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Door to door

January 31, 2011

No one has reached door to door

To the needy, down trodden and poor

With only noble cause in mind

Where else such pious and religious figure to find


Whether femine, draught or natural calamity

She was always guided by spiritual power of almighty

She was ordinary, down to earth but figure of nobility

The poor always blessed her to add feather in her ability


Only one soul could perform the remarkable feat

She was helped by all and could easily capture the heart beats

She greeted with open hands all irrespective of cast or creed

She never asked for anything or had any inkling or greed


We call her mother for devotional duty

She had beautiful divine smile with internal beauty

Sheltered orphans, destitute and homeless

The happiness could easily be seen on their face


It was rare opportunity for her in the services of mankind

She was fully alive to the plight and agony without being blind

She had all the means to remain comfortable and at ease

She preferred to devote whole time with frequency increase


She had only one mission and duty to perform

Stay among them and remain better informed

How easily she could pick the sentiments of helpless persons?

She realized it as life’s mission for fulfillment with various reasons


The world too has opened the doors for all aid

They have poured it without word being said

Charity is such mission where no one may prefer to stay

It is humanitarian effort and no one would wan t to go away



Some years ago

January 31, 2011

He left us some years ago

It was unbearable and not easy go

I have tried to forget it number of times

I have failed miserably and curse it sometimes


The enchantment of his smile has no end…

Amidst miss and amiss

Little pain with long tease

Yet not that painful but force me to smile


With passing of each moment of joy

I hardly take care to enjoy

Yet he is found in every object

I gladly go for it as how could I reject?


I see each flower with different color

Fascinated by fragrance and lovely odor

It may be the original quality of delicate object

I laugh at them with only remembrance of him to act


He is not far away from us as we are emotionally attached

He did everything possible for us so not to remain detached

I go past all the memory to remember him in even smallest thing

I am happy to find him even in the bee’s colorful wing


Whole of world is so colorful and he was inseparable part

I have missed him from the day one as he was forced to depart

Yet I go by the omni saying of life’s philosophy

Let  him stay wherever he is  in the hands  of almighty


New lease of life

January 31, 2011

It is almighty alone who can infuse new lease of life

No preaching of violence even if cut throat competition with knife

He is lone judge to ascertain our actions and guide

We got to believe in him and honestly confide


The love and kindness may be slowly pulsated

The course of action may be justified and related

The words are truly defined and put to use

We are not allowed to rouse passion or misuse


What can we do as sensible persons on our part?

We must keep some space some where in kind heart

This is real breathe taking exercise and art

We can only understand partially and start


We have gained no such divine power

We still have to live on earth and not in high rise tower

We have no magic power to ruin or destroy anything

We are perishable and can do no harm or good for something


It has strengthened my belief that some does exits for good

Even though we have failed to grasp it fully or understood

We can hardly do anything good except to pray for mercy

That will be shown only by him alone as almighty


Whatever be strong belief or allegiance

It will be lost for ever by our negligence

If we are taught and mislead to believe

The lies and hatred as dominant cause to relive


Love to live with own conscience and firm belief

God is there to look after and give relief

Rest matters less if we truly speak His language

Peace may prevail with happiness with no misuse


The books may relate only some divine aspects

It is holy union between us as entered into pact

We have no right to disobey, disbelieve or react

This must be plainly understood by every one as fact


Even though we are riddled with factionalism

More or less we are guided by humanism

As each soul is nearer to almighty or God

We can not simply force him to act with rod


It will be totally against his dictates

It will bring us doom and bad fate

Nothing can be saved for his displeasure

It will be misfortune and can never be favor



We are blinded by anger .jealousy and arrogance

Something can be removed by his presence

It is really a blessing if we follow true way with allegiance

Nothing can be worried about if we have total reliance



Body was flown

January 31, 2011

His body was flown by special plane

People flocked the streets and occupied the lane

Both the sides were full of children and ladies

What a great and honorable death if someone dies!


We observe countless road accident deaths

The vehicle owner or driver faces the people’s wrath

It will be suicidal to remain present on the scene

The irate mob will lynch or create ugly scene not to be seen


The death is such probability that can not be discounted by anyone

It may come at destined time even though may not be liked by someone

It may be highlighted more if life is laid down for noble cause

It has remained always on high note as of now and it was


It was put to us that he had preferred frontal attack

He was fired form all the sides and back

There was no time to signal the warning

He had no option but to open the firing


As the fate would have it and he felled to bullet

But he did not allow enemy to advance or let

He single handedly bore the brunt

Enemy could not get what they wanted from hunt


We had considered him useless when was among us

He was naughty and we did not believe or trust

For going out of village was essential and must

He did not want to live in dishonor or feel to disgust


The person chooses his own carrier

He may prefer to be lover or warrior

He is reminded of responsibility when see in mirror

Even though he might have felt it as grave error


So when the news was spread for her sacrifice

All persons left their place of work or office

They rushed to see the martyr’s body

Even though he was not liked previously by anybody


It is not the person but his work is appreciated

His life time achievement is praised and equated

He might have lived with in his ordinary style

But it was not the occasion to forget it for a while


Anywhere in the world the words are always dedicated

The willingness to go for help is readily indicated

No one may show disrespect to whatever he had done

The past may not be remembered and considered as by gone


I remembered him being frank and honest

He was always blunt in doing at his best

Today once he is no more among

I fear something might have definitely gone wrong


A day to be grieved

January 31, 2011

Today is martyr’s day and to be grieved in

Flowers to be laid and few words to be written

“Your immortals stay hereto remind us of sacrifice”

To live up to expectations as pledged with promises

It has remained on paper and mere symbolic

Still eyes become wet with very strong logic

What did they do to serve the motherland?

To create a safe and prosperous wonderland

We may have no time to offer any gratitude

As it has been affected by changed attitude

Still they deserve for some kind of holy homage

Their names are to be written with golden ink on page

We are dedicated and sensible people with all awareness

Neatly bonded together with all diversity in fineness

Not differentiating anything between cast, creed and religion

Even though we might have been inclined to some of the legions

Today the priority and preference has been changed

They have become show of strength and stage managed

Real feeling and due respect is there but with little significance

It has remained mere symbolism but with more importance

It is not that the love for motherland is on wane

It is also not felt at any stage that the attachment has gone

We feel not secured in our home and homeland

We stand helplessly to offer our homage and garland

The ugly face of terrorism is developed as new brand

Simple way of creating disturbances on ground

Whether allegiance or no allegiance is found

But such trend is temporarily gaining ground

No one is secured in temple, mosque or among public

We proudly claim to have inherited the state as republic

Might not have been liked by extremists as ideal path

So the bodies lay around on road in the pool of blood bath

We still garland our brave soldiers and civilians

They have preserved the tradition of smartens

Where the laying of life comes in the course of duty

They have laid it down for the perseverance of integrity

Few disgruntled acts may not weaken our spirit

We have earned it with great sacrifice and enduring limit

It will not be allowed to wither away for silly cause

Even with thousand more sacrifices we shall not be made to pause

Let us be not carried away by silly arguments

To preserve spirit at heart it self is great movement

Let us lay a wreath with dedication and pledge

We have strong resolve with clear edge

Ideal way of living

January 31, 2011

Lot many things to do before we are destined to fly

Desperate and frantic last minute effort with earnest try

No regret for what so ever done in entire life span

As life was spent but without making plan


It was aimless wondering in friendless world

Some where warm reception and some where very cold

Yet hope remains alive with lot more things to do

An enthusiasm prevails all the time and it is very true


There may not any zeal to lead very ideal way of living

But life is certainly guided by some loose kind of believing

The conscious to bite for every wrong act committed

Regret over any serious mistakes if at all omitted


You may have all the compulsions still a strong quest

Very hard try for achieving in possible manner as best

Time may not be proving favorable as it was hoped

Still to be raced against it as it can not be stopped


Lot more to do and lot more to miss

More anxiety at heart with tension and no peace

It is hoped against hope to try and go ahead

Keeping mind and heart cool when forced to lead


Life is built up on the basis of aspiration

With enough of confusion and full of questions

It can be brought to abrupt halt for the want of scarce means

Some may turn into dismal show with ugly scenes


Life is like clear sky with all white horizons

With so many layers above nicely put on

Think of rainbow emerging from no where

Revival of hope for doing better somewhere


There lies strong belief with loose faith

Still life is to be understood and lived with

It may be marred by some temporary setbacks

But may not discourage fully even with cracks


Hope and despair along with dreams can do well

The stories and tales are not only meant for to tell

The threads are to be picked and put for implementation

It may witness triumph when forced through with presentation



Life is not only meant to shed tears

It may have some dangers to fear

Why do we regret and rejoice at some point of time?

Lie is as such and to be lived with for very long time


It might have been presented as unpredictable

It may also prove as disastrous and unsustainable

Still no one runs away from the scene for nothing

All hard efforts are made to achieve something


Wealthy man

January 30, 2011

I did not want to become wealthy man

At least I did not dream about pleasing a woman

As they all prefer stability in life with wealth

They would not mind to go with person with ill health


I used to pray God for success

More knowledge with enough of access

No blockade on the way for any of the reason

As I wanted to be a successful person


At a given point of time you may need some means

With enough of means you can directly score wins

Even though that may be marred by some of the difficulties

Still you may excel with your great abilities


With the advancement of time the picture may get clear

Either you will be struggling or surviving it with fear

Sometimes it may be falling short of your expectations

Still you may go on without making any revelation


It is only greed that pushes you to get something more

You accept all short cuts and try available methods to explore

It involve bloody measures but hardly it will affect your drive

As you are hell bent upon it and at any cost stand to derive


It is impossible to move on without money power

In the absence of it you can have only hut instead of tower

The intensity and power of it has been realized by all

You are doomed to fail and possibly witness the fall


How can you do away by remaining aloof?

The misery is dominant and very clear proof

One has to live with whatever he has and survive

Only he has to struggle hard and revive


The new trend is emerging or growing in new generation

They see it as strong power for future elevation

Growth and prosperity can become reality only when

There is full economic growth which comes not all of sudden


It is equally true that person may suffer from inferiority

He may always be down with complex such as superiority

This can be eliminated with only when one is fully contended

It is matter of self satisfaction and can never be pretended


It is recognized fact that economic superiority is must

It creates enough of confidence and required trust

Person may develop ill feeling if he has to live with some shortage

There may not enough of time left with his life span or age


Only few can remain fully satisfied

The reason behind is not falsified

The time and life style has changed a lot

At every level one or other odd is to be fought


What is to be done

January 30, 2011

Do I really belong to this world?

Am I really worthy to remain in the fold?

Am I literally with their concept of life?

What am I likely to do for this war torn strife?


I have no answer exactly as what is to be done

I want to pun an end to hostilities and by gone

No useful purpose can be solved if old rivalry is dragged on

No material aid or any kind of help can be flown


If I can become peace messenger and roving ambassador!

I shall keep all avenues open with no closed doors

Every steps being taken to ensure lasting peace

As the main aim would be to live at ease


As man would be seized with dreams and so much fancy

It will be influenced by factors and can be counted as many

Still it is good to think about the rendering of useful help

As so many may seem to be lethargic and uncaringly slept


Daily we hear the news of fatal accidents

It has become routine for such incidents

Some times the tragedy may occur at residents

And some times at the site of construction under dams


It is meaning to say that life is not sure and uncertain

We can not lead it peacefully even if we try and maintain

If every one contributes little and thinks of positive

It becomes over all concern and does not remain selective


The world has been saved many times from blown over crisis

When two nations were at loggerheads with adamancy and emphasis

Still that has been achieved because of great vision and foresight

We can take it lightly under the context and allow them to fight


If there is awareness and proper people’s forum is available

There will be less scope of tension and it can be always avoidable

The public opinion can force them to avoid risk of the holocaust

Once public finger is raised and so many doubts are cast


We are very much part of this living and beautiful globe

Our conscious must always think, bite and probe

It may certainly lead to peaceful solution

If that meets sound response with strong resolutions


Every individual is important and inseparable part

The constructive ideas emanate and resoundingly start

It may not bar them from any regional boundary

This concept has to be understood and is very necessary


*Let one family with one world should gain the momentum*


Completely thrown

January 30, 2011

I was startled when facts were made known

I was taken back and completely thrown

I was picked from the streets for violation of modesty

No one heard my pleas and distrusted the honesty


I was picked on simple pretext that I may become threat

I was under wrong illusion and always considered self very great

This was the only reason that my overtures were wrongly taken

Even simple hello was considered as hostile and completely mistaken


I learnt a lesson from this humiliating experience

I was feeling now shame in her presence

She has cut sorry figure many times and asked for pardon

I was angry at her for being letting me down as don


I raised shirt color and moved freely as great lover

I believed in Romeo and was firm believer

I had heard enough of him and worshipped

But I never new that my wings may be clipped


I wanted to open up to her and tell about my feelings

I did not know then she was in and quietly willing

I had made overtures number of times but went unnoticed

I made futile attempts to woo her and get enticed


This was taken as affront to their pride and respect

Her family took it as insult decided quickly to act

I was rounded and roughed up in everybody’s presence

It added to my worry and made so much tense


It brought me almost to the reality and gravity of the situation

Everything was ruled out as no possibility for continuation

She stood firmly behind me and taken care to retrieve the position

We had loved each other and knew it was very good composition


I was now turned and reformed as good lover who knew all ethics

About the ups and down in the game and involvement of all mathematics

The trust and confidence was very much essential and formed basis

Now I was careful and laid some stress or clearly made some emphasis


Some of us are driven to the corner for rejection of offer

They fail to understand the situation and reason to differ

There might be many compelling reasons for saying no

It must be weighed carefully before allowing frustration to grow


To tell the truth requires immense will power and strength

A person can move on with honesty or go to any length

Still it can not be compromised on some of the aspects

As it may involve some of the good or bad acts


Years in exile

January 30, 2011

I am back after years in exile

Barring few new things nothing has changed for while

Same way of living and same style with existence

All for the good and no where any pretence


Nice were those days when we had well past time

Those were childhood days and considered as very prime

Everything was enjoyed with abundance of love and affection

It was funny, idiotic and coupled with very rash action


Nice age to remember along with all old friends

We were all known and member of notorious bands

No one may dare to point out or complain at home

We will be given no thrashing but only welcome


We knew well that critical days were ahead

It will prove all crucial to sustain and lead

Childhood was passing off like snow

We were coming up at speed with tendency to grow


We were in exile in our own country

Subjugated by other countries and ruled by many

Forbidden to visit any place as guarded by sentry

We were considered as dangerous for any entry


We had planned to throw them out forcibly

It was known to us that they will pay it very dearly

We had never chosen bloody path and even thought it rarely

It was not good option might have not come up fairly


All kind of terror was let loose on public

They wanted to turn it more tragic

Braking up of moral for us was their logic

But we knew it well as what could be its basic


No country can be kept under heels for longer period

There may be chances of uprising to fill the void

Though some steps may be taken for casualties to avoid

Still it may be little harsh when plan is laid


The youngsters or youth are always considered as stumbling block

They may be well prepared for final assault with surprise attack

As the public sentiments run high and turn against enemy

The scene later on may prove to be suicidal and stormy


Whatever the case may be, we were picked as possible threat

We were forbidden to see each other or meet

We were virtually pushed into heavily defended barricade

Still it could not crush us, stop or forbid


Those days have passed of with bitter memory

We are not sore at plight or feel very sorry

We only lament the treatment meted out to children

They were forbidden to come out in street for play even


We had chosen to leave the area once for all

It was of our choosing but a distress call

We could hardly offer any justice for it

Today I witness no change as people openly move and greet