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तुझे देखने की मना है

June 29, 2012

तुझे देखने की मना है

में हेरान परेशां हु उसे देख कर

सारा जीवन मैंने बिता दिया है उसकी देख रेख कर
पर पता नहीं उसे क्या हो गया है ?
मा को देखने को आज भूल गया है
पता नहीं कसूर किसका है ?
मेरी परवरिश का या जमाने के अंदाज़ का
हम ने कभी ये फासला नहीं पाया
जो आज यह दिन देखने को आया
माँ की बददुआ कभी नहीं लगेगी
“आह” भी निकलेगी तो “वाह” कर उठेगी
मेरे लाल तेरे आनेसे हम बहुत खुश थे
पर आज यह देखकर बड़े नाखुश है
हमारी तो रही सही भी कट जाएगी
लेकिन चेन की नींद नहीं आएगी
हम क्या कहे या न कहे ज़माने को
हमं भी कहा जानते थे हमारे “नगीने” को
मुझे याद नहीं आ रहा कब तू बड़ा हो गया
जैसे तैसे पेट काटकर तुझे खड़ा कर दिया
आज जमाना तेरी पूछ कर रहा है
मेरे आंसू कोई नहीं पोंछ रहा है
मेरा अरमान मेर सामने है
तेरी शक्ल और सूरत दोनो खोखले है
मेरा अंदाज़ा सही नहीं निकला
तुने ही मुझे घर से बाहर बहार निकाला?
मेरी रही सही आशाये चकनाचूर हो गयी है
मेर जुबान मुह के अन्दर सिल गयी है
में किसे पुकारू और क्या कहू ?
कहा है मेरा लड़का और बहु ?
रिश्ते का एक अटूट बंधन  होता है
जिसमे माता और पिता होते है
भाई बहन मिलकर आशियाना बनता है
कभी लड़ते और झगड़ते बनता है
मेरा आशीर्वाद सदा तेरे साथ है
मा की दुआ और प्यार भरा हाथ है
संसार तेरा हरा भरा रहे येही मेरी कामना है
बस दुःख इस बात का है की तुझे देखने की मना है

She is black

June 29, 2012

She is black

“She is black and has no features”
“About her nature I can’t say more for sure”
“She may be good and nice girl”
“But real gem and black pearl”

Some of the comments irked me
As the people were right and free too
They could speak anything against anybody
I had no reason to feel bad and cared to study

I keep my eyes down and pray almighty
For granting the lovely color and beauty
I had no reason to worry about people
As it caused me no tension or trouble

You may find all kinds of flowers
Red, white, yellow and orange find more admirers
Yet black has its own distinct identity
Real charm and to some extent special quality

Any passers may definitely look at me for a while
As I used to walk elegantly with style
Keep head down and meet with no eyes
Even if they attempted more at me or tried

I have heard but exactly can’t say
Every object of nature has its own way
To come up with age and attract all
Appeal with attraction and respond to call

In a way I am thankful to my creator
That I have been gifted with color
So close to nature and almost liked
Even if so many might have disliked

What matters most are kind of feeling in you?
How good you are at words and stand true
I am of little shy nature but mix freely
I can never appear alone and feel sadly

For whatever the reason I raise head high
Feel proud at what I am and earnestly try
To commit as far as possible with total trust
To me gender discrimination never appealed me most

Hidden treasure

June 26, 2012

Why sea is so deep and beyond our reach?
Why everybody do not dive and catch?
The long treasured priceless items
Where as it is open for all and them

If you take sea as vast holder of knowledge
Certainly it has to be out maneuvered at its edge
You have to risk life and dive deep
There lies secret wealth under the belly and sleep

It is completely hidden in hard shells
So many wonders lye with them to tell
Not only about the origin but its vastness
How many secrets are buried there no one knows to see and face?

Same is with the knowledge and its secrets
You have to work hard and put in more efforts to get
Whole life may prove countless for attaining mastery
That is how it has been set by almighty

The efforts and labor never go in vain
Nothing is achieved without hard work or pain
It may test sweet if attained after great struggle
People say” life is useless if spent without any trouble”

Each individual has its own caliber and capacity
Not all are lucky to get whatever they want with best quality
No doubt, human being will never be satisfied
But honesty and hard labor brings in joy and hopes are not bellied

Enjoy the fruit and pass it on to others
If it is knowledge then definitely share
If it is wealth of great importance
Put it to human use at once

Wealth and fame come not by chance
It has long history of down fall and rise at once
If you successfully can ride on high waves
For anything else you may be in position to venture and dare

I salute to those who gamble and reach the shore
Life is gamble and risk has to be taken therefore
Life may give you no charm if spent aimless
Let us come out of idleness and meaningfully chase

Mother’s world

June 26, 2012

World become so small and tiny
It looses its charm and entity
When woman attains motherhood
She has no appetite for self or food

Whole world, as if, has come to her lap
She remains unconcerned even if danger taps
Let snake pass near by but she is totally unaware
She has her own world to look after and take care

All great souls have used mother as sacred refuge
So the mother is called divine and status very much huge
“if I have to avail another chance” mother’s womb will be preference
To remain in her womb for nine months will be great memory with presence

When God is remembered so is the mother along with same
All religious books are full of praises from where he came
For time being her love might have been shifted
Yet mother is symbol of affection and love as it is gifted

Why children love her more than father?
She is combination of both father and mother
At given point of time, you may desert sometimes
But mother in any woman never think of it any times

She is living god and exact replica of holy shrine
Kindness and love is the treasure of any feminine
Mother is mother and stands for courage altogether
She is embodiment and so is celled “mother

कदम कदम से

June 26, 2012

तुम्हारी शान में कहे गए शब्द गुस्ताखी नहीं तो क्या है ?
जब प्यार खुदा की देन है तो ज्यादा कहना तौहीन नहीं तो क्या है
हर लब्ज़ में शहद की मिठास है तो फिर उनसे गिडगिडाना क्या ?
प्यार यह सब आम और सहज है तो फिर मुंह को छुपाना क्या ?

मैने सुना वो ही कहा और दिल ने कहा वो ही माना
वह मुझे याद है वो आपका गुनगुनाना और गाना
सही शब्दों में आपने बहुत कुछ कहा और हमने सुना
येही तो आज राझ है की हमने आपको क्यों चुना?

मैंने चाहा आप मेरी बनकर रहे उम्म्रभर
मै बहुत ही जगा हू सोचकर सारी रातभर
दिल में अरमान था साथ रहना जीवनभर
आपने भी हामी भर दी थोडासा सोचकर

दिन कटे रात कटे और उम्र युही ढल जाएगी
पुरानी यादे फिर से न दोहराई जाएगी
आप को देख देखकर तो हम रास्ता तय कर लेंगे
कभी न दुःख पहुँचायेगे और सफ़र भी पर कर लेंगे

ये वादा जरुर रहा कभी न साथ छोड़ेंगे
जीवन के अंतिम छोर तक साथ लड़ेंगे
रह जायेंगे पीछे वो प्यार के निशान
कैसे भूल पाएंगे वो किया हुआ एहसान

आत्मा जब एक बन चुकी हो तो गम कैसे आएगा
कोई कैसे हमें रह से भटका जायेगा
हम है तो दुनिया है हमसे
चलेंगे हम साथ साथ और कदम कदम से

Love self

June 23, 2012

Nothing like it than the success

Major break through without any access

See the happy lines on face

When you win the challenge the and race


How many things are around us?

We decide to gain few only with vigorous thrust

We are sure that we can make through

Success goes only to those who are sincere and true


Many hurdles may lie on the way

That may sometimes push you away

You will be disheartened to leave it half way

Yet patience and endurance may in long run surely pay


If you dash towards object

By tremendous thrust and acts

It has to fall in your hand

You have now feet firmly placed on land


In any field strong zeal and approach is must

Take full measures and put little trust

Keep strong vigil and survey the target

No one may be able to seal your fate


Love the way you deal

The result may be real

Its joy may be forever to feel

Who can it away or steal?


Love your self and have confidence

In life opportunity may come only once

You may strike it, if so, by chance

How soldiers dash and capture post amidst firing of guns?

Wish from little girl

June 23, 2012

Wish from a little girl to all
With love and hope to male call
“Please don’t make us suffer”
We are your child and very dear

We are little flower of garden
Trouble no one or bother any one
We come up of our own
Oh, as helpless daughter we are known

But never mind we can help a lot
Bring mental peace without firing a shot
Peace at home and every day welcome
You may be fully tired when back at home

We are undone from taking birth
Only god is decider of our death
You have now assumed that role
Liquidator, butcher or whatever name to be called

We have only one request to make
Think about implications and apply brake
Nothing of this sort may help anyone
You will repent when so many of us might have gone

We are colorful lowers meant to adore
Your home, life and above all many things more
You can depend more on us than male child
Stop the killing and act generous and mild

We shall only boom
When you provide us the room
To breathe and develop freely in air
You must think of means that are very fair

Come out of it

June 23, 2012

Come out of it

Endless questions with no answers
Dark clouds but no thunder with continuous showers
Yes beautiful garden with lot many flowers
Fragrance and smell can be smelt by only fewer

Generation after generations have appeared
Lived for a while and disappeared
They too might have felt same and feared
But alas! Nobody so far have been spared

It is shot sure to happen
You sit in corner idle even
Death may, any time, take over
Why to fear then and search for cover?

Life is meaningless if caught up with uncertainty
Life itself is unique with best quality
Think of nothing and enjoy endless beauty
What is there to think when you are gifted by almighty?

Live as usual with much fun and joy
It is meant to be lived with and enjoyed
It is your feeling to share and spend
Wait not till approaches the end

“What after this” may ruin your fine brain?
That shall take and land you in artificial pain
No one has found suitable answer till date
Enjoy with full participation and never be late

No one knows when it will wind up and depart
We are very much in it and integral part
It is like water bubble and may burst
Think seriously about it and come out it first

Dry leaf

June 23, 2012




We are social animal alright

Meant to fool all and fight

Create controversy and question creator

Forget our own existence and try to fool the mentors


As you feel the hungry, you take the food

As you grow in age, you feel nice and good

Human mind may never allow being at rest

Live happily as much as you can and think of best


What has happened to all of us?

Raising the finger of doubt with mistrust?

Are we in position to create human body?

Is it not the work of only almighty?


Let us not fool ourselves and claim ignorance

You are on this beautiful earth merely by chance

Think for a second and leave the doubt

There is nothing much to talk about


We shall remain at his mercy all the times

We may feel powerful at some give point of time

Nevertheless we are pawn in his game

You will never be able to find where from you came


I feel shame about arguments and laugh it out

We have no ability to hold strong with roots

We can be no more within friction of second

As everybody is destined to end 


Peace thought and love only come from humble person

If he is wicked then he will escape it with many reasons

If he is arrogant with power then he may boost his image

Only to come down on earth like blank page 

Long live Africa

June 22, 2012

O great people ofAfrica, you rise

Wait for no sweet and hollow promises

Prefer to plough your own field

There will definitely be very good yield


Motherland wants more sacrifice

Not happy with unnecessary bloodshed and demises

Let them commit cruelty and spray bullets

Answer them with your own hands and ballots


Key and success is in your hand

Extend hand of friendship to them as friends

If no result comes out of it then also go forward

Now there is no scope of looking backward


Why African blood has turned yellow?

Why do they bear pain and allow

Why there is no positive result so far?

Because you have stretched too far


Let your children not suffer

Even if you may have divergent views to differ

Stand united and offer resistance

Peace is he only way out and bright chance


We shall extend cooperation

We can maintain relation

Yet it may be you who only will have to fight

Means may be wrong or right


See that no innocent is killed

See that unnecessary blood is not spilled

Freedom must be realized at any cost

Your will power and tough stand is must


Leave no stone unturned

Let peace chance not die and returned

Pick the threads from where you lost

Human misery must be avoided at any cost


Dream about peaceful nation

You may be able to establish good relation

Peace may not be far away

Stand firm; keep freedom torch burn on and stay