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Handsome and king

July 28, 2014

weep with

It is color
And figure
That attracts
To like and act

Yes, not all are beautiful
But look colorful
Even if black
They are loved for the love sake

Their nature
Sometimes matched with cut and figure
Nose, face and smile
That pulls us near meanwhile

It is fortune
That swings in tune
One likes most ugly girl
But she is queen in turn

Lots of love
If you believe
As human being
When you feel handsome and king


Her pride and honor

July 28, 2014


Her pride and honor

What happens when talent shines!
That too from poetess and unknown
Still rich with her assessment
And participation with regular comments

She takes help from translator
Still writes with honor
Exceptionally well with subject
And superbly with comment

She has pride for her nation
Puts national language not in question
But sticks to her stand
We need to understand

Each individual stands for independent stand
The aim is only to make friends
Create congenial atmosphere through creation
We appreciate such stand in relation

She has lot more to reveal
Than to conceal
She writes more on humanism
And not confine to regionalism

I appreciate and congratulate
On her contribution
Towards building new order
With capacity in poetess folder

* Mericel Remirez from Brazil*

The Sunday special

July 28, 2014


Is the fun day

To be enjoyed

With cheers and conveyed

It is either at home

For relatives to welcome

Or go out with children

In park or garden

Rest and freedom

That is enjoyed seldom

It is awaited eagerly

To be spent orderly

Late from bed

To eat jam, butter and bread

Lunch may be little light

To feel easy and right

It has special charm

We all feel energetic and warm

Children have no lessons to learn

Play for whole day and lately return

With least humanity

July 28, 2014


Mother looks at young child
For a while she feels as if going blind
The vision gets blurred
She fears about the event to be occurred

It is almost daily that aircraft strikes
With deadly bombs from the skies
No one knows how many people die?
But certainly it is deadly sky

Almost an eye for an eye
Reprisals against reprisals
This has been on for decades
The painful memory too fades

Now deaths has becomes reality
Even there is no solution with almighty
We need honorable solution
Side by side to exist with peaceful resolution

Big powers have their own reasons
They are carried away wealthy and influential persons
“No matters, Palestinians should die”
No one cares about with least humanity try