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World through

December 31, 2012

2013.. greed
World through

I feel world with no difference
Same people with nose, eyes and fragrance
Love and sweetness in speech
Where is the need for all to preach?

I wonder and still believe
People may have different approach to live with
Same work but with different angle
Forming axis with beautiful triangle

I see through my eyes and put trust
I always tell others about it” Why it is must”
Ultimate result out of it is just love and only love
Lend little patient hearing, take and give

I wonder about simple philosophy
You may never get joy after receiving trophy
It is totally free and coming from within
Not less in any form what you enjoy from clear win

I get enormous joy when see new plant
Just emerging from soil with little bends or slant
Not knowing fully well what will be the future ahead!
I capture those moments before it becomes dead

I seek no answer as it has divinity touch
Any living being on earth has to meet same fate as such
We may rejoice their arrival with much of fun fare
But no one can deny the existence of danger

I love emergence of bright sun
Morning breeze, dew and people’s run
All in quest for new goal and aspiration
Sometimes in search of companion for relation

All such things make me to believe
Life is all that we can dream and relive
There is lot more potential to feel happy
Just remain in tune with people and get ready

You may find atmosphere congenial and conducive
Welcome all over among animals, birds and receive
Their love and recognition of what you are doing
Is it not reciprocal gesture that we are wanting?


My own

December 31, 2012

nice eye
My own

I am prisoner of my own
Some of the sentiments are unknown
It brings ray of little hope from the hole
In solitary cell to a prisoner as whole

Hope of new life hangs in future relation
Just entry with honesty in new relation
That is how I interpreter from her wordings
It delights me more as if in plane I am boarding

Her heart is not less divine
She is more of something than feminine
A dream girl of known paradise
With open heart and full of promises

“I wish to be alone in your heartland”
Where you and I can be hand in hand
Just free to roam with lot more to reveal
To speak less, watch and more to tell

I am not aware of real entry
Yet I feel it is wish of almighty
We have come into being for assistance
To live and swim in your presence

I am concerned now for real love
That can house me and serve
I longed for it without knowing the name
You were the one destined in mind since long time

Simple magic has turned whole of approach
It was never felt in mind or in heart as such
May be you have something more in mind
I can only see positive thing and go to find

Yes it is warmth and belonging
That has been aired since I was ageing
What else can be better dream than to have her?
Lay a head on her hand and shoulder

I am unsure of its happening in New Year
Some of the words are still refused by ears
It may be pleasant surprise for all that to hear
A sweet name to be whispered as dear

Happy christmas

December 25, 2012

Jesus christ
thodi si jagah de de

Happy Christmas, happy Christmas*
Wish you all with real happiness
Come and greet with no more guilt
Let us think and trust to rebuild

Be in my arm and swing with joy
Christmas has come so certainly enjoy
So much to forget and so much sink
Forget about differences and something to think

Millions across continents may raise arms
Pray for happiness and with no intention to harm
Love to spread and embrace with greetings
Large gatherings to take place with joyful meetings

I love to see in his eyes with little remorse
It is full of compassion but with divine force
As if something to reveal to the people of the world
“Come to me with no worries” and remain in fold

“Wherever you are and with whatever you have”
Show your love, express desire and behave
This is the only place where you have chance
Live with harmony and prove at once

I belong to all with universal message
“Love is the only way and has remained through ages”
Many apostles of peace have descended on earth:
To spread the message and have met with death

You may find tears but they are not meant to curse
At least you learn to live and purge self with remorse
One time sin is pardoned with divine blessings
Escape unhurt from worldly lust and mad chasing

I had said it and may repeat again
To shed a blood is biggest sin
Save one’s life and earn the divine seat
Heaven is meant for you where he himself will greet

I have left behind message for all
Let it remain simple and look as humanity call
I shall visit on earth as and when necessary
Even if to undergo pain and agony

Life may look hard and unbearable
Yet it is full of venture and unforgettable
You may not know what you have earned
But stars may twinkled when you have returned

* Poem is just my own imagination in the form of prayer. I apologize before hand if some thing is found inappropriate *

Full blossom

December 24, 2012

gfardner 1

full boom
Oh no, it is full blossom
Whole garden is full of boom
Roses of all kind are in race
They have opened up fully with face

It adds to the beauty of nature
Spring is giving indication for sure
Small or big trees are looming large
Complete environment is full of young age

I have crossed age of sixteen
That you can say stepping out of teen
I feel body changes in unusual way
Something new is striking in mind all the day

When I stand before mirror
I find behavioral error
I feel like creating scene
The big change that I had not seen

“You look dashing and impressive”
Many friends may indicate in private to be active
For close relation and have some kind of company
For sincerely speaking I used to stare at many

My eyes were proving all that naughty
But I am always choosey
Not to give easily for any kind of relation
But yes changes were pushing me with some indication

As a child or teen I used to be very shy
That was till this time and I wished not to try
Even though people used to address me as intelligent and smart
Some of the things I never wanted to depart

I felt like flying in the air
With total freedom to be very fair
Some of the friends tried to take advantage
But I was cautious enough to manage

As seasons have tendency to change
I too have experienced it with growing age
Some of the changes have become known to me first time
I still feel mystery over it sometimes

The scene at the sea

December 24, 2012

ezzu.the challange
The life is great challenge
It has remained for ages
The challenges might have been overcome
But the thrill behind it has always remained welcome

I find no clue when stand before vast sea
What is there to observe, find and see?
Its vast flank and boundary over which eyes can’t reach
I sometimes wink and continuously try to search

The answer so far is not found
Why is life so formidable with challenges all round?
We struggled through out to extend the sway
But the secrets have eluded us and kept away

The rising waves keep me under check
I feel it strange to have many things at stake
It is inspiration attitude to be gained from vastness
The growing concern inside but with happiness on face

I have observed and noticed greatness
To hold the secrets in belt and allow the chase
The challenge, in fact, accepted and obliged
Overcame the hurdled and dreams realized

I still think of majestic style
It is still puzzling for a while
Why sea is such an object for our quest?
When there are more objects open to us as best?

Sea has offered to us lot more
It has remained calm all over
So much wealth at shelf
Yet no arrogance in self

I may have many questions
But nothing in mind to mention
The royal and elegant show may be maintained
We are committed to have close link and may remain

I love you

December 22, 2012

believe in divine art
“I love you” the words seemed to me
So exciting and thrilling as spoken under tree
With hand in hand and in promising tone
Rest of the words spoken by her were unheard and gone

My life was becoming perfect with reality
Her participation was with full reliability
So far I was no assured of her willingness
A rare happiness now seen on her face

My inclination and love was fully known
It was in me and definitely grown
She was always upper most in mind
One of the natural feeling and of its own kind

She was not forthcoming with ultimate desire
Even though I used to be near her and admire
She was not opening her cards well
Something to assure and short of words to tell

She has remained very much part
Of late she has occupied me completely as an art
An art of attracting a man with loving mixture
Not knowing fully well about a person but dreaming of future

It fascinates me with her ringing bell
The words spoken are of immense value to tell
I wonder sometimes as how to reassure her
With same intensity and weight not to bother

I have experienced only of her resolve
Not thought much of her physical side to solve
Yet it is strong attraction and well enough to fall for each other
A natural force and wish to stay with together

If that does not happen by any unknown factor
Still we may emerge as the victor
It is not important as how others do think?
It is feeling in me to swim or sink

I am lost with the wind of her words
It has ridiculed my concept not to look forward
In the direction of lovely companion and dream
Now she is within me and near vicinity in strong arm

Wishing a day

December 22, 2012

wishign a day
Kind heart always remain awake
Weep for others even if nothing is at stake
Think in mind not to cause any harm
But avoid it by welcome and spreading arm

It is sign of healthy person
Not bodily alone but mentally too with reasons
That mind and body works together
Synchronizes the action and foster

The relation must grow
As there is no other go
Human lives are most important
As their nature is not permanent

There has to be harmony
Must air the music like from symphony
It is blessings from the almighty
We must seek his guidance and mercy

Say and wish “good morning”
In any language there is sweet warning
Keep no grudge and prepare for good day
When you leave home and go away

You may resent curse sometimes
If you had ill wished it for someone at anytime
Suppose that person is meeting with death by accident
You may feel from inner heart for being not innocent

So to say “Each morning is fresh with new message”
Children, parent, friends all come from different age
Their role is different and so need well wishers
We must forget yesterday and act as beginners

Wish some one and see the reaction
It may be reciprocated with matching action
Some one may say “God bless you”
Some one may smile and offer “so nice and kind of you”

Do not miss Namaz

December 22, 2012

donot miss
Do not miss Namaz

“Don’t miss namaz*”
Came sound appeal or awaz*
I was moved by conscious call
It really struck and made dent in wall

I am firm believer of lord or almighty
But spare little time for asking mercy
Take almost no time to offer prayers
As I think he is already residing with us

Many of my friends face same dilemma
They find out excuses with system or some lacuna
Religious feeling has something to do
It is to some extent very much true

Visit to mosques or churches may be an occasion
Where thousands man and woman go for confession
Admit their faults and reiterate return to old fold
With firm commitment to remain active along with world

It is nice to remember Him with whatever faith we have
It may reflect divine when try to remember him and behave
There is light or tremendous glow on human face
As if to remind him and be away from mad chase

It is some sort of nourishment in mind
It provides clues when nothing is sight to find
It leaves impression in mind that everything will turn good
When we have prayed in earned and properly understood

Such is power behind appeal when offered in form of prayer
You become one with Him as strong conveyor
You may feel worry free as it was now in the hands of lord
You had only task of performing duty and look forward

“Do your best and leave it to His hands”
He is your guide, father and true friend
He may take care when you are in difficulty
We do it in daily life when pray Allah, Christ or any other deity

* Namaz……Muslim prayer…Awaz… internal voice

Your message

December 21, 2012

from heart a rose
Your message

Dear poet and sincere lover
I am your real sympathizer
You are honest and true in feeling
But how come pain with heart bleeding?

I conveyed to her your message
And came back with something on golden page
How does she know about your love and affection?
When none of your words imply with action?

Why should there be tears?
When nothing has been rejected as dear
Why unfounded misgivings and fear?
When you can have all the cheers

You should have all the comforts
When ship is about to land at port
Why dream about unusual tagged?
When life is full of comedy

Have musical ears to melody
That may be difficult to somebody
But if your are real and dedicated
The music is certainly for you and related

Take care of your heart
It is natural gift and consider as divine art
More you take care of it and less you feel pain
As real lovers are not concerned with loss or gain

You express your desire and love in open
Not with childish show or on road all of sudden
But express through eyes and in gentle manner
You will find love nest later or sooner

One side you are praising
And very next you leave the chasing
How can you attain your goal?
When fail to respond with beautiful call

I shall be happy to receive
Your call when you revive
With words and commitment to obligation
As it is question of bond and permanent relation

Love at no cost

December 18, 2012

cow and calf

Love at no cost

Love is totally free and at no cost
Today it is needed most
When animals can love?
Why can’t we long for and behave?

Take it as natural gift
Let there be no shift
Love and be loved
This idea be really conceived

Find it in eyes
It will be seen without any try
You may be able to read
But not in the dead

Life is no life
If that remains with continuous strife
It must find new and fresh water
To change the life altogether

Robbers have changed
Gangsters have managed
In their later age
We are human being and can definitely manage

We have seen dreaded persons
Changed a lot with lot many reasons
Love at heart can be seen as an art
Just play in life with little start

No one may wrongly point out
No one else may talk about
Everyone may go for simple chance
It must be tried even at once

Find it in child’s smile
Find it in traveler’s eye when walk for while
You will find and read the message
Love it to read even in person’s rage

Who has not wished an easy go?
When hatred and other things are needed to forgo?
We all are meant to be perished
Life at any time is about to be finished