Is it so difficult?
For world to decide and build
The stable state with secured boundary
To alleviate he sufferings of people living in misery

The dead bodies are waiting for cremation
They are stored in fridge for preservation
Long queues are seen for ceremonial burial
Has the wise world any cause for denial?

I pray and bow down
Before almighty and own
All my wrong doings
But pray for blessings

“Spare us from cruel deaths”
What have we done with our faith?
We are asking freedom with life
One nation sans struggle and strife