Black heart

I claim to be an honest man

May be the same cases with women

After all we claim to be human beings

Pawn in life game and working in circus rings


Is it our own creation to be zealous?

Is it an urge within to become famous?

By claming notoriety or noble deeds

Or simply creating unstoppable greed


How many excuses we exchange while sitting in corner?

Sleepless nights passed merely to console the sinner soul

How weakly we justify our wrong approach by arguments?

Not a single second we have to spare for it and resent

May be heart has changed the color in process

It might have guessed the true color with access

I fully concur with the fine assessment arrived

How long we may go on with mind so connived?


I have no answer but heart beats to respond

Synchronize the action and skillfully correspond

If I come out of it liberally it shall be great achievement

There may be nothing more to do at that moment


We are dragged in to mix up with eye wash theory

We shake the inner strength and memory

If that has come over with assertive voice

The heart will be at rest without any choice


We breathe in peaceful harmony for no fear of curse

As it has positively responded with no more remorse

This is how human mind works with changed heart

Everything is put at rest and made a good start


If person tries to forget past with all misdeeds

He will have no reason to worry or have any need

It is human nature to react positively with conscience

It is fearful of nature’s wrath in case felt with essence


Not bad at all to have black heart

But to change when shown as skilful art

“Better late than never” in responding to real time

We are, therefore, forgiven with black heart sometimes


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