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Fallen like tree

December 28, 2011

It crashed me like fallen tree
I was suddenly made aware that I am not free
Whole world has ganged up against me to force
Forget them altogether and cry with remorse

It started with all joy and bang
How happily I mixed with you and sang!
All beautiful moments were interwoven in rainbow
Not allowing single moments to pass or just go

I had all the treasures under my feet
Complete world with me as if to touch and greet
What a thrilling experience with new find love?
I felt there is something more when you part with or give

It was not physical attraction alone that made me to fly
But something unique that compelled me to think why?
This is natural course and no one should feel shy
It comes to you as natural blessing without even making a try

“Roses are beautiful” and adore the garden
I was addressed as beautiful flower even
I don’t know what made them to think so
I thought of holding such moments and not allow them to go

Only fortunate people are blessed with such happiness
Some people are shortly brought down with gloom on the face
Their happiness disappear just to be taken over by sadness
Joy and happiness remain as night mare leaving behind no trace

I never knew about the role of cruel fate
It struck to me like wind very late
My dreams were completely shattered
Whole course and life journey was altered

My love is dying and may not live for long
Something has really happened for wrong
He is worst sufferer and had to leave this world
It sends me shiver in spine and turns cold

I wish to cry and sob in one corner
As his end is approaching near
I am his whole and sole soul
The fate has certainly played foul

With strong wings

December 27, 2011

If I had wings I could fly

Long jump to touch the sky

Not desperate but bold try

That is what one need to apply


The ambition should be higher

You should be thinker and flyer

You aim should be given charge of wings

Readiness to face and beautifully to sing


Many people may try to boost

But may hardly find any push

Make a bid with no aim and rush

Then will end in sorrow to finish


It needs strong resolve and will power to fight

Not to think of what is wrong or right

Yet no ground will be seen or goal kept in sight

You got to make some correction or alteration slight


Nothing can be attained without full thrust

Such drive is very much necessitated and must

Future may be brightened by the emergence of sun

It may end your plight with no more chases or run


Wishes are to be strengthened with wings

Addition of strong power may definitely bring

Take you to the extreme end of the career

The long life path to be enjoyed without any fear


It is nice to dream about future

But equal thrust is important to be assured

No result can be had without added efforts

It will always be at arms distance and falling short


It may look sweet if attained after struggle

It was put plainly that nothing comes without trouble

Only hard push with sincerity is needed for success

It may not guarantee you even if you had full access

Think of brethern

December 26, 2011

Think of fellow brethren

It is always good to think of fellow brethren
To think of their well being and closeness even
At each and every step their involvement and participation
Making it strong bond with emergence of good relation

It is of no use if you merely exist as human being
Many things are unexplored and you got to bring
Some change in approach to live together
Stay side by side for existence and to cater

We have lived peacefully for many years
It has long history of bloodshed with confounded fears
Our past is shrouded with mystery and tears
We have lost many precious lives called dears

World has narrowed down and come closer
We can’t be indifferent to orgy of violence and be looser
We must learn to stand together and live
Time is ripe for co-existence and to believe

What did we get in return for so many years?
Only misery, plight, deaths, hungers and fears
Forceful migration and displacement of ancestral land
How do we assess and evaluate our stand?

Time is to forget hatred and move forward?
Traditional rivalry to disappear and vow not to look backward
There is nothing much to gain from hostility and wars
We have come in long way and left them very far

I asked a friend of mine about the satisfaction one has
From causing harm and making personal chase
He said it is deep rooted and comes as natural
What is its use and advantage? No answer came as usual

I hardly find any one endorsing the continuation
Even hard elements want some respite and pause
They have seen the long those bloody years
Life is uncertain and still to live amidst fears

“Co-exist” lay more emphasis on it and insist
Do nothing contrary and persuade others to desist
World may prove beautiful place to enjoy and stay
Far from conflicts and peaceful life all the way

Love to hide

December 26, 2011

What, if at all, I would love to hide?

Secrets to self and everything to confide

From the start of sunshine to end of the day

I plan the activities unknown to all in different way


People say I have snake’s charm

Not dangerous but value of little harm

Net letting opponent to judge the move

Even if wrong but very difficult to prove


“Whole world goes mad at me ” my friend confided

“It is unintentional and without purpose” I retorted

Still he struck to his gun and almost nailed

I laughed at it out and did not give any tail


I may have strong ways to counter deception

As no one can attempt and get away with repetition

I have third sense, in fact everybody may have, to use

Make any more attempt redundant and defuse


I will not hide displeasure to be conveyed

I may have little surprise to be dismayed

Yet you go to trust someone for practical purpose

As not all the jobs can be handled practically to dispose


It may be advantageous to hold back secrets

As it may be of no use for others to bet

They may still have anxiety to know

Criticize the move and painfully blow


It pinches a lot when some one points out

Lowers the image and unwontedly talks about

This sprays salt in aggravated wound

The solace or comfort is no where found


I decided to hold back all cards

Whether it helps me or not to go forward

I will know for sure that it has best efforts

The ship needs to be anchored successfully at port


Peace and honor ….

December 25, 2011

Peace and honor should go together

It is big question to understand and bother

It involves no big or small nations

But question of deep attachment in relation


No country may want to live under shame

Popular will in this sense can’t be blamed

The tolerance has its limit and may anytime explode

At any time to attain the real freedom


Even bad rulers may be tolerated

If their steps are welfare oriented

Certain amount of misrule is also of less concern

Until it speaks of no bad intention and turn


The desert fox connived for higher ambition

It exceeded all civil norms and limitations

People could no more trust for their lives

Normal men had no means with peace to live


Country could afford no more burdens

It needed out burst with ignition all of sudden

One more fatal blow and nation was to be restored

To its full glory of past and honored


Finally it has seen the golden day

Peace has finally descended in its own way

Country has witnessed enough of bad blood

There is shortage of medicines, commodities and food


Libyan people are brave and blessed with natural wealth

There is enough to eat and manage for good health

If people are happy and remain united

It is befitting occasion to feel as librated


Any nation may feel proud with its ancient heritage

Only rulers take note of it and ably manage

Whether system is democratic or with semi pattern

It must be happily shared by all without any concern


We all must wish this young nation a prosperous start

Live in harmony with neighbors and never depart

From stated position of non-interference and neutrality

That shall certainly grant peaceful atmosphere with stability

No need to show

December 25, 2011

No need to show and observe in these final days

For all practical purpose you have stayed away

Visited no orphanages or helped any poor

Just spent all the days in visiting the stores


It may be your routine job to go in for livelihood

Yet the main object behind it was never understood

It needed little time to go in for some good charity

As enough was given to you by the grace of almighty


You still have hunger for collecting more

You opt for all methods to get it and explore

In fact there is no need for extra accumulation

The hidden wealth should have gone for circulation


Praise and power come from the inner strength

You may have it yet remain as beggar till the death

The thrust will never be quenched but fuel more

You may be leading life of an animal therefore


Some of the festivals are meant to address for self

Even if done nothing for others still ask for help

Almighty is so much gracious to grant such relief

If you sincerely pray and bow head with belief


It is not necessary to visit any temple or church

Some of the answers you get if silently search

Inner soul may respond to request and show the way

You may find happiness if shown readiness to pray


Little compassion is must for fellow brethrens and animals

They deserve full attention and care upon their arrivals

Almighty has blessed them to visit beautiful land

We got to be sympathetic and rush to them as friend


We should lead life in such a manner

So as not to disturb or harm others

If you can’t show any kind of sympathy

At least believe or develop some kind of decency


He has always blessed those persons

Who have helped others with various reasons?

If they can’t extend material help in any way

At least show peace with and passion and stay


“Don’t snatch bread if you can’t give”

That will be biggest crime and find no reprieve

If you have no words to reciprocate or forgive

Shake head in affirmative and believe

Lovely sweet home

December 25, 2011

It was my dream and lovely sweet home

But she was not to be stepped in and welcome

I have deep anguish and burning heart

At certain times I had to take decision and part


She always remained at center of heart

Yet it was painful decision to depart

No one would have thought of it in life time

Still it took place in our life leading to biggest crime


I remember the promises we exchanged

Stars counted and pleasantries shared

Moon was not that beautiful as she sat near by

Heaven was besides me and got it without any try


I sunk more into deep memory

It had nothing but to add more worry

There was no reason to feel sorry

Yet I was left with single task to carry


She would hold my hand and reiterate

Smile with bright shine and state

“I shall never desert” and always be yours

She may wink the eyes and pleasantly assure


I was flying high with all golden dreams

We were paired heavenly as team

All happy moments and no more concerns

All of sudden it took ugly turns


Neither was it sudden heavy rain

Nor severe earth quake in chains

It was blow caused from plain distrust

Caused by altercation and unwanted thrust


She would boost from beauty point of view

No doubt she deserved all attention and was due

Bu there was limit to cause a pain on that count

Some pressure was building up or was about to mount


There is no more cordial relation

“Break up is call” and given clear indication

Soon I would be on way out of my own

The patch up drive has failed and made known


I miss all those happy moments

There is no more reason to resent

I believe it could have been avoided

The rail could not have been at all collided


Destiny might have something to offer

Separate ways to live and silently differ

I shall never seek and run after

You may now never burst into laughter


I look around and see no one hears

Eyes become watery and I weep the tears

I feel shame and shake the head with fear

I have lost the right now to address her as dear

Care for…

December 25, 2011


Do the animals not care for their new born?

Do we have to look towards them and turn?

Is it the domain reserved for only mankind?

So many questions hunted mind with no solution


Every moment the animals look around

Shift the place frequently as long as it is not found

Safety is the only concern and threatened from mankind

They kill wantonly and hunt after them as blind


Animals look pathetically for their young and inexperienced

At given time and occasion they are easily silenced

Either with gun shots or with false dug holes

Life is at risk and threatened for all


We wish human beings for well being in New Year

Let our existence be not threatened and cry fall on deaf ears

We are no threat to anybody but survive on good will

What will they get in return after we are being killed?


I have seen anxieties in those eyes

The wish before death and escape try

All attempts in to failure with loss of life

If caught hut then simple end with an edge of sharp knife


Lord has spared life for all

We all need to pray for lovely call

Let animals do have natural habitat

Secured place and safety with hideout


How do people react with loss of dear ones?

Animals are not thought over or spared by anyone

Let us consider their right to wonder on this beautiful land

They are our companion and very close associate or friend


God has given same feeling of compassion

They have attachment, feelings and obsession

Do we observe ever how much they care for their mats?

They never allow them to go away and consider inseparable part


We celebrate holy festivals once in year

Pray for safety and ask pardon with fear

We fear something unpleasant should never happen

Let us silently pray for it not to happen to any one even

Joy on face

December 24, 2011

Did you ever notice joy on my face?

When I went near to her and made no chase

I used to keep her happy all the time and showered the love

Met all the demands and generally agreed to believe


When ever I ask something she will feel shy

If ask more or insist then she will lower the eyes

She will never raise the head and answer

She had distinct way to obey and surrender


I have seen special qualities in children

They will want nothing in return

Only love and little warmth with favor

Stay at home with security and without fear


I used to sink in my old childhood days

How kind was my parent in their ways?

No sweets offer of any kind but sweet words

Some sort of happiness and hand over head


How could we forget those memorable moments?

With meager income and still no words to resent

Always eager to meet to ends with no more expectation

That was how bridge was built with strong bond and relation


I never miss them for a single moment and sometimes cry

Every demand was met without a single question or asking why

Even though they were not schooled but had sense of fulfillment

They really moved with us in each occasion and remained present


I find lords blessings in child’s presence

They are called messenger of God hence

I wish to remain them with innocence for some more time

Till they attain maturity for appropriate time


You see the reflection and happiness

No one may have any reason to complain in any case

In real sense they are another name for almighty

The creator of different flowers with lots of variety


I loose presence of mind in their sweet talks

What an elegant way of putting steps while they walk

No worry and fear when we are around and present

Get everything in time and no room to complain or resent


I am so much lucky to be father of such a lovely child

Where else you can pray and find?

Lucky are those who have nothing on hand

Yet enjoy rich world with children as friends

Infant baby

December 24, 2011

Distant cry was heard from infant baby

Left at the door and seemed very hungry

Moving hands and legs in desperate try

As if to call for mummy without any cry


It was raining whole day and the night

Dark clouds were still hovering there right

Occasional thunder burst slightly frightened

The stairway was seen clear when clouds lightened


The dogs bark had nearly threatened

We rushed to the front door and hastened

The baby was wrapped up in dirty cloths

He was hardly breathing and feared death

What a pity to feel when child is left at mercy?

Beautiful flower just sent on earth by almighty?

To have freedom of life with fine and fresh air

What a treatment to be accorded and given as fair?


We were woken up with little and faint cry

New born baby was left on ground to lye

What would have been fate if was attached?

No one would have claimed later on or staked


It is noble work to take care of infants

Some times we run and manage without grants

Yet society is fully aware of their obligations

Many people adopt child and strengthen the relation


Humanity is still alive and new born are protected

Some compulsion might have forced on them to act

Even animals do not leave their new born at mercy

Keep guard and vigil all the time to keep under safety


We are sensible but sometimes behave inhuman

Why should we involve in such acts as man or woman?

Let new born take free air and live with mother

Let us not condemn act and take responsibility to solder


Even though such acts are on rise

It does not leave us with any more surprise

It is failure or savagery act when given promises

It should have been honored instead with such misses