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Common to find

January 31, 2012

Rotten food

Rotten ideas

Bad actions

Worst sufferings


Polluted environment

Serious diseases

Countless deaths

Worst crimes


Great sufferings

Floods and food shortages

Earth quakes and volcano eruptions

In search of another planets


Wars and skirmishes

Terrorists and killings

Nature and mankind

Is there anything common to find?


Pen should not stop

January 31, 2012


Let there be no music, drums or beats

But with love and affection you can greet

This is time where you have the time for people to meet

Give the best with whatever you have and nicely treat


Poets must have no ego or pride

They have lot more to reveal than to hide

The world is not narrow but very wide

You have lot more to speak than to confide


If you are busy and knee deep in occupation

Still need remains there to develop the relation

When nothing belongs to you with  wrong context

Make it point that it exists for you with plain text


Poet can never die but his enthusiasm

Ideas can never idle but his optimism

Who else can revive the dead sprit?

When you gain the wings to resume the flight


The eyes must to see towards divine light

No more cowardice act but resolve to fight

What best can we give to hungry world?

Without developing apathy and turning cold


No ego but self confidence and pride

That may help to overcome slight

Rest all may be fuelled by your own resolve

World may look cheerful when you fully involve


Make the life fully complete

Wherever is necessary push with vigor and compete

It is neither a luck that stops you or ill fate

But your idleness that takes you very late


You may die unnatural death

If there is no will to reach zenith

How there can be mental growth?

When you have lost pride and honor or both


Wake up and search for pen

Else it may dry your source even

You may never be able to regain

All your energy and zeal may go in vain

Her wrinkle face

January 31, 2012

She was the only one in family

Elderly person with clear vision and noble quality

We all addressed her as “granny” with respect

She would never scold us for naughty acts


She will hide and keep for us as something

Even though we have plenty in house but it is special thing

She may come to us slowly with tremendous love

We will rush to her for chocolates that she may give


“Papa, don’t allow nine nine (grandma) to go away” we will insist

Let her remain with us and we shall make her walk on the way

Take her for morning stroll and evening walk

In this way she will feel happier and talk


The children have special liking for old persons

They are always kind and show enormous love with reasons

She has whole of garden before her in the form of lovely children

That makes her fully contended and miss no loneliness even


She may be almost ninety or more

Yet so much energy and will power is in store

Always praying most of the time with good faith

Not at all worrying about the approaching death


I learnt great deal her with practical lessons

She had troubled life in early stage and lived as helpless person

Then also she did not loose hope and kept us in her strong fold

We were her live hope and dear ones in the entire world


I won’t forget her when she will be gone

Though nothing more is left to be done

Her contribution and presence is like beacon to us

We pray almighty for her log life with full trust


Parents are after all one step ahead and plan for future

Not only for them selves but small kids and all for sure

They do not tire out easily as we do in our young age

As it is thrust upon them to rear us and ably manage


I salute her not because of her age or elderly person

But the way she has survived to see grandsons

May be second generation before her eyes to witness

Watch if you can minutely the beautiful shine on her wrinkled face

We do nothing

January 31, 2012



We do nothing, want or don’t want to

This is bitter and unforgettable truth

What we are today were not yesterday!

Those were the moments of  golden days


Not much of plight or days of starvation

Very good, peaceful and cordial relation

Yes heart felt sad happening all around

Bitterness was to be seen somewhere and found


Who can predict about future?

I think no one on our part for sure

We have to resolve it genuinely first

Then think about other things to solve at last


I have cried with my brethrens

Always shared their views and concerns

Cried along with them for deaths to mourn

Balied hopes, shattered faith and bodies torn


Storms daily come and destroy the houses

Patience dry out and passions rouse

We have borne the agony but bore no grudges

Trend is yet not clear as they won’t budge


We have reached moon and now embark on mars

But at home and abroad hungry are the masses

Enough of blood has flown on the earth

Many more casualties to count with innumerable deaths


We know nothing about future of the children

Countries land has turned dry and barren

What will we do with coming up of new houses?

When we have nothing on head but restricted passes


Amen! We all need peace

Stable life and living at ease

Give peace a chance and earn breather

Lotmore concerns to share and responsibility to solder


Oh lord, now it is enough and no more of such kind

Let us strive hard, come to the conclusion and reasonably find

For betterment of man kind and slight chance for livelihood

Live and lead as an example for humanity in the neighborhood



Let us share agony, pain but avoid brutality

That must be shunned and banned in totality

Let us not shed the blood for occupation of land

Turn age old rivalry into best possible way and befriend


Future generation may not pardon us for our folly

Why was it imposed upon and not considered silly?

Was it considered most important and wanted really?

The answer remains “no” as it was never understood truly


Many factors played part behind the scene

Such holocaust and plight was never seen!

The wounds are still licking with bad memories

Adding more woes and not lessening the worries


Survive the attempt that is pointed at disasters

We are the main people and own masters

Nothing must be done to vitiate it further

Let us live like one as sisters and brothers

Chilled waves

January 30, 2012

That idea itself sent me a chilled wave

I became coward and felt self defeated even though brave

Why it is so threatening with known factor?

We know it well on life’s stage as an actor


Why at all we develop cold feet when reach final stage?

Life is uncertain and we know it to end at any age

Why do we sit alone and think of those golden pages?

Certainly a reminder to know what all had taken place in all the stages


Life has proved a great struggle with all kind of mystery

That has remained hidden in the impregnable wall of history

Even though throughout the life I have shown complete misery

Now that comes before eyes and causes me concern and worry


No one may have soft corner or take note of my departure

As life was dear to me and had used it for self pleasure

Did little or nothing for friends and relatives in any of the case

The life had lost its meaning and eroded the foundation or base


I have survived great onslaught by putting brave front

Life was going to prove as joke but I halted it bluntly

Even though the means employed in it may be selfish or unfair

I thought it a wise step to survive in this world as fair


You will be forgotten completely the moment you are no more

Life’s memory is very short and that is why it remains in the store

I am no exception and think continuously in this regard

It takes me no where as thoughts are pushing me backward


I can’t take steps back ward and improve upon the past

As life has moved many ups and down so fast

I too did some of the things which can’t be considered worthwhile

Life may be over as soon as we are no more and closed the file


Nothing is late in life if you sincerely try to believe

It is not important how much you lived or tried to live

Life can be started fresh if you have chosen to repent

Start with new beginning considering it as heavenly sent


Sardaar the leader

January 30, 2012

The leader(sardaar) is one

Who attacks enemy first and protects everyone

Saves life of everybody including friends

you are bestowed with and always blessed


सरदार   है वो जो होंवे पहरेदार

दुश्मन पर करे पेहला वार

पहले बचावे सारेनु  फिर बचावे  अपना यार

येही तो है किरपा तुझ पर प्रभुकी ओ किरतार


tell sardaar to be on guard

be alert and never go off the guard

change everything at once

don’t trust blindly even by chance


सरदार नु करो खबरदार’

रहो सदा होशीआर

सबको बदलदो दो एकबार

यार्रो न करना किसी का एतबार


he will sacrifice his life but will not breach promise

never hate a person but strongly align under one premise

bring good name to “Guru”and earn acclaim

believe it by heart -0-saardar then you claim


सर कटा जावे पर  वचन को ना  तोड़े

नफरत को त्यागे और प्यार से सबको जोड़े

गुरु जी की फ़तेह करे और लूटे वाहवाही

समजलो दिल से और सरदार को सरदार कहो तांही


Sar kata jave per vachan tode

Nafrat na kare aur pyarse nata jode

Guruji ki fateh aur kare vahvahi

Samj lo vo hi sardar तांही


leader-o- beloved leader

don’t call him often and often

let him  be a darbara(name) or Kirtara ( name) among

keeps all equall in his eyes and never goes wrong


सरदार -ओ- सरदार

फिर न बुलाना उसे दुबारा

वो चाहे दरबारा और किरतारा

सबको रखे बराबर और न बने सिरफिरा


even if want to be then be true leader

keep all together with love or render

greet them with respect and honor

what diffeerence it makes to me if we are wiser


बनना है तो सच्चे बनो सरदार

सरे बन्देनु रखो पास और करो दिलसे प्यार

ते महोब्बत से करो सारयाना सत्कार

पैर सानु की फरक पेंदा  है जो हम है समझदार


Sacche bano sardar

Surunu karo pyar

Te mahobaat ka karo satkar

Sanu ki fark penda hai jo ham hai pure samjdar

Sleepless nights

January 29, 2012

I have sleepless nights
I think a lot but nothing seems right
Dark clouds appear in the sky
I wonder yet at the same time feel shy

I am frightened by clouds
That creates sound very loud
Loneliness adds great woes
Always keeps me in readiness and on the toe

When rain drops make bang on roof
I rush towards window with love as clear proof
Tears just role out as mark of separation
Lot many things surface and raise questions

Sleep has disappeared or gone miles away
as you have chosen the different way
I hear the slow rain drops with thunderous noise
I miss him badly with the gradual reminder of promises

This compels me to swim in sadness
Tears rush up on the gloomy face
It roles out in total defiance
I loose faith in their reliance

I wish you have same memory
That may too cause you worry
You may have few words to say with sorry
But in no way with nice feeling to carry

One weak sogan

January 29, 2012



Always escape under one weak slogan

And helplessly call vulnerable to plan

Nothing goes in head or unnoticed

As we are insincere and do not act as promised


What is needed at present to be called human?

When we act worst than the animals?

Kill the innocent persons at day light

And still term it as crusade or fight?


Stop fooling now and keep answers ready for the future generation

They may like to know exactly where we erred in our relations.

Why we all were all committed to preserve humanity?

But failed to observe commands issued by the almighty


Our own children may want to know about the path chosen

Why there was slum in personal relation or simply frozen?

What made us to rise in arms and kill innocents for no reasons?

Who are all gruesomely murdering and claiming as true sons?


I may want to know the simple factor for consumption

What can be least agreeable reason for dialogue resumption?

Who can guarantee the liberty and freedom of right after so called liberation?

Will it be secular, authoritarian, democratic or multi ethnic nation?


Dictators have fled away or are being killed

Corrupt politicians are enjoying but constantly grilled

Poor people are watching with dazed eyes

National wealth is swindled off and flies


Where and how can we justify as human being?

Have we not tolerated emperors or great kings?

Were they able to serve empires at best of their ability?

Answer is emphatic “no” much to the discomfort of our capability


Let us do nothing at present but observe truce

Let people move freely without any grudge

Dignity and integrity are two the major concerned factors

If breached then can invite losses as compared to that atomic reactors


No one is going to be permanent here

Nations may perish and something new may emerge here and there

We have to utilize the space granted by merciful lord

Look ahead, guide in whatever capacity you can, and go forward

Before marriage

January 28, 2012


What a girl might be thinking before her marriage?

Lot many happy dreams that has come up with age

A beautiful journey to be taken along with companion

A bond of never ending dreams and nice union!


So many friends come forward to suggest

What factors to be remembered as best?

What to forget outright and what to digest?

Well orchestrated rehearsal for coming test


All anxieties in mind for ship to anchor at the port

Clear worries with all illusions to garner the support

The sky may naturally clear off with clouds disappearance

When meeting will be taking with full trust and faith at once


Life has been put to me as two wheels of cart

I may prove its test and find charm at the start

Love to accommodate and live with whatever he has

Try to find out some good smile that must fit on face?


I foresee and anticipate male domination

Flowers presentation with vigorous aggression

Under the name of holy bond to witness the surrender

All speculations to come at rest when meet the real challenger


What will be left out me after that sweet encounter?

I think everything will move on smoothly thereafter

Life may go on with all the dreams to realize one after another

Worries to be kept at bay and not much of it left to bother


What will be stand on the way here after as one sage is over?

Find fine tuning with the circumstances and enjoy under cover

What else can be expected when all the anxieties are over in one night?

A peaceful life with not much to think what is wrong or right


In girl’s life such a stage come once in life time?

Where fears remain in remote corner sometimes

Yet that situation is preferred with fear or joy

We call it a fun but worth to enjoy it with beautiful toy

Beautiful flowers

January 28, 2012

Gardens are supposed to house beautiful flowers

Pink, rose, red, yellow and in different colors

To appease and please troubled mankind

Love and joy in abundance to find
”beauty and flowers are joy for ever”

Their fragrance and memory may stay forever

Try not to touch them to fade away fast

It presents beautiful picture totally in contrast


They can’t please us at all if remain barren

That stage is never appreciated in life even

We may err in committing mistakes but learn too

Such is tragedy of life and can be termed as true


Our Mind may sometimes fluctuate and wonder

Yet we have to think carefully and sum up as under

“Beauty and flowers are meant to see”

Allow to boom in their natural way and keep them free


Beauty may be lost if we fiddle with their growth

It is combination of shyness and seclusion or as both

Idea should never invade our mind to threaten their existence

Look at as lover of nature from the safe distance


Some of the natural objects are meant to be protected

No one may come forward and remind us how to be acted

But one thing is sure that we must have considerate observation

As they have always remained our source of inspiration

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