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August 12, 2013

It is unique to mushroom in adverse weather 
Simple way of coming up along side river
Anybody may notice and cheerfully exclaim
No words needed to praise or claim 

It is rose garden situated at Chandigarh* with lovely status 
Lovely place and capital of two northern states 
All beautiful rose flowers of 105 kinds
No where seen as beautiful as to find here

I wondered how best of 100 out 105 can be chosen 
I had no mind to apply but after all they were roses
Roses of their kind and smelling with fragrance
Came up of their own with suitable place by chance

At one place, they adored the garden 
Everybody enjoyed but bothered no one
How could they be chosen as best?
I thought heavenly sense needed to test

It is considered unique in entire country
It has blessings from almighty 
All superb with elegance and show
They have every right with freedom to grow

I wondered if that was not public place
The roses might have lost place and race
It has become place for attraction 
Public too desire and watch it with affection 

We all may differ with approach 
But roses are beautiful as such 
They occupy unique place and position 
How do they be preserved is relevant question 

I shall go for working as gardener
May even opt for job as cleaner
Look after with care and enjoy their beauty 
After it is not trade that counts for duty