Life made cheap

Life is made very cheap with total disregard

We have stooped so below and act substandard

Care for no human sentiments and demand unreasonable

Beg for things and ask excuses despite being capable


Why do we play with those who are dying every moment?

Have bare means to pull on with curios anxieties and movements

Life becomes cozy at one moment and turns cruel very next

Every moment reminds of living death with acid test


“Mothers O mother, we can we find you?”

Two children were on the road with tears through

There eyes wide open with full of fears yet asking for beloved mother

No hope for their life‘s revival and scope for going further


“She had no food for quite few days” I learnt

She had no money even though due to receive as payment

Refusal came at times when she needed it for children

She dashed head against stone and lost it even


We have nothing to worry as most of us are blessed

No such problems in life and hotly to be chased

But we can think of those persons in dire need

By stopping some ambitions coupled with the greed


We have no answer for that poor lady

She was deserving life but could not remain steady

Children are on road claming for lost bread earner

I fail to visualize what will be the fate there after


They will be pushed to begging or land in brothels

They may be living commodity and always on sale

No choice for them to lead life of their own

We may curse, blame and sometimes frown


We must condemn such practice and desist

If can’t help them then at least forcefully insist

Don’t snatch with whatever they are leading

Let us try to understand their plight for feeding


Days may pass off with all the speed

Day by day we may want more and increase the greed

I swear not to cry over our behavior and style

But pray for their smooth life and stay meanwhile



One Response to “Life made cheap”

  1. jadia4708au Says:

    Jarrod C Lacy Your incredible piece is a long-standing cry being heard, but, regrettably often ignored. I hear the cry. What a powerful poem. 10 minutes ago · Like

    Date & Time: 1/2/2012 8:51:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 29300461 – Life made cheap Member: Dave Walker Comment: The gread of man is an hard one to get passed. A great poem.

    Katherine Wyatt Trinity Poetry I saw this in your notes and tried to comment so glad you posted here as FB would not let me.. a wonderful piece deeply sad the image is wonderful.. and so very sad!

    » prasad bolimeru let us hope and pray for the better…
    Beware tifa R.. nice line again sir tnx!!


    » ♥♥***********.. very nice sentiments- sadly true for many millions perhaps and the remedy or remedies to save and make their lives comfortable, without much effort or loss from those who may help incl govt agencies are many and not often applied and used well.

    Sheng Kristia.. Awesome!

    Dave B Life is made harder by do gooders, the worst kind of totalitarian monster

    » Liz L. Prakash Very good,dear friend Hasmukh,and it is as the Dalai Lama says ““Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”……I would like to see that beautiful word “respect” also added to the love and compassion,both in word and deed…….

    vincent michael Wonderfull hasmukh amathalal

    ────(♥)(♥)(♥).. always humble ourselves …have to respect .every human ..especially woma

    JRNightingale 2011.12.31 17:21 A giving nature should be an ongoing part of who we all are. Good thoughts and hopefully it will inspire others. Reply

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