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Surprise attack

December 29, 2010

The enemy can be easily way laid in night

When they are relaxing after the fierce fight?

They won’t have slight inkling about surprise move

They may not have slight chance for superiority to prove


The olden battles waged by kings provide sufficient skill

How the war can be won and force the enemy to flee or killed?

How best the weaknesses can be exploited to full advantage?

And the best and powerful armies of the world can be managed


The ground is surveyed before the start of war

The enemy supply lines are too probed very far

The cut of supply route can bring any army to knee

They may loose the clear advantage of fighting free


The rulers never wanted any competion

They were guided by the superstitions

No one should challenge their authority

They must have complete superiority


The kings were sole authority in the field

They had lots of influence and enormous power to yield

They were benevolent and provided good shield

They had high standing in public eye and respect too held


The war norms were observed and not violated

At down it was bringing all the hostilities to an end

The armies would retire to tents and prepare for next day

Still the foul games were never ruled out in any way


I have vivid remembrance of one such incident

The army was annihilated and defeat was evident

The retired generals thought to make surprise attack

They had nothing to loose but everything at stake


As they entered retiring tents in barracks

They found it opportune for surprise attack

They moved at ease and killed many generals

The little carelessness proved fatal for veterans


It is known reaction with the advent of next sun rise

The whole filed will be witnessed by sudden demise

Lot many able generals might have lost their life

It was not moral war but worn torn strife



The time has changed but not the tactics

The time and against it has been proved by statistics

The powerful armies are routed by small army

The theories and proofs are provided by many


Who ever strikes first can with the half war?

Enemy may not be able to go and cut very far

It will be seen as their graveyard or coffin

They have to flee the ground instead witnessing the win


* The surprise attack is powerful weapon in any war”