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With preference

July 17, 2013

Yes you have clear intention
For rank retention 
Striving very hard to hold
For everybody to know in world

But it is fake
Just matter of joke
Not real one
Where it is cared by none!

Yes it is desire
And want 
That drives
Person to write

But poems
Are like divine theme
They are to be
From mind and come as free

It is not like hotel menu
That comes on order as new
They are kept in deep freezer
It is looked after well by organizer

Poet is well behaved and good mannered
Succumbs to pressure when good incentive is offered
Some may write for consideration 
Some may opt for good name and relation 

Well, it is good to assume
But you must write to emanate it as perfume
It must spread fragrance
Who ever smells it, must feel with preferenceImage 


Where eagles dare

July 17, 2013

Where eagles dare

Just a step away
The final landing on runway 
With kite under control
Air traffic control gave final call

“Land from south of west”
Wind speed is favorable and best
You have made successful test
Now come down and have rest

Pilot heard it with smile
The kite was about to land meanwhile
But what is this happening with kite?
Why all controls not responding and seems tight

It was distress call to bale out
No more conversation to be heard about
No, kite is above residential area
Final call to tower with some more time plea

“No, bale out your tail is burning”
It was heavily heard with final warning
“Life first or people first” pilot thought
Only mercy from almighty can be sought 

Canopy is blown off and nothing can be seen
Yet pilot is brave and very much keen 
First mission is to save precious lives of civilians
And not act as selfish person like villains

His third sense comes to rescue
He knows what is expected to and due 
He rushes towards runway with all his efforts
“Land, land “you are right at the end of port

Siren buzzes and rushes fire fighters
Kite is safe and so is pilot of fighter
Not only plane is saved but lives
“Sky is limit and where eagle dares”

* Real story of killer brother, recollected with imaginationImage