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Simple imagination

February 29, 2012

It is simple imagination and lovely try

Nice to feel even if no means to fly

Weak wings yet motives so high

That is the beauty in it with sadness to cry


In practical life it is impossible to attain

Whatever ideas we have and capacity to retain

It may not find favor with close circle

Annoy them and create more trouble


Poetry is only means to express in words

Touch the nerves and look inward

Give simple try for feelings to come out

Tell the world what you are thinking about


It may not only satisfy you

But air the views which you may think very true

Cut across the hard lines and get through

Assuage the feelings and simply woe


You have no restriction to travel and come back

No loss or gain yet so much is at stake

People may know what can be best alternative

If they are really fed up and wanted to be subjective


Wars have been averted in the past

The peace and stability had come at last

People have come closer through the easy medium

The impact will be so large with efforts bare minimum


The artists and performers use fancy and imagination

That is how they build a bond with closer relation

Leave behind a trail of long live friendship

As if the sea is facilitating flotilla of the ships



Zannat.. heaven

February 28, 2012

Zannat* here, hell here, life here

With joy and happiness to be spent dear

Why to cry and resent for bad luck?

Why to lament and curse when simply struck?


My zannat* is at home

Stands at door and welcome

Ushers me inside and offers comfort

I have reached the bay with her support


She is not only beautiful

But kind at heart and successful

In her work she is really wonderful

With out her I could have been zero or half full


I speak nothing in her praise

But gracefully acknowledge on face

“I would have been no where dear”

I live with happiness without any fear


When you are around

Joy and happiness is found

Moon and stars may shine in their place

I have nothing to look at you and chase


My universe is here

I do nothing which may cause her to shed tears

Yet sometimes I loose sight of vision

That leads to some bitterness and confusion


I have no regret for being an ordinary man

She is no less than heavenly woman

What has she gained from me as her man?

I think and probably no answer she can


It will be too much if I say some more words

But it will be ungrateful of me if my words are not heard

I may not say plainly on her face to acknowledge

She is always there in my sacred heart temple as an inscribed page


She has never uttered a word in desperation

Maintained calm all the time with beautiful relation

All women are same with gifted heart

Only we need to develop vision and see it as heavenly art

Crowning glory

February 27, 2012


It is not only glory

But a different and golden story

Feather in cap for sagging image

Indiacomes out of bleak age


We may do it again

Strong resolve for position to regain

Out heartiest congratulation for shining

Indiain lime light and definitely redefining


We as readers celebrate and sing

Wish it to happen again and again to bring

All lost glory for crowing the mother land

Still miles to go yet we sing in praise and play a band


It is name and fame combined

Purely an honor and dividend

Country is brought on world map

Clearly an answer for critics with slap



A poem from friend

February 27, 2012

I received well versed poem from unknown friend(poetess) and produce it here

A Gentle Voice (A Poem for Jadia)
by Zbird

A gentle voice of peace that whispers
across the sands of time and space
fills our hearts with love,
calms our souls and dissipates fear.
His words hug the world.
Even in his own personal pain
he wants only to uplift us,
asks nothing in return.
There is a softness in his face
a longing in his eyes.
Years of oppression leave
their visible marks in lines
of worry for what will be.
He reaches out with his words
that make us cry out for justice
for all the lost souls in the world.
I embrace the words and the love of
this gentle voice that whispers
across the sands of time and space.

I cry with joy

I knew no other world
Remained only in confined fold
But took care for soul not to be sold
As my mother often told

I was never in race
But always kept smiling face
For those millions who suffered cruel hands
Extended hand to welcome them as friend

I knew a bit about human bonding
But always thought invaded and seconding
“You must help all those who needed words”
If not material help but little guidance for looking forward

I found a caring friend in Zbird(poetess)
She was lovely and kind hearted bird
Once whispered in my ears
I shall cherish her words for many more years

No one did praise me with so touching words
I was searching few glorying word from inward
I found nothing to match her feelings
I just bow my head to all those who accept me as willing

I always raised head and suffered
But lost no temper and offered
What ever I could in form of retaliatory spirit
The worlds came in rolling to my feet

I may not have enough of sources
Yet there are invisible forces
Who keep their vigilant eyes on me?
To keep me imprisoned in their hear yet make me feel free

I may have to prove
Those words are powerful enough to move
A stone hearted man into melting candle
If sentiments are played well and properly handled

My kingdom

February 25, 2012

I shall say no to everything

Except one for simple reason being

That it keeps me in jovial mood

Dreams have remained always tonic or food


I might have suffered stress during the day time

I might have cursed life even sometimes

But the moment I am handed over to deep sleep

I have every reason to smile and need not weep


I wear jewels thudded crown

The empire is of my down

I rule the kingdom

Where there is all kind of freedom


Thousands of courtesans bow their head

I acknowledge their greetings as head

Everybody is ready to obey and oblige

I sink with joy and feel more than the size


Dream palace is nice place

Where you are never in race

You live along and act as per wishes

End is nice with very good finish


Best of the people are at your service

Beautiful ladies take care much to your surprise

You have everything at your disposal

With lots of people standing in queue for proposals


Here I have no threat to my existence

I spend time at ease and with consistence

There is no room for any kind of worry

You are troubled only when woken up with sorry


It is poor man’s kingdom

Where no one wants to miss seldom

This is only place where you can easily relax

With no surcharge, no levy or any kind of tax

If rose is symbol

February 25, 2012

If rose is symbol of love
I do hold the views and believe
It you say it is crimson red
I certainly follow you to be led

Surely then hatred may have color too
What all stages may have to pass through?
It must be painted black
Humanity is large sufferer and at stake

Love is colorless
But reflects on face
Its centre is at heart
Its origination with art

How can all the three go together?
Some has to opt out from there
Love and hate together is surely impossible
If that is so then clearly inviting troubles

Eyes speak and heart bleeds
When something wrong comes as feed
How come person become blood thirsty?
When concerned by world with humanity

If love is shined with red
Then it has world’s highest grade
What all can we bar and forbid?
Anger, hatred, jealousy and greed

Nights can be dark and frightening
But with days break it can be lightening
Love can be simple note that can be heartening
Everybody to gain without any kind of threatening

Let us celebrate day with wishes and flowers
Let there be no awakening or large followers
Make it point to greet a person with hello or smile
Observe the change when you cross the people for a while

May die of hunger

February 23, 2012

An individual may die of hunger

If tied and kept at home in hanger

If he is set free and allowed to venture

He will have enough of fortune and golden future


It is well knit argument and said with motives

Its result is heartening and very much subjective

A person gains knowledge if comes across exposure

That makes him to be aware of latest developments for sure


If person remains indoor and makes no outside contact

His knowledge will become zero and unusable in fact

He will know nothing about what is happening outside

And as a result he will have no option but to confine


It is nice to meet the new people and have acquaintance

You may have enough of knowledge how to escape at once

Some of the opportunities need to be grabbed as they come by chance

You must be exploring it all the time hence


Man is not made perfect out of reading

For that he must have ability to lead

He must not only be successfully trading

But have enough of information on hand and feeding


This builds up network for future empire

People may look towards him and admire

For his sheer ability and as able administrator

The successful person for carrier and creator


Need proper care

February 22, 2012

I was pulled from shirt and pushed aside

As house was clearly disturbed and divided

I was preferred more by mother and appreciated

This had lead to heated discussion and atmosphere was vitiated


As the children are normally naughty

Elders shower love and feel pity

They will offer everything to keep them happy

Children too will remain eager to receive and get ready


I was questioned over the scuffle

In the neighborhood there was brewing trouble

I often used to enter into altercation

And this was the cause for bad relation


People may come at home and complain

This will upset me always and puzzle the brain

What was I actually doing wrong?

And why I was now not favored among


I was good at studies also

But hade different style to adopt and go

As it had remained matter for concern

I decided to change drastically and made “U” turn


It is difficult to go for a change

At a time when you are in delicate stage

You want unrestricted movement

With kind love and preferably no one to resent


I was thrashed and warned of home confinement

If went ahead with naughtiness

I sensed problem with displeasure

But was helpless to think about it for sure


I think back of all those things happened with me

Though I was not completely restricted from going free

Yet it carried a long impression in my mind about behavior

Elders should have thought of my age which was definitely a minor


Children need proper understanding with care

If they are forbidden to go near by or anywhere

It may have adverse effect on their natural growth

The attention has to be paid at home and out side or both

Spell bound magic

February 21, 2012

I was put on fire

The moment you left to admire

Taken me to task and she peeped into eyes

I lost the firm ground when she really tried


This was not at all new

As I had little idea about it and knew

I had no time to look at her

But this gesture on her part made me to bother


Was it clear attempt or trial to woo?

But whatever the case may be, it was true?

I started to have soft feeling

As she had shown inclination and was willing


She was preferring to be my woman

I was taken by surprise as his man

She might have thought it number of times

But it never crossed my mind at any time


I was sweating under cool moon

As if standing under the hot sun of noon

May be it was first experience to have come across

But any how it was somebody’s gain and somebody’s loss


“What are you thinking dear” she gently uttered

She was firm in her stand and offered

All that she tried to make me understand

Beginning of new relation and end as friend


As it generally happens in everybody’s life

She was entering life as an ideal wife

I too had cherished the dream of having her

But had no courage to admit and offer


I took it as natural invitation

It was aimed at building new relation

I concurred and conceded to her desire

As it was now my turn for her to admire


It is like magnetic pull

Passion runs high and becomes full

The beginning is very dramatic

As eyes do all wonders with spell bound magic

Magic with difference

February 21, 2012

She is on screen and just few inches away

Spelling magic in different style al the way

I sink with all happiness in a day

She is simply wonderful and standing at bay


I might have not taken note of her

If she was just normal and had nothing to offer

But here she stood exceptionally in unique position

All smiles in one direction to raise lot many questions


I slipped into past history of ancient era

Where even saint had lost concentration

I thought of my being as poor human being

She was there for all praise from me as king


I am aware of natural beauty in person

Some are looked nice with many reasons

But here she stood as marvelous art

All body parts engraved from marble parts


She laughed at when I praised with words

This was just excuse for looking forward

I failed to grasp her mood in time

Shivered within and crumbled sometimes


“Will you be my perfect man” she uttered

The situation was now fully altered

The whole scene was slipping away from my grip

I thought I may fall down on earth for early sleep


It happens sometimes when unusual things happen

Your minds runs faster and sometimes sharpen

So many things shape up there after even

As such things are taking place all of sudden


I am elated at the words spoken

I thought about them as token

But no, she was serious enough to accept

Me as her dream man in mind and to be kept


I am lucky person to find a beauty with brain

Even though to find a beautiful lady is not my aim

She must be as natural as possible

To stay for ever without crating any troubles