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Shame and pity

January 15, 2013

I felt so much of shame and pity
It was more of laziness than of inability
I had sad news in store and remember
My friends was away from me forever

Many times he had expressed his desire
To spend sometime with me here
I dragged on the decision for some more time
Now he has gone for ever and I have enough of time

We were neighbors and friends
“Love and only love” was our trend
We used to spend number of hours
Daily together with and did not bother

Friendship is called universal ship
You have to put quiet efforts to keep
To float it with confidence and trust
As life demands invariably and is must

I felt so bad that could not even weep
He was heavenly abode in deep sleep
He remembered me day and night
Today he is just memory but always in sight

We are bond by feelings
That is internal and almost comes as willing
It is not easy to align with stranger
As human mind can easily be gripped with anger

It was too late to think of anything
He lived for friendship and missed nothing
I deceived his expectations out of ignorance
He kept on reminding me with his smile and fragrance

I shall never disregard now friendly wish
We live in ponds like colorful fishes
Move here and there with happiness
It is just to enjoy lively world with shine on face


But only love

January 13, 2013

But only love
But only love

I have no regret but only love
For a person who has deserted and drove
To his original place without me
Now I am would be mother and totally free

Love can not be termed as only sex
Union of two desired soul for family service
Yet many dangers lie ahead for peaceful end
Unfortunate if they van not remain even as friend

I gave all of my body, love and trust
I wanted it to turn out to be out of best
Yet something bad happened
Our stand was really hardened

Now baby may find the world
Without him to be in my real fold
I shall bring little child to breathe fresh air
I shall face cruel world and dare

What worst can take place?
Will I be painted black on face?
Paraded in street for what I stood!
I know consequences and fully understood

It is holy task to see it happen
I shall be happily driven
When child is reality on this beautiful earth
I shall consider it as lovely gift and worth

I wish to specify here only one thing
Love is simple blessing
If we can honor it as divine present
Nothing can affect as it is heavenly sent moral

Being mother may be unusual experience
But that is philosophy too with great essence
Ask those people who are without children
The joy and happiness may reflect all of sudden

January 13, 2013

Planetshakers Worship Team - Extra

Below are mostly USA Listings.

Please check back to this posting for updates to album availability.

The Limitless Album is now available and everyone wants to know where they can secure a copy. Because everyone is in different time zones some areas of the world have the album already available and others will see it come out in about 24 hours.

The album is available in Melbourne at the Planetshakers City Church, The Limitless Conference in San Diego and each tour stop that the Planetshakers Worship Team makes.

The following is also the latest information on where the album will be available for purchase:

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Available at all other good Christian bookstores around the world


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Round the cloak

January 1, 2013

time scale
Round the cloak

It is round the cloak movement
Time stops no where at present
It has its own schedule to stick on
Not to look back at the time that has gone

Millions take birth every second
And die also in same proportion at the end
With their precious lives for destination
Leaving behind kith and kin relation

The sun and the sky are only witness
Where we can look at them with face
Eyes can reach at them and compel to think
Stars twinkle as silent spectator and blink

May be we have only few sights in question
Those have come up after excavations in relation
We derive some conclusions after careful judgment
That is all we have to observe and make statement

Life has remained on the surface
We have ample proof of it with traces
We are so lucky to have become part
Otherwise it is sure mission to depart

To be human being is one thing
To behave like human being is entirely different thing
Love and hatred are two main pillars
The option is open with us as travelers

Many ancient figures are known to us
We take their names with full trust
They have left behind trail of universal message
To be remembered for days to come with ages

All festivals come and go with relevant celebration
No one raises doubt about their origin with questions
They coincide with the arrival of particular season
Delight the whole of masses with many reasons

Love with the time and march ahead
There is little space to think and read
As time waits for none to take on
It is for us to ride on wings to be flown

Be happy

January 1, 2013

be  happy
You can’t remain happy
Even if you are powerful and steady
Something may trouble you all the time
Some worries again and again and from time to time

“Be happy” simple words to hear
But very difficult to carry on dear
It is easier said but not carefully done
As some of the basic nature is not forgotten

Sometimes we may think of forefathers
Then we may think of ancestral torch bearers
All to make unhappy than to bring cheers
At the end to make us sufferers

There is no end to ambition
We want fortune to strike with additions
No loss or deficiency to be felt at any time
To offer almost heart stroke sometimes

Festivals are provided to divert attention
Some of the good things are advised for retention
Yet our mind roams in all the directions
To venture more for greed with action

It is good to have all kinds of facilities
It is equally good to avail it with personal capacity
But may prove disastrous if we fail to capitalize
Loose mental balance if up to end do not realize

Many people may be living with less fortune
Yet they may be happier than any men or women
It is not what you have achieved or established
But how you have relived with it and finished

Be contended with whatever little you have
That may make you sober to behave
You will be self conscious in dealing
May have enough of patience to rush for healing

We may think of many things
Yet fail to deliver anything
That is human tragedy and weakness
All thanks to almighty for giving us happiness