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Dream and reality

November 20, 2012

Dream or reality

What can be dream and reality?
Have we the resolve and capability?
Turn into real and enjoy till last

Can that happen really very fast?

I won’t be able to answer
May be with some people counted fewer
Yet it is nice to think of it
Turn it as heaven and make self very much fit

If two of the people have found real nest
What can be thought of and counted as best?
The thing can be shaped in sure destiny
The small world of place called as tiny

For a girl it seems to be a big occasion
When starts new day without any confusion
He is there with ready made commitment
To look after well with romance and sentiments

What else to dream then to wait it to happen?
Whole of world to remain on one side to watch it even!
The distance may appear as one of the lat wall
When he reduces the distance to make final call

I am not of much romantic nature
But who else is not when something comes for sure?
He has found way in permanent abode
Inscribed few fine words and wrote

I shall loose all my nerves and sink
When his embrace may take me to think
It will be final merge into entity
As one and only one with serenity

I had dreamed and waited for this day
Finally it may be realized at to give the way
I want to miss not a second to be away
As he is my prince and shine of bright ray


Spring’s arrival

November 20, 2012

Only smile is there
It doesn’t take me anywhere
I shall be sad and feel hurt
When she is seen around but not to flirt

Not sure of what is in her mind
I shall never try to find
She must read me honestly
I am no more man for her to be likely

When she says “no thought of love”
I have nothing to accede but to believe
It is such a confession of love on face
That may be her assertion in such case

I must content with whatever she says
This can be takes as parting ways
Such things do happen in life or take place
It is difficult to handle such delicate phase

Preserve the smile for future use
May be something new may come up to defuse
The situation may sometimes turn normal
When season awaits for spring’s arrival

I am natural lover and so fell for her
Smile, sweet talks and addresses led to laughter
I have spent hours for knowing a person
But sometimes you fail to find reasons

Elegant style

November 18, 2012


Women are assertive when they talk

With elegant style and walk

If you really dream of ideal woman

You can hardly believe them as strong as man


Yes they have come in to being

Neither as powerful queen of king

Nor as female performer in circus ring

But dedicated female character being


We have confined her role in customary way

She has left it far behind with decisive say

Where are they not seen today?

Almost everywhere for attention to pay


She fits every where in dominating position

In home she has formidable composition

No one can do away without her presence

Home will be reduced to rubble in her absence


In sky they have ruled and on land too

On technology and other fields they have pierced through,

In some of the best economy of world

Many areas have come under their fold


Despite all this, her role has never diminished

The influence is day by day increased but not finished

Even though they may lie low in all the spheres

They have found the way to excel everywhere


Let us make room for them to shine

They can not be neglected or put on side line

They have come into being for playing role

They are capable of responding to any call

Little scared

November 11, 2012

Little scared

You were little scared
Never came forward and dared
Many times I used to stare
But found no clue as to go where

You were unpredictable
Not full of boredom or troublesome
But certainly little of dry nature
Very shy and not very much sure

I tried to up bring you with reasons
You loved me as nearest person
Yet it lacked strength and courage
You are not seasoned and up to your age

I was sure of your unending love
Believed and held you to give
All I could do to keep you calm
Away from worries and without any harm

You were never ungrateful
Scared but never a sorrowful
You knew of new heights and challenges
But you were assertive and able to manage

I find now your dismal utterances
I smile and suddenly become sad at once
You were with me by not a chance
But by destiny to be decided at once

You are not better placed woman
Far away but better than a skilled man
Yet I miss in isolation with clean heart
I have yet to master the humanly art

I have no chance to remember old days
Yet they are near me and gone far away
They rush to memory with fresh onslaught of invasion
That leads me still to unbearable confusion

Well you have chosen to be queen
Of secluded domain with beautiful tragic scene
I shall dispute no such feeling
As you have accepted it with willingness

Well have your say in choosing so
We have no other alternative to go
You remain where ever you are
I shall you from far as shining star

I certainly remember
Your wishes and flowers
You used to send me as friend
It should not result into tragic end

No other

November 7, 2012

Go and hug her

Your mother, your life giver

A soul divine.

Leave not your mother

A woman so kind…………..Keya Mukerjee


Mother and no other

I wish again to see her

In kindest form ever known

She is mother of my own


I have wept

With hidden face and kept

Her memory and face

Those always made me cry and chased


It is repeat divine performance

A child gets unique chance

To be born to a mother

Rejoice for a while and not to bother


She is Mother Nature

Every season presents for sure

New leaves and flowers

For old trees with rainy showers


I miss each moment of life

As she has witnessed an edge of knife

To upkeep child away from all misfortune

Sing with melody to quiet with fine tune


Those words baffle me sometimes

Where will she be gone in old times?

I literally miss with wet eyes

When a memory flood and suddenly flies


I not only salute her selfless existence

But bow head in recognition at once

How come she cares so much for lovely child?

When fate is known to witness later on to be blind



November 7, 2012

We don’t forget

When sun comes out to let

For whole universe

To brace up with promises


We are forbidden to venture

In our habitat for lovely future

No breeding grounds are left

There is complete encroachment with shift


We are unsure of our existence

Life is now mere a chance

Totally dependent on human mercy

Which was a never a case with almighty


We look towards sun god

And pray with heads high “O, lord”

Take us to barren land

Where only nature is our friend


We shall groom with no threat

No danger and no fear to treat

Our future generation may breed too

Venture freely and carve out the way through


As the sun my go up

Animals and birds may cheer up and jump

From their hide outs and go for food

As near by river may provides fishes from flood


We wish and pray to be left alone

As we are not afraid from flood or cyclone

That devastation can be borne and faced

But this human are feared a lot when from somewhere surfaced


Whole of area cheers up with no fear

As there is no near by threat or danger

We have powerful wings to fly and migrate

But yes things are definitely needed to relate

Imagery animal

November 7, 2012

Poets are imagery animals

Wait for thoughts arrival

Think a lot and then write

Use head more to ignite


Thoughts are burnt

Wish ashes to turn

Into new form to upraise

The status to be up and praised


But normally they are quiet

Allow things to let

Down at low level

With proper time to excel


Now millions come up like flowers

Even without rainy showers

They are product of fast age

Not much to impress with each page


One in million stars is praised

Taken to recognition and believed

Poets are known as star family

Twinkle little in their own capacity


Not all may be able to speak with authority

Some may define imagery love and some may praise almighty

Some may put with all the times to remember and some with variety

It is all about poets tenure and may not be remembered like deity


It is their job to create pure imagination

Sometimes to be painted with correct relation

Not all the incidences pure images

Some ideas are meant to take out souls from the cages


It is reasonable stand to expose

To be known as poet and pose

With whatever capacity and thrust

The poet’s position is commendable and is must

Believe in divine art

November 5, 2012

It makes me to believe in divine art

as you slowly breath in heart

feel pulse of my touch

The life is felt to be in heaven as such


Why is it so to be in love?

Feel its warmth and believe

Two unknown souls just get to know

Where and what for life may blow?


I asked many times but found no answer

May be I am totally committed like fewer

I want to know nothing about fears

I am ready for any kind of pain to bear


I know only one thing

Your gentle touch means something

It makes me to wake up whole day

As if life is meant to be given away


It may be true meaning with tune

As I sing with his melody to be seen

I don’t care for what others might say!

I shall have whatever I want on the way


It has changed me completely

I have dreamed about motherhood lately

That may be the golden day to be felt

The real fragrance then may be smelt


I sink completely in his magical spell

Everything in life is looking orderly and well

I have lot more things to feel and tell

I know nothing more to dwell


He is my precious life and jewel

I fear no more in life to go unwell

Moon and sun are there in their original place

I have all the elegant style if life to enjoy and face

Eyes have

November 3, 2012

Eyes have

Eyes have the history
With all the blessings from the almighty
Eyes have no desire but only to witness

Show the happiness or sadness on face

Speak as messenger when greet
Show the pleasure when actually meet
Keep the mind and body feet
When time comes to respond and treat

Wish to be real reflection
As if mirror with exact action
Not a little or slight deviation
It is all over sense of satisfaction

It holds the key
Suddenly rises and gets free
To make it known about displeasure
About treachery and shaky future

Cries foul when left in lurch
Flows with tears when faces time as such
No one may know real depth and anguish
Life may lead to tragic finish

Plays part on behalf
As it shares with heart only half
Real feeling comes from deep within
The crisis deepens and clearly seen

What does it speak other than grief?
It is continuous and not brief
It provides no relief
Everything is shattered despite strong belief

Let eyes have their clear role
To make old or fresh call
She has to look high up the wall
But below too to prevent the fall

Precious gems, diamond or whatever name you give
It is super quality to let or forgive
Who does such noble in times to come?
And above all most important work to welcome