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Free space

November 30, 2011

Free space

We are still not confident of our abilities
We lack confidence and ignore capabilities
Every individual has stored and reserved capacity
This is considered as one of the finest unknown quality

How come a person reacts angrily at failure?
Within a second he braces up to make it sure
As if nothing has happened to deter him for goal
Now he as to start afresh with another call

He need go for any special coaching for this exercise
Nature is there for providing clues and stand with promises
There comes complete change with one season following another
To discard the old and encourage human being to share and solder

No body ends life with little reversals
The success and failure affects little on their arrival
It provides enough of lessons to enjoy and share the grief
But always keep in mind that they stay for a while or brief

The sun rises and sets as usual without change
The nights change course and stay calm to manage
Birds as usual air the melody in the morning
Return to their nests with fulfillment of mission in the evening

If birds can survive with weak wings
We can sure face the draught as human being
We can’t run away from the scene as coward
Life is mission to survive and look forward

If life was to be like cake walk
It was not necessary to have any kind of talk
But the real things are far different
Some of the things are illusory even if look apparent

Have conciliatory approach and adjust the course
It may need some correction and brilliance of course
This is the trend which may warrant some sense of urgency
It may turn the tide in favor and change the frequency


Country demands

November 30, 2011

As village boy I wondered at the changes

It was first entry in city in the young age

I was flying in the air with lots of enthusiasm

The journey had opened with colors seen from the prism


I was astonished to see so many crowds

The vehicles were passing with noise and so loud

Lots of movement with no end seemed to traffic

The city has its own movement and basic


No one can afford to make little halt of their own

People may crush you on the way if fell down

No one may take note if met with any accident

Life is to be on move with rush and movement


I was to join in service for motherland

It was mood for voluntary service and trend

I geared up for service and rushed for interview

Meanwhile had enough of time to witness city and view


I am from simple village and had no exposure

There was no one to guide me for future

Since it was call for service to motherland

I had to come out of village and opt for service to defend


It is selfless sacrifice where country demands

Blood from youth to war to a logical end

Not showing weakness in any form at any time

But shed all the differences and stand united sometimes


As villages and cities are backbones of any strong economy

Attack on frontiers can lead to chaos and turn stormy

War hysteria turns whole of masses into out cry

No one may question how long it will prolong and why?


No nation may want trouble at frontiers

For prosperity and stability they got to adhere to and believe

The principles of live and let others live with harmony

That can grant peace to millions and countries surrounded by many


I knew nothing but had only one thing in mind

Some peaceful solution is the only option left to find

The country has to be strong in all the respects

But largely depends on awareness and how masses support and act

Unforgettable faces

November 29, 2011

Unforgettable faces

Some of the faces are unforgettable
Even you attempt to put them in troubles
They are rally very nice and kind
In their temperament and very mild

You won’t look at their any other features
Their smart dress, turn about and dealing for sure
What may be an extra ordinary behavior on their part?
The conversation with pretty smile and to start

I have seen as if flowers drop with each word
You may see in their eyes directly and look forward
What will it be conveying in clear terms?
Only love, affection and straight forwardness in turn

We are always attracted by opposite gender
It is quite natural to feel and come under
Their impression and long for association
But after all it is magnetic pull in relation

I read a lot when they speaking nothing
Their faces reveal secrets with something
Not with helplessness but with frankness
Total truth of innocent child’s smile on face

It is divine glory that is reflected
Even if person shy off or not acted
That light is piercing through our eyes
Our fancy travel across and along with flies

We see everything except body pleasure
This it self is rare feet to reassure
The opposite gender is so much appealing
Not a bad feeing recurs and keeps on repealing

It is easy to hide emotions and feeling
But you can’t compel person to do it as willing
If he is not convinced then he will prefer to stay away
But some of the unusual things happen and show you the way

Fallen like tree

November 29, 2011

It crashed me like fallen tree

I was suddenly made aware that I am not free

Whole world has ganged up against me to force

Forget them altogether and cry with remorse


It started with all joy and bang

How happily I mixed with you and sang!

All beautiful moments were interwoven in rainbow

Not allowing single moments to pass or just go


I had all the treasures under my feet

Complete world with me as if to touch and greet

What a thrilling experience with new find love?

I felt there is something more when you part with or give


It was not physical attraction alone that made me to fly

But something unique that compelled me to think why?

This is natural course and no one should feel shy

It comes to you as natural blessing without even making a try


“Roses are beautiful” and adore the garden

I was addressed as beautiful flower even

I don’t know what made them to think so

I thought of holding such moments and not allow them to go


Only fortunate people are blessed with such happiness

Some people are shortly brought down with gloom on the face

Their happiness disappear just to be taken over by sadness

Joy and happiness remain as night mare leaving behind no trace


I never knew about the role of cruel fate

It struck to me like wind very late

My dreams were completely shattered

Whole course and life journey was altered


My love is dying and may not live for long

Something has really happened for wrong

He is worst sufferer and had to leave this world

It sends me shiver in spine and turns cold


I wish to cry and sob in one corner

As his end is approaching near

I am his whole and sole soul

The fate has certainly played foul

Natural part

November 28, 2011

I am ardent lover of females and admire their part

As they have lots of confusion from where to start

What to accept and what to reject!

There is lot of stress, strain and needed to act


As female so many things are to be compromised

Maintain the tight schedule and stand firma as promised

There is every possibility of getting blame all the times

Yet she is the only person to take us out from difficult times


It will be totally unfair not to give them full credit

There contribution and sacrifice can be written on long sheet

Each page may speak of uphill task faced by them

As enough of care is needed for plant to come out of stem


Male counterparts on the other hand try to be worry free

No tensions at all, go round and make it merry

Whether study or not, every one will love and pin hope

Not much of regret even if he fares badly and flops


How much she has to take at home and outside

Her area of influence is stretched very wide

Even thought she may not be that much appreciated

But role played by her is dominant and definitely noted


World is so cruel at them and inflict several injuries

Add to pain and woes to clearly push into miseries

Thank God, now a day they have become empowered

Yet enough of it has been disregarded and their honor lowered


Basically human being is considered as wild animal

Some of the inherent qualities still same on arrival

He may go wild and do anything to molest woman

For a friction of second he may forget that he is good man


How can one feel secure under such circumstances?

There are lots of raps and murder cases and can be quoted as instances

Yet they are not as strong as they should have been

They are essentially a strong force and must be everywhere seen


No one can think of forgoing natural part

Male and female has different role to play and can’t depart

Let both remain at central place and prove as dominating force

So there is no excuse and reason to feel remorse

Into rough weather

November 28, 2011

Into rough weather

So many times I have run into rough weather
It was causing great concern and leading to bother
But any how it was the guideless ship that was to be taken on voyage
Not in full knowledge of consequences and the ways to manage

It is human tendency to embark on large adventure
Some of the people prefer bold approach in life for future
For them it may be the normal task as any work may pose
They would love to live the way and certainly choose

It is beauty of mind that has no clue to choose the way
No concrete ideas as to what may push them away
Whether they may be able to push through the journey
Or may run into difficulties for the want of sources or money

One thing is pretty sure for any work that has to be taken on hand
Its success heavily depends on resolute mind and trend
If you have shaky mind and start with little doubt in mind
The future course may prove troublesome amidst unfavorable wind

If mind is really working on certain set ideas
There won’t be any hitch in efforts to chase
Anything that has been taken as enterprise must have an end
So it must be pursued with stability of thoughts in mind

Not all people may have same zeal
But of course that has to be faced in real
The world is moving at faster rate
We can’t leave everything to luck or fate

The success may swing both the ways and show
How precise you were in your calculation to go?
What were real danger and your readiness to sustain?
Such things was almost certain to maintain

Big countries have relied on their own sources
Even though nothing was sure or assured with known force
But everything is taken as calculated risk and resolutely moved
Even small countries have excelled well and proved

what the hell !

November 28, 2011

“What the hell you are asking about peace?

When you know I am not at ease”

I was taken back when heard hostile reaction

What was the reason that led to such an outburst and action?


It is customary to ask elderly people about their well being

I was just enquiring about his health and time passing

This was taken as an affront and teasing

It was not at all appreciated and considered it as unpleasing


If you ask sincerely then no one is apparently happy

Outwardly they may put up brave front but actually unhappy

Not about shortage of any kind but for the want of peace

That has been denied to everybody and can’t be given on lease


It can be interpreted at domestic level as well as international

Some of the conflicts affect major countries and their nationals

Some remain at logger heads for decades and shed blood

Normal people die in streets for the want of shelter and food


How can be peaceful at home when everything is in doldrums?

No prospectus for bright future and can be dreamed seldom

All sources for well being dry up leading to social disparities

Elders suffer at home and face insult for lack of amenities


The answer may not be lying with anybody in general

Yet we can search inside and feel happiness on its arrival

Real happiness rest with us where as others can also take care as well

We have lot more to contribute and share for entire world to tell


Not people are against anybody’s existence

It is misrule and atrocities that has been cited as an instance

Its impact is largely seen at domestic level

Where normal families face problems and fail to excel


Let us achieve peace in real sense by not aggravating

But strengthen it by putting real input and relating

That peace is the only way to combat poverty

And adhere to dictates of lord the almighty


An act with resentment

November 27, 2011

I cried to my full strength and wept

It surfaces as night mare as I sobbed and kept

All emotions under check and tried to regain

What had happened for causing enormous pain?


As it happens in normal cases

Love needs no trial or mad chase

It comes with the age and in fact wanted

But time is essence and certainly granted


I look back and gather the impression

Was it mere attachment or obsession?

I thought about the combination of two

Enough to draw me in game too


Even though I was inclined for such contact

I was never willing to go in for passionate act

I had little sense of belonging with self respect

Something really bothered me when time came to react


It was my first date and really consented

I never knew it may be called black day and later on resented

It was going to be treacherous and disturbing

As it drew me near for unholy acts which actually needed some curbing


I was studying and hardly had seen out side world

I was lukewarm in response and remained cold

It was just puzzle for me to really opt so early

But that moment came in for surprise readily


I was not made of hard substance or emotions free

As any passers by may be attracted by fruits on tree

He may try to pick all those ripened fruits if afforded

Only needed some best efforts with message of kind worded


I fell for prey and surrendered without giving much thought

He pounced upon me and battle was lost without battle being fought

It was to leave deep scar on my mind later on

I was completely drained out, remained sullen and frown


As I confessed earlier, I did not know what the love looked like

It gave me no danger warning and in fact did not strike

I was to be lured in lust on the name of love and attachment

That was to remembered in whole life as bad act with resentment

Truth hurts

November 26, 2011



























Deep anguish and sorrow

November 26, 2011

I felt deep anguish and sorrow

For those who faced grim future tomorrow

No livelihood and nothing to feed at home

In public also not very much welcome


How many girls live on bar shows?

Their entire life is at their door steps and grows

With all the dependence on income from the dance

Life comes at standstill if pubs are raided by chance


Human greed for women has remained same in all ages

The beautiful ladies are always confined in cages

If not kept as bonded without any kind of liberty

But has always faced wrath from society and pity


Not these ladies alone but farm laborers too

How much torture and pain they have to pass through!

House maids and girls working at public places face same ire

We have nothing except expressing some sympathy and admire


I don’t claim my self as social worker

Yet something is needed to be done for their welfare

Females are to be treated with honor and dignity

Not only gender sake but as live human entity


She might remain sex object for certain age

But that can not be pushed and printed as dark page

Many excel in their prime age and show the worth

Talent is never in shortage or felt any dearth


Over all stages females have been very much gloried

Yet we hear the tales of atrocities and get horrified

We are still behaving as if they are meant to be slaves

Take them to any extreme corner and choose way to behave


Time has now come to rise above pretty criminal mind

They must have honorable position and we need to find

There is no use to pick them from the road and subject rape

It is slur on our culture and almost a visible slap