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A clear cheating

November 3, 2010

Cheat all but forget not to consciencenothing may come out of and help you at onceit is like glass piece and once brokenno words may be liked even if nicely spoken
I read, reread and weptthe road was blocked and sweptThe flowers were to be laidNo word was to be said

All vultures were ready for pound of flashit was clear to there wont be any clashit had come to them without any effortsonly sweet words with good rapports
She considered herself a Fish in a swampy desertsecured area and good spell in a hallo wellfloated with idea “who knows the truth in me”Oh nobody but me and only me
I could not remind her of magic mirrorit is clean piece and creates no terroronly exposes the weaknesses and shakesThe earth below just to remind and wake
When you fall flat with elbow and touchNo one may realize the depth and reachWith lots of pain and anguishWhat a terrible things and tragic finish?
No one has to feel anythingNo one can be blamed for somethingIt is decided in advance as destiny’s callWe ourselves are responsible for down fall
No need to visit market or temple No introduction is needed in preambleThe body itself may not bear its weight When all goes astray to cause fall from height
Do not lay down the armsThere is worth taking risk and no harmAll the seasons are kind and warmThere will prevail calm after storm
To land a friend in trouble is crimeNot to warn him ahead of danger is sub-crimeTo loose a friend just in quest is biggest mistakeIt won’t be unholy if he or she is saved from fakes
I need not shut an eyeNever attempt to ask whyOne can be closed to let it passThis can be unique in its own class
I have no rightNo intention to fightIt has showed me the lightTo extract maximum when you fight

Oh so kind of you friendOur conversation must endIt has given beautiful presentationThe contents are s full of praise to feel elation
You know it is impossible to composeVery difficult to know and reposeThe soul may react in strong wayIt enlightens but do not drag away
This is how human sentiments are interwovenThe short or bad memories are not easily forgottenIt gives later on the fresh air to breathe inThis is the only way to break in and win