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No one did

April 30, 2011

Something like roar from lion’s den

Someone may know exactly then

What can be called love and attachment!

No shifting of reality statements

No one did this before

You are praiseworthy and so called fore

Someone should take note of it and address

Else there is left only grievance and remorse

There was room for love and permanent refuge

There was no scope for hide and seek or to refuse

The position was cleared from the inception

The consequences were known in case of deception

How could one earn dubious distinction?

Can translate words of treachery in nay direction

Can that travel even an inch for true destination?

I think it is enough for breaking the relation

You may have killers charm

You may be master in delivering the harm

Yet there is something like action with reaction

It can end permanently with more or less friction

No one may dare to violate sanctity again

In love there is no loss or gain

It is either with you or lost

The stage is delicate and must be cared most

I for one could not even dream about treachery

I was sure of out come and was certainly to marry

There came bomb shell with no time for action

It was left in doldrums with hostile reaction

I would go down smilingly with one way traffic

Trust and confidence is essential and basic

No one can go even to little distance

If there is distrust even at once


Even if desired

April 30, 2011

Oh lord, help only those hands

Those are going to deliver good at the end

Don’t stop the destructive hands either

As they may also be seen as little spot in feather

No sound can be made without clapping

No message can be conveyed without gentle tapping

It is universal truth and must be realized soon

Hands may be placed on head to escape blazing sun

Lord, you only directed us to do something

We were little ignorant not to know anything

It never occurred to our fragile mind

Those hands are needed to deliver the kind

Number of times they have been raised to seek blessings

It may be wanted for material gain with some misgivings

Yet they were inspired to seek from heavenly crown

We have always prayed and asked for pardon

We have done it with unknown fear

So much pain and agony was forced to bear

We did it for the want of compelling situation

We apolized and sought for its discontinuation

The hands can do no wrong even if desired to

They are meant to create path to pass through

Hands must feel little hitch in doing wrong

They shall be condemned later from the circle or among

You are reflected in all of our actions

They may be taken note of as true reaction

It may be spoken badly or praised for work

It is seen as disguise with your final masterly stroke

Mark of respect

April 30, 2011

Women need it as mark of respect

We all have to think seriously and introspect

When God has made it then why do we stand as suspect?

Has everything got relevance with cast, creed, color or sect?

Yes, color do attract us for certain reasons

It is natural and varies from person to person

But is it the only criteria to hate an individual?

Still we have we to fight against role called dubious or dual?

I salute to those who stand against such move?

They may be threatened with their live or removed

Yet the fight may not be over till it ends

We as an human beings must change our trend

We are in land of peace and liberty

We are equally blessed with freedom from almighty

Why do we create hatred only on the basis of color?

This is not simple matter but serious and major

Some of the people may not speak openly against

But secretly they will bless and insist

That struggle rages on indefinitely

The people are brandished and disappear quietly

It is suppression and blot on humanity

It is not even today discouraged for continuity

Enough blood has been shed and still it remains

Let us do everything which is possible in our domain

Assassin’s bullet

April 30, 2011

Has the tolerance taken back seat?
Do we stab a person when try to greet?
What are we to offer in the name of tolerance?
What alternate we have in everybody’s presence?

Will wanton killing may alter the situation?
Will it not raise the eye brows and questions?
It is condemned all over but with mute voice
World is taking no notice or create noise

Can we be called generous human being?
What happiness we can offer or bring?
We can not praise almighty in sacred place
there are bomb blasts to eliminate the race

Are we falling to wicked designs?
Merely surrendered and resigned
where are we heading for as of today?
Killings and looting is on all the days

I can not offer my prayers
There wait the assassin as bullet sprayers
I have no place to beg for your mercy
I bow my head in shame and feel pity

All holy verses are forgotten
Resorting to orgy of violence often
I am at pain to learn the crux of teachings
Who may be taking guidance for preaching?

We call ourselves as children of God
We respect and obey every word of lord
we earnestly request to fill heart with kindness
not a single word to cause any sort of unhappiness

I wish to ignore all holy norms
let no one come, advocate and inform
what the humanity and religion stands?
Who is to be considered foe or friend?

I have no faith in such philosophy
that openly preach violence and offer money with trophy?
They are named as crusader and martyrs of the cause?
Let them look behind and assess the situation with pause?

Crocodiles and vultures are true friends
they have remained with us till the end
they have not polluted the air or water
we are going to vitiate and alter

who has generated hate campaign and ceaselessly maintained?
Why so many bodies lay scattered all over as stained?
What does it speak of natural understanding and true religion?
Why is it spreading its wings in other regions?

We all express true allegiance to written words
we inherit the substance and look forward
as whole world lay before us for embrace
we critically ignore the fact for the gloom to face

as we stand on the brink of disaster?
No solution is sought after
We have reached zero tolerance
No possibility is expected in near future hence

There will be rebirth of another messiah
Who will bear the burnt and lay down the life
We may then lament the fall of star
What otherwise would have been achieved without war?

With small words

April 25, 2011

How do I express it with small words?

It has secret blessings from the lords

You and me were never intended to be one

Yet this was fact and realized by none

The distance has not marred feeling

No one can interfere and do merciless killing

It may mushroom day and night

We will prove its essence very right

There is no natural divide

The God is there to behold and provide

All security and honor to our bond

To swim together in calm water of pond

People say light travels faster than any other medium

My though takes even less than minimum

It gets direct touch with little extension

Only she feels it and finds my mention

I get lost in her curly hair

The chances look very slim and fair

Yet it grows on number of promises

We have resolved not make any misses

My thoughts calms down with arrival of night

All worries comes to rest and cease the fight

I lay down on bed to think of bright next day

This is the right course and only way

We are human beings and have to confine

Rebuild relation to suit us very fine

Nothing may go as per our wish and desire

There should be no room left for joke or satire

I request cool breeze not to evaporate

Hold on for some more time to narrate

How did they feel about our natural pass?

Do we need any special place for class?

We have vowed to hold on till last

The time is running out very fast

There is no room for any doubts to cast

They sky is open for us and very vast

She has richness of kind nature

I see in her colorful future

Not that she may be wanted to come personally

But the idea belonged to her originally

She has expressed her desire very often

I too agree to it and fall for even

Nothing can separate us against our wish

It will struggle from fight to finish

Let moon hide her face and go away

Let stars not twinkle and give the way

Yet we may meet in dark shadow

Talk gently and allow closeness to grow

She must feel heaven on earth

Life is uncertain but certain is death

We look towards nothingness and feel fulfilled

Our pair has blessings and beautifully skilled

Love thee neighbor

April 24, 2011

Love thee neighbor

Who is very poor?

Do not show the door

Keep little affection in store

Put the confidence in all

It is not said by me but it is by holy call

Keep heart clean and prevent the fall

Lord may help you in scaling the wall

Trust is the precious jewel

You may do always well

God may guide you to rush for helpless

He is there to help but seek your kind face

What good is served if we mistrust woman folk?

With whom we go freely, confide and talk

If whole world is not trusted to go along

Then certainly there is something wrong

If we mean to say that God did mistake

There was no enough thought for intake

Whole world was brought up for no purpose

Then it goes in flame for the want of only suppose

When you say you have trust in God

Let there be faith in his word

His creations, nature and environment

Let us not commit sin by adverse comment

He hears and feels you in every moment

Your prayers and need for blessings are definitely sent

He will not reject it merely on wrong ground

You should be in right place and correctly found

There flows the river with all the sins

Everyone picks up water and as if with great win

Wise and devotee may think twice before action

As it is apparent very painful from the reaction

Let us behave responsibly without any disregard

Every word written or spoken by Him must be taken forward

Let us remain brethren and contribute toward peace

Lord wants us to leave with harmony and at very ease

No one is licensed to kill

No one has right to impose will

It is your inner strength that may guide you

You must prove yourself honest and very true

We are not here to show even little discourtesy

As Lord is always kind and keen to show mercy

We must live happily and need not worry

Any disrespect may cause us to feel sorry

Can we justify why did he suffer cruelty?

Was he not that powerful as almighty?

What did he say at the end of torture?

Lord forgive them for they are blind for future

I may not be true disciple

I may not be even good pupil

But I am true believer and ardent supporter

My stature may go up and not fall shorter

The bond

April 23, 2011

The real bond has God’s blessings
So much close feelings and nothing goes as missing
Two souls get together to fulfill the promises
Life is pulled on nicely with no label of miss

It is necessary to fill the holy bond
You may feel the life as pond
Though with limited world and aspirations
Simple solutions to the emerging challenges and questions

Is that what we aim for and finish the valuable destiny?
Do we go for completely for material gain and money?
If that is the only point for consideration
Then you will find many failures and abrasions

No doubt that may occupy majority of time with options
You may go through impossible ordeals and adoptions
Yet its basic instinct may centre on quick gain
Even though you may be worn out with complete drain

How much struggle you make for both ends to meet?
There is no enough space to secure the seat
There is always scuffle, struggle and burning desire
The consistent failure may subject you to satire

These are lovely stages and must be admired
They keep you tied until fully summarized
The outcome may be with either swing
You may stand victorious in the decorated ring

The name, fame and everything will come
You may have all praises and tumultuous welcome
Congratulations may pour from all the directions
It may strengthen your association with complete bond

In different environment

April 23, 2011

We work in different environment

It will be unadvisable to assert and comment

A female has entirely different domain

She has to live up to expectations and remain

As perfect human being it will be suiting to all males

It will ideal also to respect and honor the females

There are numerous starts in galaxy

The main position may not be occupied by many

She can be exemplary and educated

But she can’t be equaled or equated

She may be blessed with intelligence

Also possible with more brilliance

She has special position in every set up

It does not matter whether she is there to get up

Prepare tea and look after complete house

But it will be totally commitment and love to rouse

How to compare with working woman and one staying at home

In both the position she is supreme and welcome

She may even grow faster than her male counterpart

But this does not demand from her to forget her part

She can excel in every sphere

If she finds suitable place somewhere

Not to be fill her with total insecurity

But to praise her talent and complete capability

It matters less if you earn full respect

Rest all must be left behind to introspect

What can be taken into account then?

The ability to handle the situation and arises when

It is not the jealousy alone but room for accommodation

Little giving up position may strengthen the relation

It is how rapidly you come to the reality terms

It may enhance the trust and reduce the concerns

It may not go perfectly well with other profession

Where gents have perfect say for their possession

Some of the freedom may not augur well with their set up

Under the circumstances, one must choose to keep quite and shut up

It will be more damaging than damage itself

Both may be rich in experience like sea shelf

It can be taken to maximum use with benefit

If it is understood well and inscribed on sheet

It must be well speaking union

Nothing should prove as an impediment as companion

The knowledge and education can be brought in use

But it shall be added as an advantage and not to confuse

It needs thorough and proper understanding

There should be no use of letting down or bending

It is good to find knowledgeable and caring partner

But one must clearly think to adjust sooner or later

A magnetic pull

April 23, 2011

It is always good to remain blessed

All familiar faces liked by you remain traced

You are at free will to dream in wonderland

As there is no dearth to find the friends

The God has installed a magnetic pull

It can make any sensible person a perfect fool

He may always think his life is at peril and not full

There prevails complete isolation, peace and lull

To fill such void you really need dramatic change

This is not unnatural and comes off with the age

It must take place with all but with varying degrees

As it may take long time to think and agree

It is good to be a part of love game at an early age

The position of an individual is like tiger in cage

He has all the killer’s instinct but forbidden

All sorts of restrictions are on and heavily laden

The love in young age is still matter of joke

It evaporates in air like thick smoke

Person gets little jolted with failure

But makes resolve not to repeat it in future

Some times I dream about old age love

It may have same repercussions when comfortably drove

It has same ripples going up and coming down

The joy is almost doubled when immediately becomes known

It has mature feeling with little to loose

As you have grown with age and enough to choose

Since the sex is pushed to back burner

It gets its new color for the beginner

There is lot more to feel and ignore

It has less demand but anxiety is more

It has come to you in the autumn season

There is yet no compulsion for any reason

Sometimes I feel like to be a young boy

Even though the age is passed to play with toys

There is definitely hidden enjoyment with joy

You mix with friends without making any ploy

The transformation from young to that of old is very dangerous

The delay in realization of some appetite makes it erroneous

You are loosing some best moments of life at little discomfort

You miss it from heart and wait some kind of ship to anchor at port

There may not be complete lust behind

Yet it can’t be ruled out with reasons to find

There is definite angle to go for it with its fulfillment

Even though there may not any firm commitment

The intensity and attachment may not lack ion any sense

Only thing that it may not have any idea of nonsense

It will have real intent behind to go for little peace

Life is to be spent with calmness and at ease

Timing with place

April 23, 2011

There is definite timing with place

Where you can light up your face

Bring all the glitters of gold in memory

All past happiness not to cause any worry

The heart may beat in isolation

Even though there is no direct relation

It has to beat to express solid attachment

As there is holy internal movement

No season in fact matter

All colors appear and disappear later

Someone may be lucky enough

Life may prove smooth or very rough

The falling leaves don’t scare me as time moves on

The wind blows gently even if dews have gently blown

I feel no chilly winds to have gentle touch

I have missed it this before as such

He has done it with great warmth

I had to miss its effect aftermath

How many years have passed on since it happened?

I give more thrust on memory to be sharpened

You made it fascinating colorful rainbow

The colors were not allowed easily to go

The time took it away without any notice

I sit here under the open sky to remember the promises

Whole world would have fallen to my knee

I was in youth and totally free

I could have surrendered at first call

I was determined to rush after scaling the wall

Well it is not yet over and I still miss those moments

I believe it was precious time and heavenly sent

We could not unite for the same time and space

As there was no necessarily to go mad race