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Not a new idea

May 31, 2011

It is not a new idea or concept


It was most appreciated one and secretly kept


As a powerful weapon in the time of crisis


So much can be said and laid the emphasis




Not a one religion may say to be intolerant


From their teachings and verses it is apparent


No one has dared to violate it with adverse comment


It is considered as sin for later age to repent




Entire universe is created with divine consent


There may be many objects with different contents


Each with full promise of live and let others live


This is agreed upon and we all tend to believe




It is His world and we are just emissary


We all take complete care and consider it necessary


This gives rise to the principle of tolerance


For years together it has maintained its essence




Have we not seen the result intolerance?


Bloodbath all over with situation very tense


Human lives lost for no significant gain


All those precious years have gone into vain




God sent many prophets, messiahs and messengers


They presented smiling world with no anger


What did they want to see in troubled world?


Peace and harmony with love to be practiced and told




How much land can you control?


How much will it demand as toll?


Colossal waste with immense loss of human lives


Or no worthy place to be enjoyed and relived




We can’t shape entire globe as per our choice


How can as god’s children we can suppress the voice?


Let them live and shape their own life with destiny


How will it affect the culture and religions of many?




There is need for overhaul change in thoughts


The barbaric wars are unnecessarily fought


No one has gained from innocent’s blood


In both the ways they have to face death and starve for food




Catch air

May 30, 2011

Try to catch air


Deliver badly and expect fair


Stare and simply look at sky


Raise the questions and ask only why?




Think about sun coming from east?


Trouble in mind for its setting in west


No cool ideas in moon light


Think of nothing except wrong or right




Help not for self elevation


Raise unnecessary and lots of questions


You may have nothing to satisfy


It will worsen only and not simplify




Trust and confidence only may prevail


Rest everything will disappear or fail


Nothing may stop at simple will


It is up to you how to feel




No advises are needed


Not necessarily to be heeded


Act as per conscience and leave it to fate


Success may surely come even very late



Successful man

May 30, 2011

I wish to die as fulfilled man


Grab and collect as much as I can


Reach on top of the ladder and excel


With all the different tales to tell




Widely spread over big empire


People all over with nice words to admire


Giving top ranks among all business tycoons


Where even sun does favor in noon




I can spare little for deprived lot


As I have struggled and fought


Through out the life for peaceful living


Else there was all hell for believing




Have people not cut jokes with satire?


Did not wait for me to expire?


Was I not spent and useless force?


Did they like when finally I rose?




I did care about neighbors


As they were nice and to the next door


I proved and came out with great care


They would smile at me and never stare




I thought I will be well known by my wealth


They will come with respect to lay the wreath


I never thought of leaving behind everything at the time of death


Even thought that would have been struck with deterioration of health




I did cheating with full knowledge


It was essential to survive and manage


It was simply a mad race


It might have brought momentarily relief on the face




I had heard that only hand s may remain open


Mouth may be open and eyes wide even


Nothing to brief and nothing to carry


Yet very difficult not to worry




You can call me successful celebrity


It might have come with the blessings from almighty


I only acted as custodian and served no one


As it was to prove me as successful man




Life is different entity with some purpose


You have no chance to think or suppose


You got to act with whatever means you have


Only people watch as how you act and behave





Bitter experience

May 30, 2011

Many advocate and say heart can’t be restored with


Original feeling and same love armed with teeth


It can be proved wrong as love may never want to sever the link


It is symbolism of sacrifice and will never allow to sin




There may be several setbacks with bitter experience in past


It might have carried on for longer period and not come to last


It might have forced to you to forgo some of the moments to fight


But finally you might have come out of it as very right




Any difficulty that may come on the way must be faced


The origin of it must be found out and successfully traced


This may make you like rock stone standing alone


You may relent only when it is finally gone




Why can’ we change if nature can relent and change?


Why do we grow old and tire out with the advent of age?


Nothing stops you from going further


So it need not take you by surprise and bother




Have we not observed old civilizations getting lost and buried?


Why millions of death all over world has not baffled us or left worried?


We know pretty well that it can be over come but not avoided


Only the fate and outcome is surely coincided




This has led us to believe in superficial happenings


It is not altogether bad with beginnings


Something should struck off if not going well


It must not be left with different story to tell




I will bow before him only to repent


I must have nothing in mind to vent


It is all visible and clear before our eyes


Let all by gone remain as only byes




We can destroy the old links


If something can be rewritten with powerful ink


Why not take everybody on the same ship?


Where there is happiness only and nothing to weep




It is our feeling that we are useless


So many hardships we only have to face


There are many more people facing the same question


But hardly they cry in open and make the mention







I go down

May 29, 2011

I go down with heavy heart
I have failed to propagate the art
Could not make its essence known in true spirit
Even though it was noble and in its limit

You can fool people for considerable period
They may have compulsions not to avoid
When here is no choice between good and devil
Got to accept whatever is before us or on anvil

I think many times of life’s futility and its importance
I think no one takes serious interest to know it at once
Nothing goes wrong even if life is not understood
We can live entire life for availing money and food

I have prayed several times sincerely
I could achieve nothing or put up show rarely
If I pursue with great zeal it may be taken as pomp and show
Where as it is the only way open for us to grow

Some of the acts require nothing in substance
It needs some kind gesture and tolerance hence
To loose the patience is gravest mistake
Many may present it as totally fake

You have done hard work through out the life
It has remained unpredictable and strife torn
What do we know from entire projection?
Nothing more is done to prevent its fall from action?

Many more souls might have departed this before
I deliberately sit and continuously think therefore
What for have I been sent here as perishable object?
How can I openly go against certain things and reject?

It is normal reaction from human being as live entity
On earth you are being considered as humanly with good quality
Leave it to others to decide what is good or bad
You have no right to profess or feel so sad



Cool breeze on fingers

May 29, 2011

I got cold breeze on fingers
As I waved hand in full mood as singers
Complete calm and lull prevailed in atmosphere
I was in search of peace to come from somewhere

It is said” peace descend in the early morning”
As all divinity and blessings start from the evening
God too go for quiet retirement and think of universe
And think of the human beings to relieve from the curses

I believer strongly in some of the powers
Sometimes it compels me to seek some the answers
I think in isolation of great divinely feeling
Even though I am quite calm and no pressure is reeling

Yes, it is fact and no one can dispute
It may inject spirit and to all may suit
Whether they are singers, philosophers or loiters
It is just the same for those whoever wishes to enter

The birds sing in melodious tune
I definitely see some good fortune
Not in terms of material or money
It is time to laugh at or look funny

There is hidden energy to feel its first pulse
The cool wind may make touch and get repulsed
This will energies the pulses to become active
Harness in right direction without being called reactive

The sun is waiting to make its first appearance
All are in hurry to disappear at once
It is time to say good bye to old unsettled things
Prepare for final assault and to score for something

Each day to bring new hope with some results
New ideas come up in quick way and built
Each one with restrictions and certain limit
Decision is to be taken in a manner to be considered as fit

Soon the breeze will go away and sun may shine
I may look fresh and feel very fine
I may have nothing to do for it to look adventurous
But certainly it will be pursued as goal and continuous


For my country

May 28, 2011

What can I do or pray for my country?


Millions are starving and remain hungry


Precious time and money is spent on storage


The food grain is thrown away as garbage




We watch the show as very much disgusting


It is rotting in open ground and rusting


Not a single soul is raising voice


Where the words have gone with promises?




Plenty of grain is available


We can preserve stock and are capable


We do nothing to prevent the loss


We simply pray for only curse




Forget about economy and figures


What is in store for future?


How long you want people should die?


Do we have no remorse to feel shy?




We want to turn state into Welfare Empire


World is watching with and cutting satire


We are making it living hell for the poor


They have no place to go and find no door




Land grabbers and hoarders are enjoying heaven


Far cry and agony is not heard even


Politician make far reaching cry and remain silent


Humanity is on wane and completely absent




They see more profits in deaths


Even flowers have markets to lay wreath


Nothing is cheap and what is more ion demand?


All inferior quality products with famous brands




Who make take us to safety without tall promises?


When the loop holes will be filled with all the misses?


Earth has responded well with our sweat toil


Why are we hell bent upon to spoil?




Many more may die in days to come


Prices will be sky rocketing and welcomed


Death may welcome than living on ground


Is there any new formula to make for us or to be found?




Let us do no more curses?


We must feel ashamed of ourselves


How many millions more we would love to accumulate?


When your own existence has nothing to take credit or relate?



My intention

May 28, 2011

I did nothing to hide my intention


I spoke to her and made clear mention


I was chasing her from the very start


I knew it is difficult but very good art




You can change female friends like cloths


It is shameful and disadvantageous to both


This will give rise to apprehensions and dislikes


The consequences may soon take over and strike




It is not bad at all to dream about body lust


It is natural desire on any human and is must


That comes with the age and goes away too


As nature also changes its color and proves true




The earth too needs heavy shower


The winds too come in like blower


An environment is created in favor


It must be cautious and go slower




So many times I have swallowed the pride


There was no place for emotions to hide


I had strong determination to act fast


Yet I had unknown fear for it to last




I am in her total grip and have offered


Even though we have mentally differed


There is no meeting point at some level


Even though I am confident of performing well




I have seen tree’s shadow in her


She was all these years my real teacher


She may teach me of parting something very dear


I will passionately listen to and attentively hear




So many times she is lost in unhappy mood


She may not care for anything even for food


I would do everything to make her feel good


But she may not relent and remain firmly stood




Females are symbols of great courage


They can, in any situation, ably manage


Something more comes with the passing of an age


We can beautifully narrate all these on blank page




Life is like rainbow and emerges after strong rain


There is happiness all around and no sign of pain


Initial thrust may disappear and taken over by sentiments


The life may look beautiful with fragrance emanating from scent











Dark days are over

May 28, 2011

All my dark days are over


I need not run for the cover


I don’t want to remember them forever


It was temporary phase and now finally gone for ever




I don’t want to recall all those days


Every morning brought me bright rays


I longed for the end of dark clouds


I worked very hard and prepared for solid ground




I was very much doomed for disaster


The fortune had finally come after


It was blessings in disguise


As I desperately needed to rise




I was growing impatient with passing of each day


It was almost impossible to go away


It was do or die situation and needed strong drive


As it was considered essential to survive




Same situation may not long for indefinitely


The sun has to shine one day very definitely


But this will not take place of its own


Some ground has to be prepared and seeds are to be sown




You may have much awaited respite


As it has come to you after long fight


The fruits of labor may make you feel great


As you have turned tide against fate




Love to live with whatever you have


Don’t loose patience and normally behave


You may be able to judge with cool mind


You may have enough time to think for solution to find



Set direction

May 27, 2011

I am unsure of past achievements

I have heard no unpleasant comments

I did it silently as committed gentleman

I never thought of being a superman

I knew very well that it will be difficult

I had to prove it without any fear of insult

I was sure of my confidence and strength inbuilt

It was just normal for me to feel happy without any guilt

I don’t claim very high or boost of the success

I could prove it on the basis of very good access

It was personal skill that could come to rescue

I excelled in the entire field and got whatever was due

I feel still not worth as many things remained unaccomplished

Normally I don’t rest until it is finished

It is my tendency not to over look the subject

The goal and aim should never be missed as an object

Sun will rise and set as usual from set direction

There is no let up in the daily action

Even though it is divinely object

We must ensure of all our acts

Sometimes I remain dissatisfied

Not over something is unintentionally missed

But could not finish it despite putting brave front

Though there was strong desire and earnest want

If I am unable to read the signals of tomorrow

Then I should make it sure to follow

It is sluggish movement if allow to persist

The thing may find different turn or twist

When I sit quietly in one place

All the happiness must be seen on face

Even though it was one of deadliest race

There was no other alternative than to face