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A carve out

August 18, 2010

Dear you not only look good

But are carved out of wood

You are like fresh flower from garden

Which has not boomed all of sudden?

I think you have fallen so deep

You had not time to peep

You have maintained an kept the figure

You are bound to succeed in future

Not all may know but only handful

You are pretty and beautiful

You are like full moon

you can be easily seen in noon

know it well what you are

You may be very far

Still a bright and shining star

Your eyes truly sparkle as they are

Keep smiling always with eyes to glare

don’t hold it back or prevent it to stare

Keep smiling always with eyes to glare

don’t hold it back or prevent it to stare


A mere thread

August 13, 2010

You were not mere a thread

There was so much to read

You kept us loosely connected

We remained together and acted

You were real cementing force

There lay a wide open course

You had it deliberately chosen

The relation remained warm and not frozen

There has to be some one who can balance

He can assert the authority in presence

There is urgent need to keep all together

You are true force and provide a breather

I wish everybody to have some invisible force

There may not be any cause for pain or remorse

It may be avoided with valuable advice

There may be peace and lie will be spend with ease

The head of the family may have same role

He is there as balancing force or neutral pole

Every one feel secured with no worry at all

He is towering strength and impregnable wall

A remarkable thousand

August 13, 2010

One step forward to close on thousand

The reality looked so much sound

The happiness was never experienced or found

I think it is deep routed in the ground

I entered here as raw poet

Many advised me to keep quiet

It was not jumping ground yet

I had seen no one here or met

The poems always fascinated

The new ideas emerged and originated

There was need for it to be put forward

This was not for any gain or reward

Everybody appreciated the poems as put forward

There was no way for looking backward

It was going to pave the way for bright future

The place was going to be there for sure

It did rest all the speculations

All the fears were put out of questions

Though it had direct bearing and relation

There was no need for comparison or equation

I may not be questioned for the quality

To certain extent it may not prove the ability

Still it is worth to put across the views

The readers may judge it with their reviews

No path is that easy to sail smoothly

How best you come out of it truthfully?

There has to be an earnest try and attempt

Alignment with readers and maintain the good rapport

I find suitably amongst all

They do invite me and call

This increases the bond of friendship

How many friends do I find on the real ship?

It is salute to those who have supported

Understood me properly and not misquoted

It is their profound love and respect that matters

It strengthens the belief and doesn’t not shatter

A hard hit

August 12, 2010

It was hard hitting speech

It was not meant to preach

He did not try to teach

It was earnest try to breach

Very few people try to bridge the gulf

It is very difficult to practice on self

We always try it in somebody’s domain

By touch wood we remain coolly same

It can be an isolated incidence

It should not draw wrong reference

It is meant to be real moral issue

We need close study and periodical review

You may find many preachers

You may come across also many researchers

There are schools of learned teachers

Also there is no dearth of broachers

It is yet to prove ones own credentials

We can’t endorse it or put the initials

It has got to be incredible and real

Everything has to be transparent and nothing to conceal

Moral forces can’t afford to be weak

It has so much at stake and must speak

From all the angles it must look same

It can only then assert and claim

It is everything to do with society or religion

No one can claim to be custodian

Of course they can be the real guardian

All of sudden they should not come out and prove as villain

It has destabilizing effect

People may loose the faith and angrily react

It has to be an exemplary act

Pt has nothing do with any particular sect

Leave nothing behind as wrong trail

It may hamper the process and derail

What we need today is pure healing?

Everything in open and not concealing

A dear daughter

August 12, 2010

My dear daughter

Don’t burst into laughter

I was never been running after

As you are under my shelter

It is usual and routine advice

You should not take it as surprise

As all other parents do

I think the same and it is true

You occupied mind all the way

I had no inkling or other say

I wanted it to happen in casual manner

Still I felt someone one was trying to hammer

It may not be legitimate concern

I never wanted it to take seriously and warn

It may be next as my turn

My fingers were not to be allowed to burn

I have tried several times to peep your mind

I was not at all disturbed or unable to find

You were at your usual show

I could see you to excel and grow

Though I distinguish no difference

Still I try to draw inference

I need nobody’s reference

I was worry free and not feeling tense

Only some parents may be lucky

The question is very tricky

It may have several angles

But we had formed very good triangles

You were my only star

We never wished you to be very far

You may fly away from us one day

As you may have your own way

As the luck would have it

W are still healthy and fit

We can take enough care

And shall be very fair

We are not very much possessive

But in some way very assertive

We always think positive

Rest all have to be your initiative

A good listener

August 10, 2010

I am willing to land ears and prove good listener

I wish to see all kind of flowers and roses as Gardner

It can prove me as sympathizer to people for their cause

In this trouble torn environment one needs to think and pause

Who has the time to watch and look around?

Broad day light murders and bodies are to be found?

It is unhealthy sign and doesn’t look at all very sound

We still have to breathe peacefully and go around

It is individual’s choice to go in for real assessment

There has to be some real and concrete movement

It may not yield any material gain or good fame

It may prove not futile but not lands in shame too

It is known fact that some has to be progressive

Nothing can be achieved by remaining so much aggressive

It may inflame already aggrieved situation

In others field you may term it as love or infatuation

Weep the tears of others if you have real sympathy?

Do it honestly without having any mercy or pity

It may not make you saint or incarnation of God

But you may have all blessings from people with nod

I have known it from initial days

I had trouble in finding critical ways

It helped me a lot from some one’s fine gesture

How can I forget this in shaping the future?

There is need for kind words

You can definitely convey it and forward

It will not cost anything extra I quantum

It will have far reaching impact as minimum

A song for

August 10, 2010

I haven’t seen her face

Still I am in race

Prayed God for his grace

I must find her or trace

What a magical pull?

There prevails complete lull

Cool breeze laden with heavy dews

I wait for her creation to review

She is really a spell bound

Fragrance of flower and nature’s sweetness found

It looks so logical and sound

I feel she is somewhere around

Lovely site with beautiful creations

To the point with no more questions

It is an end for earnest quest

She is with me by a simple request

Her gesture and feelings are very warm

I have found her without any harm

I can feel the pulse of her heart beats

She is in creations with unsurpassable feats

Where will I really find?

Hear her words so kind

What is actually worrying my mind?

She is virtual heavenly gift for blind

How to sing song in her honor?

How to remain admirer and lover?

She is silent flow of the river

I am caught up with fragrance fever

She may not be near and to be seen

Her poems are spell bound with new scenes

It shall remain as precious treasure

I am elated with joy with no way to measure

I have determined to g it alone

My garden should not be devastated by cyclone

Let flowers of all colors boom

I shall sit and enjoy in room

Don’t stop your views to air

It may be totally unfair

I shall watch it to come through window

I have waited enough for it to allow

Always be nice

August 4, 2010

It is not good to feel caged

To feel at ease and not to be raged

It has to be well managed

The God has nicely arranged

You are worth diamond to the world

You don’t have to blow hot and cold

You are unto your self and not sold

You need to stand on your feet and be bold

Every person behind the cloths stands naked

His identity is shaken and faked

It is not the real reflection

It needs some good and fine correction

God has born us free

You may grow and borne the fruits like tree

You have no right to shape the spirit in wrong way

It may amount to insult and take you away

The world is wide open and you are in fray

Don’t stand exposed and sincerely offer the pray

You have been designed for definite role to play

There is suggestive mode and positive way

It may be wrong on part to think negative

You should be open and really indicative

The signals should emanate very positive

You should remain there firm and very active

Any length

August 4, 2010

O mother, give me the strength

To fight it out and go to any length

Make others to feel easy and breathe

Free and not polluted air to escape the death

Give me the power to prove as human

Inject the liberal views in every man and woman

To make it worth while and feel very free

To go and touch colorful flowers as honey bee

Give me enough of it to prove the chance

Let everybody feel the pulse and openly glance

Let people not die in ghettos or face the slaughter

Smile on face and often bursting into laughter

I may depart not in unusual way

I wish to see that nothing is taken away

I wish not to pass the pain of your womb

I shall never enjoy it underneath the tomb

I may try to see the rivers flow

Not contaminated but with pure with sun’s glow

Air to rush it gently not making any blow

I wish to die by breathing very slow

Assert to self

August 4, 2010

We only compete in all the fields

Assert to self and influence to yield

Total efforts for authority to sway

Kill the conscience and drive us away

The nature completes the cycle

There no unusual things like miracle

The days and nights occur as usual

Nothing takes place as unusual

We need to change as per nature

There lies our destiny and future

Let us be submissive to almighty

Ask for blessings in the form of mercy

There is need for good awakening

It may not lead to any weakening

It may strengthen thoughts and belief

You may have peace with all kind of relief