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Where ground meets

October 30, 2012

You may dare

But lead no where

As it is ideal world

Far from truth and very cold


Where ground meets the sky

No one questions why?

There is no “ifs and buts”

All doubtful windows are shut


Honesty is considered as rarest word

Not that much useful to look forward

As idealism leads no where

You are fooled by people only to stare


It is nice to adopt in personal life

Where life is not torn and engulfed with strife

Love and compassion reign supreme

It is then always you and me


Jealousy is part of human life and natural one

No one has remained aloof to be undone

Yet not bad to give worth try and look forward

When life is ideal it has to look like nice and standard


Yes, yes same kind of situation can be created

The poverty and unhappiness can be alleviated

When nature has gifted us in abundance

In real life too we can enjoy fully at once


With little contentment in shaky mind

One can dream and always find

An ideal way to lead with joy

When two are really in love and committed to enjoy



Let there remain

October 30, 2012


Let there remain no doubt in our mind

Women are good at heart and very kind

That is how all legendary tales reveal

We are part of old traditions and certain feel


They have adored our life at lovely homes

At big house or hut they have always welcomed

With their hospitality and mild nature

They have made us feel proud for the future


Her role has not been confined to mother alone

She had been source of strength and always blown

In the direction very much favorable to us

With total dedication and devotional trust


I felt like bowing head to her dominant role

One of the recent happening has definitely stolen

Lime light and they have stood supreme

The sacrifice and stand has been considered extreme


Their second name has come up as surrogate mother

I have come across dealings on rent for commodities and others

But this has been proved as blessings in disguise

Smile worth millions to many childless families


She has always been in read and subjected to criticism

It has remained worst part in the history against humanism

She has stood all the times in favor of sacrifice

Despite all the odds against and much to her surprise


To bless womb on rent is something like unparallel

You can prove outstanding with class and excel

But to give birth of child on no consideration

Is something like birth of new and dynamic relation?


When will the world realize and give more importance

A real place of honor with full recognition at once

Even if that has been considered in return for favor

I consider it worth mentioning with full honor

I feel bad

October 27, 2012

Why do I feel bad about fanatics?

What is simple thought or any basic?

What can be termed as logic?

I have no answer for it and feel so sick


Whether enemy or friends

What shall be our stand?

To treat them in real life or up to an end

Does it compel us to change the attitude or mend?


Two recent reports shattered my belief?

It made my heart to sink over no relief

On and off such repetition is made

Bullets are indiscriminately sprayed


People have lost their lives while greeting

Some thirty odd lives were lost while meeting

The holy place was blasted off for no reason

How can we celebrate today as true devotee or person?


Men killed in street are not regretted

Opponent’s disappearance still can be termed as ill fated

But what about people gathered in holy place for prayers?

What do we call mercenaries or bullet sprayers?


Which religion permits such an outrage?

How can we tolerate such carnage?

Who will then come forward for propagation of true religion?

Such kind of hatred may engulf entire region?


I want to disassociate from such kind of people

Who knows nothing about human sufferings and struggle?

What do they know about the precious human lives?

What else is left there in life to pursue and believe?


I hate such people for their blind theory

They may survive little more time to feel sorry

It only adds momentum to increase worry

Let them be cursed with all displeasure from almighty


  • Media reposted recent killings in Afghanistan
  • Displacement of large Muslim population in Myanmar

Musical element

October 26, 2012

I was never troubled from setbacks

Even though it used to remind me of drawbacks

I used to take it as challenge and counter

Even though down but forcing me to burst into laughter


Nights may trouble with so much of curiosity

It may some times cast doubt on ability

I might have passed many sleepless hours in quest

But may not lead me to think of what could be the best


I am out to find best solution to the crisis

The change is good alternative and forms basis

“Go to the nature and seek refuge with music”

That may spell new theme with magic


The birds have nothing to do with early morning

Yet the cuckoo airs melody for turning

Dead thoughts into live one by infusing new waves

Where person can pick the natural thread and dare


Musical waves create so much peace in mind

Its up and down lyrics makes space to find

Adjust with sad or happiness scenes

A rare mixture of happy and sad tunes


It rarely fails mankind and creates enthusiasm

Life too is  same with optimism and pessimism

Some third option is also available to cope with crisis

That is the only aim of life to success with basis


The mind is fresh with supernatural melody

That is playing almost magic for everybody

Music best element and surprise that God has

It is best in all the forms to face the phase

With no remorse

October 26, 2012


I look back with no remorse

It has left bitterness but with no force

I have overcome with strong resolve

I was well determined and equipped to solve


It breaks any spirit that seems little weak

Fails to assert and in command to speak

For self and rest of the family members

Yet no one retraces steps to surrender


I have reason to feel elated

As whole success story is beautifully related

I have tackled it with pride and honor

It was almost dreamed and sought for


I look at young grand children playing with the games

Wonder at them for availing the best of the names

Comfortably placed in heir age with nothing more to blame

I am also fully surprised how I had faced it and overcame!


Whole of the events passed off as serial show

I had lot many problems to counter and grow

It was tough time to face entire community

To stand against  their attitude and prove the ability


“The fortune favors the brave” I had read it somewhere

Even passers by knew it clearly as where to dare

I was female alright but new very well that sky had no limit

It needed only right occasion to cope with and readily greet


Today I am like big tree and feel so much proud

I can right say and claim it from point of strength so loud

It need not be exaggerated but real things can be spoken off well

The world is right place to live in and experience to tell

Happy moment

October 25, 2012

Happy moment

“You have to terminate pregnancy”
“I know you may have difficulty”
“But believe me it is my helplessness”
I won’t be comfortable at all in this case”

He was pleading before me
With both hands and trying to get free
I was just watching his facial expression
He was suffering from trauma under guilty admission

I tried to read more about his mind
“Dear you were so eager this before and very kind“
We did develop intimate relation with consent
The child may be coming as gift and heavenly sent

“You won’t know the consequences”
“We may have to witness worst ever chances”
He was becoming vocal to get out as fast as possible
I knew know why he was so desperate to come out of trouble?

He was facing complete boycott from family
Previously he had accepted it readily
I was dreaming heaven and moon within sight
Here he was dashing all my hopes and proving not right

I heard him patiently and refused to surrender
Even though we both had reason to differ
I failed to understand reason behind his offer
It was totally out of phase and I opted out to suffer

I used to feel motherhood at each moment
It is the only phase that mothers resent
Even if to phase pregnancy termination
As it stands golden opportunity for laying foundation

Today I am mother of loving child
So much happy in love and going blind
Child is everything to me as priceless
What else or happiness I have to express on face?

I feel entire world is t my feet
I have reason to feel and greet
All those people who stood with it
I have firm ground now to stand with feet

The spring has

October 20, 2012

Spring has lovely means to bring

All birds together with cuckoo to sing

Not by poor along but also king

To feel about change around the ring


Young veins allow and open to flow

For fresh blood to speed fast and show

Its real color for nature’s love

Trust it more and strongly believer


It is time for changing old cloth

We it is nice time for both

To breathe and stay together

To be called innocent and passionate lover


It is in fact a lesson

For various reasons

If natures adopts change

We should look forward and manage


Love is to be made exception

It has no reason to feel for relation

It is same in autumn or monsoon

But spring may make it possible soon


What a way to observe and watch?

To get lost in moment to catch

Move around in hand to hand

Not to make others to feel jealous about friend


Moon is the only witness

Where lovers find their true face

No way to get lost over in any case

As it seems to be the only race


Silver light hunts around

Make all surrounding silvery to be found

Not only beautiful land but trees too shine

Make it superfluous to feel fine


I close the eyes when go near

Just lower the lips without any fear

It makes soul to feel and bear

The closeness to feel with few tears


It shall be endeavor of both souls

To seek solace and warmth not to commit fails

It is one of the memorable moments

To feel and make other to feel as heavenly sent


It may soon slip over to autumn

Many lovers may think bad and condemn

Yet it is change and time to settle down

To know each other and own

Simple and best

October 20, 2012


The distance has never bothered

On the contrary it has strengthened

My trust and belief to unique level

Where I feel you may be doing exceedingly well


It was kind and magic of heart

That bonded us together to form lovely art

Where we echoed to the unheard tune

Totally protected but very much immune


I wish and speak it to you

From internal chamber and true

To know you better and apprise

Even if that stands to surprise


I hear your voice but still remain confused

You have many times come straight and refused

What you are speaking about now over dead show?

Where you want me to stand for you and go


This is my dreamland

Where you can dream of your land

Totally accommodative and new world

You need not fear and develop any cold


You were never unreal

I had many things from you to conceal

You were uppermost in mind

So through gentlewoman of nature and kind


I wish to hear straight from you again

That may give me jerk and pain

You are hiding it to some extent

That becomes the cause to resent


Will you be same again?

With app happiness sans pain

Lovely, beautiful and dearest

I shall accept you as simple and best


I wish it is real S.O.S (save our soul)

That makes me to pause

For a while and understand your position

Will it not be now a better composition?

Oh, knocks

October 18, 2012

Oh knocks, knocks and knocks

Some signals come and certainly strike

Oh! I get perturbed and try to decode

It looks unusual and simply odd


I am hale and hearty

Everything runs smoothly with the blessings from almighty

But what is this reminding me all of sudden?

I fail to understand but it remains even then


I have everything with nothing to worry

Life, children and everything assures me not to feel sorry

But that thought again reminds me of departure

Oh God! What this message reminds me for sure


Is it the indication of reminder?

That I must use path finder

Take note of its uncertain nature

Then think of forcible feature


Yes, yes it has slipped out of my mind

The fortune has smiled at me and seems to be very kind

Why I think of its permanent presence?

When it is about to be temporary in its essence?


I got slight hint from the message

It must have been felt along with the age

Is it not the life compared to that of cage?

When one has to leave everything behind for others to manage?


I got the answer and wondered about its knock

It was timely signal to wake up before it was running short of stock

I was not to remain fully involved with attachment

Time had come to remain fully alive to enjoy the moment

Just emergence

October 15, 2012

Just emergence

Look at their just emergence
It awaits mere beautiful chance
To come up in world at once
With bright sun rays on flower’s face

If you dream about its beauty
You can at once know the power of almighty
It ahs put all such elegance in its show
You can forget whole world when it grows

Such is fragrance and its outer appearance
It attracts eyes and makes magnetic influence
It has with all kinds of flowers in the garden
It is over all show and as if blessed from heaven

We are noticing only beauty and its full blossom
But never think of protecting or granting any freedom
The new born baby child meets same fate
No thought for how many might have been crushed of late

Flowers and babies have same fear over their future
Some may come up and some may vanish for sure
They are done away with termination before birth
A step never thought over even by almighty

Can we not give a second thought for a while?
Allow them to come in this world in their style
Excel with their elegance and make us to smile
Let us not make way for their exit and file

It has right to come up in a manner
And in a way so natural even in summer
Flowers need our protection to groom with care
So no one thinks to molest, pick or dare

The world is shrinking fast
The ladies are discriminated and may not evenly last
They need stern hand against and proper care
They have enormous potential to come up anywhere