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Follow the basic

March 31, 2011

I imagined the sky to be hollow

I forced my thoughts to go slow

It was an ordinary day to think

It was all the way bad for me to sink


I looked pale and surrendered to logic

It was suggesting me to follow the basic

At no stage I had some fear and apprehensions

Life seemed to me useless and full of questions


What sky had to offer to me in general?

Except its blue horizon and endless zone in particular

I took it as source of inspiration

In its hollowness there appeared to be self revelation


What transpired in my mind to go for solution?

Was some change expected for possible revolution?

I thought of The Great Ashoka who left the whole empire

Even today whole world takes note of his contribution and admire


It is said he witn3essed the mass destruction and slaughter

There was complete victory but nothing to enjoy after

He had victory on field but loss at heart

This was turning point for his good start


Sometimes we are winning in field but loosing at home

You are praised alright but never get rousing welcome

People are bitter about your highhandedness

Lots of criticism and adverse comments are there to f ace


Yes such attitude troubled me for long duration

I had everything but lacked proper satisfaction

Something was really absent to feel enjoyment

Some good thing was taking shape with solid movement


In life material gain or achievement is not that important

The progress may be there and remain constant

Yet something is worrying you most of the day

You think much but it is driving you away


I had to draw single lesson from Great Ashoka’s episode

He had no hesitation in leaving even if highly rode

The fame and prosperity was earned out of bloodshed

This continuously hunted him and forced to lead for true religion



My self

March 31, 2011

Do I have the strength to take on my own self?
Pertinently bothering and relevant question
Event thought it has no direct relation
One can not find answer or any equation
Yet there is an urge from within as an indication

How you assess yourself and put into action?
How much you have an ability to withstand criticism or reaction?
This will shape your destiny and give room for self assertion
It will give ideological build up and self conservation

You may not know exactly as what to do?
You have limitations to go through
Under such stage you are likely to face confusion
It may not allow you to settle down in compulsion

One should assert and reassert
By living on plane land you must think of desert
To act on dissimilar ground and survive
Explore all possible ways to revive

You must have friction of second ability to take decision
It must come as surest weapon with precision
You are gifted with third sense to share the blame
And at the same time very proudly to claim

Love to live with whatever means you have
Act as per conscience and normally behave
This will give boost your prestige
You will be considered able and wise

Make it sure

March 30, 2011

Why is it so to end it in failure?

Why no one can make it sure?

Why it should hinge only on hope?

The show can either be success or flop


It is always hoped against hope

It is considered as tough walking on rope

Hope only keeps us alive

We must nicely learn how to live


It is always better to try hard and forget

The priority must be decided and set

It is not in your hand to predict the success

Yet you are prepared to accept it and face


Life is meant to learn lesson

It has multi dimension with reasons

It depends upon and varies from person to person

That can not be dealt as do the seasons


You will have to remain firm with your commitment

The efforts must be directed towards good movement

It may yield desirable result in due course

Your invaluable contribution is taken into consideration of course


God has given us clear instinct

We have definite choice to act

It is like catching bull by horns

No alternate even if cautioned or warned


It is do or die struggle

Life is proving as mysterious and puzzle

Not all may witness the shining success

Even if they are lucky to have enough access


God and master

March 30, 2011

It is story of natural lover
Staunch supporter and firm believer
His life is spent on natural songs
Nothing he or she finds anything wrong

Snow clad mountains for most of the year
Very good music to be heard in ear
What else a guy needs in life than be near to nature
To die or live and making it sure

Fishermen enjoy at rising waves
Mountaineers love steep rise and deep caves
Tribesmen love deep forests and tigers
Bird lovers dream of becoming fliers

Nature does not play the role of hangman
It has same role for man woman
It may appeal all from different angles
Try to come to help to form lovely triangles

The day is dying out to be taken over by moon
Soon the heat may be forgotten tolerated in noon
It is not sure what silver rays may offer in night
What else may be there to feel proud and right?

The objects are there since centuries
Nature has done no damage with its furies
We have depicted each object with changing mood
Whether it has consoled us or proved any good

Let us be near and think of changes
Try to paint it in nice mood and manage
It won’t discourage with even disasters
As nature are our God and master

But not alone

March 30, 2011

You are single but not alone

You have stood firm but not gone

Not wild but rose pink flower

The ran drop only take care and shower


He did not think before sending you

You have extra ordinarily proved true

He did not find suitable alternative

Your were not choosey or selective


He put everything in one art form

You were hastily planned and born

His highness of big kingdom was his mind

He assigned the job for Hasmukh to find


He forgot to convey message to this earthly man

Jihan meanwhile grew to the full status of woman

Her charm spread all over the globe

Frantic search was on and needed no probe


Let God remain busy but has made me on run

Jihan is there for all endorsement with fun

She is like fire ball in the after noon

And very cool when silver rays fall from moon


Hasmukh you run for it if can not find any

But see that it is not disheartening many

She is meant for to be a rising star

You are ordinary, not worthy and staying far


*Hasmukh is my name… Jihan is character


Things are disguised

March 29, 2011

Everything is possible if things are disguised
Treachery is possible if words are cleverly chosen and promised
It is all possible if we prefer and resort to
As they are essential ingredient of life and very true

We have chosen the path to live in unrealistic world
Customary speeches are applauded and appreciated as bold
Reality has ugly face to show when come on fore
It is, there, accepted now and even that before

We have always followed the path of pessimism
We have limited tolerance power for criticism
This makes us sometime to feel insecure
Certain things we embark upon even if not very sure

Everything is possible here from hatred to distrust
These are indicated as worst enemies and recognized by most
We may speak of toll order but go down with temptation
We try to camouflage the action without any indication

We have one weak defense to offer
We may advocate the alibi of right to differ
We may also claim” to err is human”
Certain excuses are meaningless and always proven

Liz no more

March 27, 2011


Words may prove to be less

She had kind and unforgettable face
Those memorable lines may stay for ever
Her role as an artist may always be cheered

Hardly in any decade have you had such beautiful flower?
Not for outer beauty but for kind and memorable nature
Memory may fade away but not her contribution
It was really a golden period which really marked revolution

Liz you will be shining star on the horizon
Many hearts were broken and won
You will be remembered for your outstanding performance
Beauty and honor will go side by side with romance

Great souls appear rarely on earth
They will be mourned gravely on their death
Leave behind a great mark for mankind
Rarely we come across or find

Liz you were on lease from the God
You have departed for the good
Someone else may try and take over
As an artist you never desired any cover

Love is thee name

March 27, 2011

Love is thee name

Even wild can be tamed

Such a gift from almighty

It is good luck to dream of divine beauty

Person is lucky to dream it in sleep

No one on earth can afford to skip

Relation can turn soar with little tongue slip

Love is such a weapon to make you sentimental and weep

Love is to taken in broader terms

To love a person is no harm

Even God bless those who long for it

It is always good to wish and greet

Love costs nothing in any form

It keeps relation very warm

Hate finds no place

Always love and no mad race

God showers on those

Who stand with trust to repose?

How God can be indifferent to such persons?

He will always be merciful with solid reasons

It is one way of remaining close to almighty

Since all are like children and it is his duty

To keep you in good shape with care

Else is there any place to somewhere?

Carry the whole world with your attitude

There should be no reason or prelude

It is always recognized and accepted

How can one be indifferent and reject?

Pick the pain

March 27, 2011

I read between lines and pick the pain

It is unnecessary burden on brain

When you repeatedly ask it again and again

My concern increases and remains main

I have yet to pick you right

So much confusion to correct it or fight

Love is to strengthen the bonds and cause oneness

I have been blessed with agony and loneliness

I can not run away from the scene as coward

I have always seen the divinity and looked forward

I have no other way left than to fight back

As my fair name and reputation is at stake

I should not have written it or inscribed

It is of no use to apprise and fully described

I saw all greenery on face of earth

It is turning against me and ready to be laid as wreath

I don’t know what impact it may have?

I have no clue yet how you would act and behave?

It is know fat and another name of treachery

I can’t pretend to be happy and remain merry

You have chosen it as play on the field

You tried to mesmerize and powerfully held

I had no idea about lone struggle

I feel like weeping freely in dense jungle

I keep going in life as stranger

Still I have no dejection or anger

Yes it is part of our struggle to march on

How can we evaluate as lost or won?

Nice to worry

March 26, 2011


It is always nice to worry

As life can not ended in hurry

It will have its own time to click

Whether you are alright or sick


Life is considered as mystery

Useless things to carry

Remain sad or make it merry

Problems may always be there to vary


We have no time to pray God

As we are burdened with the load

Why can’t we read between lines?

As world from other side is seen very fine


The worries may never go off

We have so much tension and enough

It is routine and can not lead us to be upset

We must tackle calmly and then forget


Sometimes you are seized with no worry

Then also you are worried and feel sorry

Life seems so hollow and unworthy

You feel dejected and seek sympathy]


It is human nature to dream for more

Always wants to win over others and score

Such unhealthy thoughts push you to the extreme

The shot sure battle is lost and making chance very grim


It will never end till your death

You may worry about how others will be laying wreath

It is none of your concern how people will react after

If you disclose such things then they will roar into laughter