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My little star

April 30, 2012

Today I see in you refection

Exactly it was when gave some indication

You were only child in family

That had graced our family


How great I had felt when you were born

Brother was adamant and remained stubborn

You, as girl, were not wanted or desired

But we all were happy, rejoiced and admired


“What will you want to be when growing young”?

“Scientist” you were quick to reply and sing

You were lovely child and liked by all

We all were scared when you started to walk and had frequent fall


You were brilliant in your studies

You always insisted on some kind of thesis

A genuine quality generally seen in bright students

And later on to prove as major event


I feel proud when see you around

You are on your strong way to be found

I gather the impression that you are most intelligent

A lovely child in our home as heavenly sent


I have seen you growing in stages

You were gifted with extra qualities with an age

I was sure of your golden letters on page

A day not far off when you will shine with an age


I wish you a great success and bright carrier

And also pray that you face no barrier

Your path should be smooth one and straight

Where you are not burdened with worries and weight


I remember your father when she had sent you here

He had all expectations but was afraid and scared with fears

I had to do all pleading when he was about to break down

All his emotions were turned into grief and made known


I am in tears when old memory takes me over

I want no hand kerchief to offer me cover

My eyes are wet but with emotions and joy

I want this day to be celebrated and enjoyed


You are our inspiration and destiny

It has been dream in our family

That you may shine and bring glory

That was all we prayed to God almighty


Not late to catch

April 30, 2012

Don’t say bye

It is worthless try

Try to be on high speed boat

On failure swim on water or float


Never say you die

It is sheer lie

We are no one

To wish for any one


It may not be easy

Yet you got to work hard and keep busy

Life may simply move on

It has nothing to do whether you get struck or go on


Save one life and help poor

Look after self and help others

You will be blessed in turn

So many favors in return


See it through your own eyes

Use your own wing to fly

Reason out each and every action

Leave peacefully and strengthen the relation


We are human

So called man and woman

Yet life must be moved

Any doubts in mind must be removed


Consider it as mission

Take fresh admission

Start from the stretch

It is not late to catch

याद बहुत रुलाती

April 29, 2012

याद बहुत रुलाती

आपको नींद नहीं आती
हमें आपको याद बहुत रुलाती
सपनो में भी हमें नहीं छोडती
बार बार आती और छेड़ती…याद बहुत रुलाती

क्या हो गया है आपको
क्यों तंग कर रहे हो सबको
शरीर एक मिटटी का खिलौना है
फिर भी जातां करके उसे संजोना है…याद बहुत रुलाती

प्यार पूछ के होता है क्या ?
आँखे ऐसे ही मिल जाती है क्या?
लाभी झांक कर के तो देखो
दिल को कभी तसल्ली से पूछो…याद बहुत रुलाती

हम तो कर बैठे है दिल से प्यार
समाज कर आपको आपना यार
अब ना सताओ बार बार
वर्ना भुत हो जायेगा सवार…याद बहुत रुलाती

न हम रह पायेगे और नाही आप
कभी न कर बैठना ऐसा पाप
जो बाद में पछताने से भी धुल न जाये
आँखों में आंसू ऐसे ही ना भर जाये …याद बहुत रुलाती

Child face

April 28, 2012


Did you ever see joy on child’s face?

When some comment is passed over his race

Cast, creed, religion or for ugly appearance

At least parents have told her that it is blessed by chance


Children look so innocent in early stage

Their smile fascinate us with age

They may laugh at us and demand

Break any costly things and loudly play the band


“Hi, how come your teeth have gone?”

The question was parried but some damage was done

The child was smart enough to reply with smile

“The teeth have made room for new style”


Some of the children may shy off and run away

They will cover face but not show it any way

This is an age where you can expect funny answers

Some of them may speak with language that can be understood by few


“Where from you have come in our home”?

I will ask my grand children for an answer to welcome

“Mom says that door was opened at night”

Doctor dropped us at your door, alright


Such type of answers pushes me to the corner of heaven

I have come across funny answers but visibly driven

They are blessed flowers on the earth from almighty

Even though they may look jokers and naughty


I wish them grow in their own way and liking

Let us be kind to answer them when such thing is striking

They should be convinced with what we are replying

Their mind is quick enough to grasp and honestly relying


I would love to hear their answers in any manner

They are quick to grasp but reply little later

They know how dear grand parents are

Some of them may be supporting from very far


I wish to be child at some stage

Entire life journey has made me weary of an age

The children in home make scene little entertaining

The happiness and joy sometimes may not be given by breeze or rain

No yardstick

April 28, 2012

No yardstick

“You can’t display my picture”
If you are not confident and sure
I am nobody’s imagination
I want to preserve that beautiful relation

You poets are quite imaginary
Draw the picture and raise height unnecessary
Get so much involved with work and later feel sorry
Much of part emotionally drawn with worry

Fear grips mind with sole concern
The inspirational object may slip away in turn
The heart may feel hurt and fingers burn
To bring tragic end futile search in turn

How come she refuses for mere character show?
That raises her status on horizon to grow
As river rushes in spate to meet her future
Quite unknown fact and very much unsure

I have pleaded her to come out in open
Project the relation as the fruits ripen
Such is the condition in relation
No one should be left with any question

I also stare in her eyes and tell
Everything must flow smooth and well
The beautiful relation must mushroom
There is no other go but naturally boom

She is convinced but forbidden by pace
She has limited role and suitable space
She can’t compromise with her own status
I shall have to retrace steps as such and thus

My eyes get wet despite of long distance
She has met me on screen by chance
I want her to be my part at once
Alas! If that can enhance my presence

Love has no yardstick or norms
Heart responds and mind informs
Heart waves travel much faster
Sometime make you cry and sometimes roar in laughter

Permanent and steady

April 28, 2012

I thought of asking self first
Then go to others at last
Why at all I should ever blame?
The system, people or their good name

Each and every individual go on accusing
In this way problem remains there and start confusing
No one wants to analyze and go to root cause
Things can change dramatically if given little pause

Why have we changed all of sudden?
Why don’t we give chance to others even?
Why do we go berserk in rage and commit crime?
When it is not needed in life at any time

My father used to advise me
Be fearless and feel always free
Nothing can harm you even if you stand alone
The wind may come with force but in no time gone

I hardly can afford to miss mother
Her kind heart and passion I remember
She will never say “go and beat any one”
She may say as you are dear to me so others are to someone

I weep sometimes when they all come and invade memory
I fail to reply them internally and feel very sorry
“Mom you and dad were exceptional”
Today nothing has remained in its form or as original

Previously people use to shower love with feelings
Now it has gone out of tune and completely missing
We have become blood thirsty and act contrary
All sorts of treachery, deception which I feel totally unnecessary

Who can influence our thoughts?
Environment if that goes right
Like minded people find out means to fight
Then only some solution will be in sight

It is back to us for remedy
But no one seems to be ready
If not me then someone else will be greedy
The negative cycle may say permanent and steady

I could wink no more

April 28, 2012

I could wink no more

I could wink no more
Endless wait and more to explore
She may rush to see me
Make me feel easy and free

Things are not happening my way
She has willingly gone away
To search new poems for world
Here I shiver with fear and feel cold

Natural poets need no seclusion
The idea comes out amidst confusion
Heart cries out with pain and agony
Here comes out poem naturally

She has her own style to project
Catch fancy ideas and inject
Into fine piece from the trajectory
To flow with plot without feeling sorry

She lacks good punch
Sometimes misses out her complete lunch
When she is with me and around
Her presence is no where to be found

She may not respond to my query
Look at sky, get some answer and feel merry
She whispers sometimes” you have elegant style”
I shall catch your glimpse and write meanwhile

She is extraordinary and has beautiful face
I look at her secretly and participate in race
I get inspiration from her endless search
I paint those ideas in my poem before she finally reaches

Alas! She could take me along
I know her well and never gone wrong
But she trusts me only in day to day affair
Poetry is her exclusive domain and to some extent she is fair

I will bring her to some sense by pinching
She may feel offended as if I was clinching
Her ideas and plots very much needed
I express sorry and regret and shake head as point conceded

Does any one think that two people should not be of same quality?
Working in same field with equal zeal and capability?
I feel it as unnecessary reference and slip away
She has her own style and elegant way

She will speak with me for endless hours
Make fine gesture with sweet words while on tour
I shall fail to smile but understand her personality
She is there to stay in my life as wife and strength of morality

Shell as cover

April 27, 2012

It would have been better known

Outside the world as pearl but hidden

Well below and so deep buried inside sea belt

Its presence still in infancy and not felt


Likewise little girl may not be noticed

Until she has come up with age and promised

Flowered with sweet words and proclaimed

Beloved, fiancée or by whatever it is named


Only jewelers can decide its price with precision

Girl’s future is known only by somebody’s decision

If she is picked in time with right person

She has every right to assert with several reasons


Who will know the real worth in course of time?

Some unknown man will throw pearl as stone sometimes

Females have highest power of tolerance compared to males

They utter no word of dissent even if left behind with worst tale


They are real gem behind male’s success

It has been proved beyond doubt in all the cases

Yet they are made to suffer on many counts

So the judgment about their worth seems unsound


Who can bring them out on surface and prove?

That they are really worth and more than the brave

Besides having hidden talent and priceless tag

They are by no means behind anything or lag

Till last

April 26, 2012

Till last

I tolerated enough of him till last
He was not coming to expectation very fast
I had no other go but to depart
Find some other means to stay away and part

It is easy to pass the blame
Feel easy and cause the shame
Yet something is done unfairly
Such gesture is seen rarely

Why love must suffer in all the respect?
Why it must speak of ill with the act?
Why one should come out with bad reaction?
When it is doubtful to speak of noble action

I may not be the first person to feel same
Before me many might have felt in game
It is endless suffering and does not go off easily
Rest of the time is not spent quiet happily

I have dilemma over past memory
At heart I feel punch and feel sorry
Love and attachment should never cause any kind of worry
It leaves behind mental imbalance to carry

Few tear drops rushed on the face
I had to take bold step in any case
It was not of my doing yet was put to trouble
It was not simple but more of struggle

I can raise my head and walk along road
There is no remorse for any kind of load
I feel relieved of torture and pain
At least at has stopped mental drain

I speak of very high about bond and relationship
It is equally important to carry on with companionship
But if some hole is detected during the commencement of journey
The head must be lowered for prayer to almighty

We, the women, are not pawn in the fame
Let the cruelty or attack from any direction come
We shall fight for cause and rule
No one can simply make us fool

We are very mild at heart
It natural gift and aft
Ladies are specially blessed to bear brunt
Yet people go after them and desperately hunt

.तू वहां में यहाँ

April 25, 2012

तू वहां में यहाँ 

अब तो बता में जाऊ कहाँ
जब तक रहे दिल में आस
तब तक तू होगी मेरे पास…तू वहां में यहाँ
ना  होगा बंधन
और न रुसवाई
तू जो कहेगी
वो मन को भाई…तू वहां में यहाँ
अपना आपा  कभी न खोना
प्यार में तुम कभी न सोना
जो होगा वो अच्छा होगा
जीवन भर का साथ होगा…तू वहां में यहाँ
मेरी ख़ुशी तुज में समाई
ये रहेगी जीवन की सगाई
प्यार में तेरे में डूबा  रहूँगा
अपनी बातें करता रहूँगा…तू वहां में यहाँ
बात न करुतो सूरज  न निकले
रात के तारे लगे न सुहाने
फिर कैसे कहू में तेरे बिना
जी पाउँगा सुना सुना…तू वहां में यहाँ
आप के दिल में समां गया हूँ
जिया में बस के एक हो गया हूँ
अब तो न पीछे मुडके देखू
सोचु अब में कैसे rakhu…तू वहां में यहाँ
दिल की धड़कन न ये कह रही है
जाने हमें पार वही है
साथ इतना दे तो दे दो
मन को इतनी शांति देदो…तू वहां में यहाँ
बिन बुलाये हम बन बैठे
आप के दिल में जैसे तैसे
आपने भी तो हामी भर ली
साथ रहनेकी कसम भी खाली…तू वहां में यहाँ
एक दुझे बिना जीना सकेंगे
जिन्दा रहकर मरना सकेंगे
हा तो कहदी है पर साथ निभाना
वचन दिया है पूरा करना…तू वहां में यहाँ
आपकी होगी पुरे तमन्ना
ये भी हमारी खेवना
साथ रहूँगा साथ निभाना
देखता रह जाये ये जमाना…तू वहां में यहाँ
मे हु राही तू मेरी मंजिल
तू है किनारा और संगदिल
में तेरा दीवाना तू मेरी साहिल
मन जायेगा ये मेरा दिल…तू वहां में यहाँ
इतना भी हम दूर नहीं
दिल से सिर्फ पास नहीं
ये हवा और ये चाँद तारे
मिल के देंगे  अपनी गवाही…तू वहां में यहाँ