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Love knows…

March 31, 2012

Love knows no religion
It has no boundary with region
It flows from unknown destination
Makes permanent impact with strong relation

I know nothing about its definition
May be little spark needed for ignition
It engulfs two souls to come near and breathe
Make resolve and take vow till death

Love knows no bounds
It may speak honest and look sound
It pierces through heart and rules for ever
No one can attempt at it or simply dare

Sound may have some restriction to travel
Light may travel faster and speak well
Love is as simple and as transparent
Always considered as holy and heavenly sent

Eyes speak a lot with large volumes
Fragrance spread like perfumes
Only honest people can survive with it as they consume
Start new life with good aim and resume

I take it granted from birds
They mix easily and look forward
Meet whenever they find companion
Happy stay with strong union

I shall go by same feeling
It must come for soul so willing
That may spread like green on earth
Life changes and looks precious and worth


I want to see

March 31, 2012

I don’t know about what a way to feel?
Not to express in open but still!
I earnestly feel that she belongs to me
Only she has to respond and make me feel free

“She will come like rain and shower”
“Deplete all her energy and power”
Such words from her drive me to craziness
But I get lost in her glitter and shining face

“I love you” may come to me as recognition
That shall clam me down and need no ignition
She has descended from far and distant land
Taken a vow to stand fast till the end

“Only your picture of thumb impression” I plead
She opens her eyes and coolly tries to read
Extends her hand and invites me to lead
I pick the chance and tie a knot with thread

I float on water with no wish for any more ground
She is there for me to be always found
I can’t afford to loose her at any time
Such thoughts invade my mind many a times

Will she emerge on my eye window screen?
What will she be looking like when actually seen?
So far she has eluded me from seeing her in real
Beauty is hidden purposefully and concealed

“I am here” open your eyes and see it happen
You have pulled me near heart is taken
I am at your gate point and wait for entry
What will you be doing to lift me and carry?

Her magical words hunt my memory
I try to pick each word but feel sorry
She is no where around but airs the presence
“I want to see you by chance” and at once

Such an arguments

March 29, 2012


Such arguments

How far we may go on buying such arguments?
Terrorists raise head and claim religious sentiments
We give free hand at the cost of poor soldiers
No one to shed tears for their life thereafter 

Let their blood look no cheap
Let us pray for their soul to rest and weep
No one may be prepared lay down lives tomorrow
If it is made certain for life to throw

We repent nothing and news appear daily
The charm for life and dedication looks silly
How come young boys may come forward and show it really?
The nation owes much from us but who will now commit folly?

When motherland is not safe then why to talk of morality?
We know it is traded off for purchase of bad quality
Soldiers loose life for no fault of theirs but culprits at home
They are sitting in holy democratic temples but alas!

How can they say they are blameless and owe no explanation?
Poor people starve at home and these people go for artificial relation
At one side precious blood is shed and other side official functions
Diplomatic move of all kinds but no disappearance of tension

Robbers, murders and history sheeters adore holy place
Frame the rules to avoid prison and hot chase
Such rules have no place in modern history
These only causes tension, worries and misery

Parliament is not safe heaven even if they are sent as representatives
They are our custodians and meant for encouraging relatives
Once chosen is not permanent place to cheat the people
They are inviting wrath and unforeseen troubles

Strong judiciary must play a part
Let some big fishes go in jails as good start
Life ban for future participation as last resort
Nation awaits safe journey to reach at port

Land mine blast

March 27, 2012

Land mine blast has caused some deaths
Scores of soldiers on duty had their last breath
Country is silent and so is the leadership
Only family of the bereaved persons may weep

Few bucks may be paid to families as token
Funeral with full state of honor but faith is shaken
This may go on and we may watch silently
Reiterate our resolve for peace and skip later on merrily

No troops are ordered to mob up or offered strong resistance
Under the pretext of protecting innocents for instance
Young soldiers meet with day light crimes
Trust in motherland has changed in recent times

We kill our custodians and defender of the holy land
How come we kill our brethrens who are there to defend!
They see no day or night but spend in thick jungles
Danger all around still face stiff resistance and troubles

We have become selfish and pay no respect
Time has come to peep inside and introspect
Who are we fighting for and at what cost?
The jungles are deserted and seem the habitat for ghosts

External borders are assured to be safe
God only knows how they will defend and save
Weapons are purchased but of inferior nature
Money are spent but cornered by others for sure

We all had dreamed of golden land with all happiness
Freedom, liberty and movement with peace and at ease
Police descend on innocent citizens and show the brutality
People are coming out in open to express the hostility

Poor candidate after election becomes millionaire in few years
Some of the stories are circulated but our ears refuse to hear
Modern temple of highest land has been turned into safe mafias den
Murderers, hoarders and historysheeters are protected even

House of Representatives for people can’t grant them immunity
They are social servant and not different from other communities
There [place is among people and can’t claim extra benefits
Let them be expelled if they fail to serve the land and prove misfit

More about me

March 27, 2012

More about me

I wish to write more about me
With colorful desires sitting under tree
My thought may be set and allowed to flee
Find some one of my choice and see

I wish not to live.
But nobody may believe
Human beings are not only selfish
But make end also fine finish

Ask even dying man
He will ask for beautiful woman
He will have still left some wishes
Even though his body may soon be reduced to ashes

Some of the life aspects really astonish
It might have remained our earnest wishes
Yet its fulfillment was under cloud
For we were not allowed to speak loud

Best way open for me was to write
Write for others but certainly to delight
As we are all governed greed and desires
So one needs to be prepared some kind of satires

I look at those creatures
How god has made them to reassure!
To remind us of beautiful world
Not for sale or never to be sold

See the flowers of gardens with colors
They have not changed or sought so far
See the beautiful smile on faces
As if nature is let loose in open race

I write about love, tragedy and pain
Agony, deception, treachery all comes in chain
They come, disappear and strike again
Again come back to make it beautiful with rain

I am “hasmukh”* by name but may be irrelevant
The name was adopted by poor parent
I was to bring happiness and joy in family
No one knew about future to look it silly!

वो तो कहेंगे

March 26, 2012

वो तो कहेंगे था मतवाला

परवाना और दिल देने वाला
बन चूका पागल पाने “मधुबाला”
अब कहा मिलेगी उसको सुर की बाला/// वो तो कहेंगे
जब हंसती थी तो फुल खिलते थे
जब  रोती थी तो तारे टूटते थे
सितारों का ये था अलग सा आलम
उसे कौन बताये और कैसे होगा मालूम/// वो तो कहेंगे
चाँद उस के करीब इतना आ गया
मन को भा गया और दिल को छू गया
न रही सुधबुध और नहीं ख्याल
मच गया शोर और थोड़ी सी धमाल/// वो तो कहेंगे
उसका खो जाना बिलकुल लाजमी था
क्योकि वो भी इंसान और एक आदमी था
हर दिल को धडकने का एक अरमान होगा
बाद में जो होगा फिर देखा जायेगा /// वो तो कहेंगे
मनचले दिल से कुछ भी कर लेंगे
दिल भी दे देंगे और ले भी लेंगे
हम करे दुवा उनके प्यार की खातिर
लम्बी उम्र रहे दोनों की आखिर /// वो तो कहेंगे
दिल का टूट जाना अशुभ होता है
फिर न जुड़ने वाला संकेत होता है
जोड़ न सको तो कोई बात नहीं है
दिल कभी न तोडना ये सही नहीं है /// वो तो कहेंगे
उसके निकले आंसू बर्बाद कर देगी
जीवन की खुशियाँ हेरान कर देगी
आह भी उसकी जलाकर रख देगी
आशियाँ उझडेगा और राख कर देगी/// वो तो कहेंगे
परेशां न करना दो प्रेमी जोड़ो को
सहारा दे देना दो पंछी आशिको को
पहरा न लगाना और मुश्किलें बढ़ाना
येदी हो सके तो दो अच्छे बोल सुनाना/// वो तो कहेंगे

Loose the face

March 25, 2012

Who will want to loose the face?

Even if with amidst stiff resistance and tough chase

Life itself is challenge and live race

You got to compromise many things in such case


I am not woman of strong resolve

But not weak either to solve

I stand on my own feet and look around

Search for solid stand and concrete ground


God may have different ideas for me

I was delivered fatal blow and fell down like tree

My heaven was just turned into hell

Nothing is there to remember and speak up well


He (my husband) was down to earth and very pious person

He will never argue for or against with any of the reasons

We had yet no issues as had not gone for in any season

We wanted to live each moment without daughter or son


He is no more and has been snatched away

This has darkened my path blocked the way

I have yet to raise head and look beyond

He was so attached to me and very fond


How can woman gather strength and face?

All stiff challenges and sustain the race

There is no other go but to run after

Whether rest of the life is spent with pain or laughter


People say I have face with charm

I see nothing wrong or feel any harm

It is way of living that may decide destiny

I shall definitely survive with the blessings from the almighty


I find nothing wrong with the way world moves on

Here every day makes you to struggle and pull on

Each morning brings great hopes and means to move

Only individual has to come out of shock and prove


I am no widow in that sense

I feel bad and at the same time turn tense

But that is quickly won over and set aside

World for me is unlimited and area very wide

फिर बहार आ जाय

March 25, 2012
फिर बहार आ जाय 

उनके लिए लिखी गयी नज़्म हमसे ही पढ़ी नहीं गयी

आँखों में आंसू उमड़ आये और जैसे रौशनी ही चली गयी
हम सोचते रह गये जैसे दुनिया ही उजड़ गयी
वो तो बेबस थे पाव उखड गए और बस जमीं खिसक गयी
हमने नाही कभी उनको दोष दिया और कोसा
ना कभी आसमान को देखा और सोचा
कितना बड़ा दिल है उनका मर मिटनेके लिए
उन्होंने  कुछ सोचा भी नहीं और चल दिए
अब हमें घने बादल नहीं डराते
कुछ याद नहीं आता बिजली के चमकते
एक धुंधली सी याद बार बार मनको कोसती रहती है
कभी कान में कुछ कहकर तो कभी याद बनकर आती है
उनका मासूम चेहरा अब  भी हमको रुला जाता है
पलभर हम गम में डूबा जाता  है और सताता है
क्या कहना रह गया होगा उनके मनमे?
जिस से आज मेरी नींद भी नहीं है बसमे
वो हर वाकया मुझे सोने नहीं देता
करवट बदल ने से भी चैन नहीं देता
मेरा यह हाल हैतो  उनका क्या हस्र होता होगा?
जग हसी ज्यादा और मामला बड़ा गंभीर होता होगा
उनका सहज स्वाभाव यह सब बर्दास्त करता  होगा
पुरे जेहन में जख्म भरे होंगे और कुरेदता भी होगा
कैसे और किस मुह से कहे आज भी “हम कसूरवार है”
जीना दोजख हो गया है और दुस्वार भी है
हमारा कवी सम्मलेन फीका हो गया है
वो आवाज़ कभी गरजती थी आज हया हो गया है
न जाने उसने गाना ही बंद कर दिया है
सभी बेवफाई ओ से ही मुह मोड़ लिया है
शायद आपके वापस आ जानेसे फिर बहार आ जाय
सूखे पेड़ पर फिर हरे पत्ते रंग के साथ  खिल जाये
हम न सही हमारा पैगाम बस उन्हें पहुँच जाये
जिंदगी बेसुरी ही सही पर  फिर से आबाद हो जाय

No regret

March 23, 2012

I received a letter of regret

Some one disclosing me to let

That he loved me a lot

But the battle was lost


He was narrating about my appearance

It looked beautiful with charm at once

He missed the train and lost the golden chance

How come it can be repeated and availed at once?


I laughed at his stupidity

Words lacked sincerity and good quality

It showed his uncertain mind and inability

It spoke poor of him with mind’s instability


He was living under false dreams and illusion

Not much to say but reveal only confusion

How can person take me to highest peak?

When he was unable to think and very weak?


He went on to add about his hidden wish

He wanted me as his bride with world to finish

But alas! He could speak nothing and lost me

Now he felt it as lost chance but got courage to tell it free


I could only laugh at his foolishness

Enough water had flown in river without any usefulness

But same man was before me telling his regret

I could only smile at his being foolish with fate


I love people who dash against wall

Seize the opportunity and respond to gravest call

That is becoming of a hero and ideal

Life can then be spent with happiness and look real


I could not resist my temptation

How could he think of restoring relation?

He had seen enough of left behind

Now what else was there left to find?


“Look man” there is no fun in reiterating past

I said with firmness and told him to finish fast

Such claim can bring bad name to relation

Miss you badly

March 23, 2012

Miss you badly

I was selfish and erring human
She was exception and lovely woman
I call her my mother and best in world
How safe I was when went to her fold!

I cry to full extent and miss badly
I have no memory and spent day very sadly
O mom! Show me your face at least once
I have tried but have no more chance

I vividly remember being at orphanage
Somebody had wrapped me and dropped near drainage
I was taken to child home and brought up with care
World was so small for me to go somewhere

I understand you may be threatened by dark clouds
It may be puzzling you with lightening sound
How terrible it might have been to make night round!
Drop the child at wild place and never to be found

I can imagine about the inner cruse for life
You might have tried to be ideal and good wife
Alas! I could have been your beautiful baby
Just little blessing from almighty might have kept you steady

I have breathed safely in their hands
They all are like me and behave as friends
I look at stars and try to find you out
To know the meaning of “mother” and think about

You may surely be innocent like moon
You may try to find me out soon
Mom, how will you find me from so many children?
You may have no faintest ideas even

I miss you today and feel shy to look at sun
Why had all divine forces made you to run?
What was the compelling situation for you to desert?
Does the situation not change it to revert?

Mom, wherever you are and whatever you are
You are my favorite and shining star
I see no fading light in you but twinkling shine
You always come in my dream and look fine

I will not cry as an orphan
I am daughter of pretty woman
I miss you in heart and silently weep
You remember me sometimes but happily sleep

I know how hard it may be to leave behind
A crying child to somebody’s trust and never to find
You might have dashed your head against walls
With heavy heart you might have obeyed to calls

Today is the day to remember mothers all over
Let them find in comfortable position with shield or cover
Many more may be abandoned in coming days
Let god suggest and instill beautiful ways

I curse the luck and miss you
But not pass the blame as you have passed through
All agony and pain not suffered by any one
You are for me so special and sacred woman