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My own thoughts

September 30, 2011

You were lost in your own thoughts


You were in dilemma what is to be left and what is to be brought


I was just before you and inviting


Your eyes were wide open and denying




You were just lost in dreams


I knew it was me and not Him


You wanted company and association


Lovely stay with healthy relation




I just responded a call


It was risky high wall


I had to scale and pass the message


It was opening on new page




It seemed you made me prisoner


It was bound to happen later or sooner


It was happening unusual


How any one can take it as casual?




I was just around but you didn’t notice


It was my wish and sincere promise


I wanted to be very close and come


You were there with waiting eyes to welcome




Love binds in very good relation


It lasts without any question


There is always openness and sacrifice


At least not to go away and break the promise




Innocent smile

September 28, 2011





So nice and innocent smile


Spread wings just now for a while


Beautiful appearance like rose petals


Color so beautiful and fragrance on arrival




What a girl child has to speak?


All lovely tales smilingly with shining cheeks


Those lovely deep signs make magic spell


Everything is not going end so well




Just stepping in youth will invite problems


Starting of bad sign with all troubles


Anybody may try to take advantage


Luring from all directions to put in cage




Culprits may spread the dragnet


They will not allow her to know or let


It will be all swift and not to anybody’s knowledge


Black spots spread on all the golden pages




I wish her to spread wings


Dance in open and beautifully sing


Spread the message of love and invite


All scenes of glory and slowly light




Let her live in sweet memory


Enjoy innocent stage with no sorry


Let that lovely flower boom


Let there be no worry or room




If crushed before time may spell doom


Whole life may be overcastted with gloom


Happiness may never surface again


Flower may die it builds any chain




Let garden have thousand of flowers


All with its fragrance and shining colors


To enjoy the beauty from distance


Not to pluck or harm even at once



Lovely and beautiful

September 28, 2011





Life is to be lovely and beautiful


If you want to be successful


No double standard or no treachery


Then there won’t come any misery




Let us go to nature


Where we find our future


Birds and breeze all same


I don’t know where from they all came




But there is melody


We find solution and remedy


They have no worry


At east no burden to carry




Every one does work calmly


It goes on very happily


There remains to be complete harmony


We can’t have joy even after spending money




I find them quarrel too


But again same when they are through


No more to snatch for further store


Wait for next day to explore




Everybody is happy around


They have only joy to see around


No more tension to carry forward


Only some grains to look toward




I find it reasonable


Even birds are capable


We got to be contended


Even though the need to be attended



Natural principles

September 28, 2011





It is natural principle


And must pass on without trouble


You have right to fight


But In context of light




You must earn bread


Without it you are dead


You earn for the service rendered


Nothing more is cornered




Whatever be the importance of money?


But it has relevance for many’


Complete life is dependent


Without it you will be just repentant




It is good to go on strike


Impact should be more and not slight


But with full sacrifice and consequences


Not merely for causing hardships in any sense




No reward for no work or idle capacity


That speaks of bad quality


The economy can be ruined


Nothing out of it can be gained




So much damage is done intentionally


It is not at all wanted really


That cripples whole of industry


Adds to plight and misery




No work no pay holds good


Pay is for paying the food


Whole of family may be starved


If situation is not cleverly saved




Demand must be in tune


That may not bring any fortune


It will worsen the situation if gone out of hand


Repeat colure or disruption of work should not be the trend



Nobody on boat

September 27, 2011

It was not me at all


How could have that much fall?


I was so resolute and brilliant


This looked something subservient




How can I look like cruel man?


I did all fine things for man and woman


How many institutions were run on charity?


They had fine display of standard and quality




I thought something had really gone wrong


The theme was entirely different from original song


The mirror had no real reflection of its own


But I was renowned man and well known




Till this time I was falsely made to believe


It was under falsehood that I presented and lived


It struck my mind that mirror is reminding me of something


It has altogether different picture for real thing




Even though I had escaped people’s attention


My conscious was there for its mention


It spoke gently when I was facing mirror


There absolutely no misjudgment or an error




The mirror was reminding me of impeding danger


I was about to face ire, rage and anger


People were trying to know about my intention


I was fool not to catch nerves and attention




Was this a stern warning to mend the ways?


Was it some signal to remind me of going away?


I thought of it and decided to shed the double life


How difficult it was to live on the edge of the knife?




It works on no particular principles


You may find many followers or disciples


But the moment their goal was over


You will be left alone to find the shield or cover




I laughed at the mirror impression


Though I was same but left me with depression


What would happen if I am dragged and made scapegoat?


I will have no shore, no friends or no body in the boat



Old age is beauty

September 27, 2011





Old age is not new phenomenal


Every individual may have to depart after arrival


What even if old man is not cared?


At least old man has taken care of children and dared




There is no need to weep


Remain fit always and composure to keep


If sea wind is differently blowing


Who cares for and eager of knowing




It is unfortunate to target old man


He has lived his life as responsible noble


What did he not do for whole of family?


Now even children live in comfort and happily




Many old age homes are coming


Great plight for all ages looming


What can we do for their honorable end?


Feel in life as very close and intimate friend




Someone told me about nice end show


Foreign currency deposited for when I go


Bid final bye and say thank you mother earth


My only request not to spoil natural death




Do nothing so as to denigrate human being


No parents may ask for lovely child and sing


If bird was to be left alone on road


What on earth can be considered as load?




With weak wings you are downed


With all abuses and finally stoned


Shunted from door to door


You had never been such a poor




Think of that kind of poverty


That may wait for them from almighty


Feel not any kind of remorse or pity


Old age is not at all curse but fine departing beauty



One aspect

September 27, 2011


Don’t forget one aspect


Life is precious and needs respect


If you are carried away by negative thoughts


Life mission will be defeated without being fought



Life is to feel all about


It may have rain and draught


Bright sun shine and dark clouds


Your voice should be heard clear and loud




There may be pain and sorrow


It may not remain tomorrow


See the wind’s direction and lie low


Find the trend and secretly follow




Life may prove difficult


Once you bend, it will be just insult


Raise your head in resistance


It may give the way at once




Days and nights are our real masters


They move in time and faster


You find them uncontrollable


But you too can prove capable




Keep changing position but be firm


Prepare plan in advance and confirm


See that it takes no ugly turn


Wait for the opportunity to return




Nothing must be left undecided for next day


That day may never come and keep you at the bay


Time and tide they say must be seized


Its use must be full and properly utilized




What can be counted as next?


Only good today and then best


Whole count should be improved upon and trusted


No respite or let up till it is lasted




Every moment is so important


The success can’t be that instant


It may come but as unexpected


With exact time and cleverly acted



Final race

September 26, 2011

When you gain adulthood there comes real stage

You get to know many things coming of an age

You may love to make frequent contacts

Mingle with friends and try desperately to ignore facts


You come to know of grater responsibility

When hold a hand of female and demonstrate ability

That speaks of firm commitment and promises

Thousands of assurances with not single misses


At initial contacts you compromise some of the stands

That can be forgiven as happening between good friends

But when reassure of future tie up and whole of burden

You readily agree for everything and no idea strikes all of sudden


It is almost mirage and based on illusory things

It may turn soar, happy or any kind of things

You may argue in favor of going ahead

Provide clear way and distinct lead


Life is meant to struggle and endure

You may sometimes not find peace in entire tenure

Life may turn cruel and unending difficulties

But that does not relieve you from any of the responsibilities


You learn to live and stubbornly offer

You have all the preparation for final coffer

You are such an ideal for any eventuality

This fine blend quality makes you to prove ability


Only cowards may end the life in haste

The may not come at all or come very late

Yet it makes no difference for on going struggle

You may go on tackling and facing all troubles


Life may seem to beHighMountain

You may struggle hard to contain

Even though you may remain money less

You will definitely win the final race

Dear Prime Minister

September 26, 2011

Dear Prime Minister




You are head of ministers as prime minister


But at home only an individual as mister


So much loved by brothers, uncles and sisters


On this very special occasion, I sincerely offer




Happy birthday to you and thousand cheers


Wishing you many more happy coming years


As living inIndiahas become costly and very dear


We have apprehensions on all fronts and deadly fear




We were poor earlier and nobody applied magic stick


We were lifting mud, sands, goods and bricks


We never had problem of food, cloths and shelter


But all of sudden it has made impact and scenario is altered




Not all people want to remain in shameful condition


“Poor and down trodden” pinches as an missile question


We are removed as poor with one stroke


No one had dreamed it to go in thick smoke




Our land is forcibly taken and turned into moles


Wide roads, heavy industries and light polls


Happy scenes all over with heavy cut backs and gain


We have nothing else but to bear the pain




You need no worry about our fate


You have seen it from roots very late


We are bound to suffer as you have no stick


We may die on the road and some one may come and pick




You are honest and sincere and sometimes calm figure


It may be hurting your conscience some times later


But alas! Power hunger is worst than our stomach hunger’


It may not allow you to smile in any stage of anger




You said once “you are compelled power politics”


You can’t take stern action or use the stick


In politics friends friend is considered an enemy


If you don’t practice it then whole of scene becomes stormy




You follow the principle of free economy


Have dialogue with neighbors and pacify the enemy


Beware! You will be dumped as good man


Will blame of inaction and turn you as villain




We are poor and agriculture state


Don’t try to be unreasonable and seal the fate


Economy or no economy, people should survive


Peace at home and front but honesty see and strive



On wrong track

September 26, 2011

I sincerely think I was on wrong track


He was all for lust and kept everything at stake


I was barely half awake


But continued only for love sake




It was snake charmer’s tune


As snakes used to feel immune


You too were not spared of such effect


He had notoriety in his act




I had lost all my peace of mind


At no stage I was allowed to find


You wanted me to be ruined


Still all my hopes were pinned




You did nothing to assuage my feeling


All your steps were fearing me and killing


I couldn’t come that close


You had tried level best to crush the rose




You had no regard for my wishes


On the contrary you tried to put an end and finish


It left me speechless and full of distrust


How can I in life now put a trust?




You were embodiment of all evils


I had love and trust in you still


I was prepared to follow at every step


But you kicked me at offered a slap




I could curse no fate either


It was enough reason for me to wither


I was pushed to the final abode


Even though I had willingly rode




I find no blame on your part


It was neither a deception nor an art


You stood your ground well


There is nothing more to add or tell




I shall still cling to my views


To me love is sacred even if enjoyed by few


What all happens in love is anybody’s guess


You can’t have full proof or any trace