Can’t be forgotten

Life can’t be forgotten

Wealth should be had but never be ill gotten

Both are very difficult to carry on

Still it must be lived on and won


Death can’t be cheated

As it has something to do with us and related

We may face it as ill fated

Or enjoy it as highly rated


Each stage of life is like rainbow

Welcome all of them and allow

Let one by one row of it be understood

Each row with color stands for and essential as food


Nothing may be remembered by followers

As we all are strangers and passengers

Traveling in same bogey with little space

Yet objecting with dislikes .color and race


All may get down with limited baggage

More weight may not be possible with age

Young may try to have as much as possible

Old people may find it hard to carry with troubles


What is to be preserved and what is to be thrown?

What is to be retained and labeled it as own?

Everything may vanish in little unknown time

We forget hard facts of life sometimes


We may be finished but not the bitterness

Everything takes us over easily and shown on face

We run behind it as totally mad

Result is proved to be futile and turn very sad


Fight it out but not with idea to stick

Play like ball and offer hard kick

Throw it in open field and patiently wait

Accept the goal as accomplishment or fate


It is hard to know or digest

Still it can be considered as best

Finally we have to come down and rest

Whether you take it as challenge or test


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