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A known enemy

July 30, 2010

Alas! Distance is our known enemy

We are at receiving end and not free

I breathed every second for your company

I couldn’t make it possible to accompany

My heart bled for strong bond

I wished and was very fond

I swam with limited scope in pond

I have no patience to wait for second

The air was thickening with smoke

The heart was threatened with stroke

It was matter of time with no time bound

Still it breathed heavily and went round

It was first known contact made in open

The views really matched and tried to reopen

The distance was narrowing and tried to unite

It was beautiful and pleasant night

Two hearts did not think of any adversity

It was need of the hour and necessasity

How two love bound souls longed for each other?

They thought nothing and did not bother

They were memorable and not dying moments

It did no wait for any favorable comments

They did everything to breathe in jovial mood

It served as medicine, tonic and food

I get the message from wind’s direction

I visualize your face with romantic action

You are there eagerly waiting for my embrace

It may not be possible without His grace

Today doesn’t belong to me or not in my hand

The memory clearly plays as true friend

I shall not make it known to the world

I wish only to become part and come in your fold

We were moving in expected line

it was friendship day called as valentine

We may not be able to witness it as golden shine

I consider it as only gift and precious to be divine


Time out

July 30, 2010

Your time is out

Referee may not shout

He will raise only finger

You may cry foul with anger

You were very good at art

Tried to dupe everybody to look very smart

As the game moved on to an exciting finish

The chances for clear win stood to diminish

It was not the honest and real game

You were bound to be blamed

There was no visible ground to defend

You tried nothing to improve or mend

Certain rules are to be adhered to

This is principle and very true

If we flout it to our advantage

It may amount to derailment and sabotage

The balance sheet may be ready at the end

You may not be above to change your trend

You may ask for an extra time to repent

Alas! finger is raised without your consent

A clear move

July 29, 2010

See the world above

Stay where ever you are and don’t move

See it to your self to reach at the end

Don’t see others as masters but only friends

It might have proved too difficult

To come out of it with some insult

The frustration is in open with result

The foundation may be weak even if rebuilt

Try to reason out with your own experience

Add something to it with real context in presence

Never go for any acknowledgement or insistence

It may prove as contrary to draw any inference

The world may not look glamorous or appealing

The nice idea to flow with it may be repealing

We may feel awkward and attempt for concealing

It may aggravate the wounds without proper healing

The world may look colorful if you are wealthy

It may add more color if you are strong enough and healthy

It may add woes and so much agony

If you starve others for want of money

Be liberal in out look with real zeal and urge

Let good ideas emanate from heart and emerge

It may grant you happiness with satisfaction

This may be taken as reward or indication

You may not see it with different eye

You can’t see through glasses and try

It may be viewed with different angle

It may present different triangle

Use clear instinct with the micro mind

Process it with large images and find

Does it miss any of the ingredients?

Do we feel child as if without parents

See the images and form the opinion

It may suit or may not suit the companion

It has to do with your own judgment

There may not be then any illusory moments

As I kissed

July 28, 2010

On number of occasion I kissed or being kissed

They are special events and I really missed

So many times the friend circle have teased

I almost went down for the fear of being released

I used to touch the dust of holy land

Picking up some dust in both the hands

Rub on the forehead as mark of great respect

It was not belief confined to any particular sect

It had lots of power and feeling behind

Mother’s kiss is unforgettable and very kind

Love to motherland is unparallel and can’t be found

Everything said to her respect seems nice and sound

Parental kiss is full of affection and second to none

It is desired by students, children and everyone

The eyes reflect complete reflection of Calm Ocean

The waves rush to the shore in form all of sudden

What do the friends do when seized with so much joy?

Why not make it fully understandable and enjoy?

It has relevance even on today in all its form

We should be reasonable in its adherence and stay informed

How do I react when wife comes before the eyes?

What are all things happen when I search for it and try?

She has all the showers for me to show on the scene

Kisses may differ in its substance when rally observed and seen

It has so much power in its transmission

It has sincerity when signaled for admission

It may be offered with different dimension

It finds itself in situation which finds good mention

A sad feeling

July 28, 2010

I am lonely and feeling very sad

All days were nice but today it is very bad

I could not see of him in my dream

I am only for him, him and him

He always used to say me hello

He will not stop me and allow

I had decided to go after him and follow

He was firm with his promises and not hollow

His silence was baffling

The rain was dazzling

Some times amusing and sometimes puzzling

In all the way I was very much willing

I was sure he may come and tightly embrace

I thought of it as gift from God with grace

I was not at all ion mad race

I was ready for any eventuality to face

Number of times I had consented

I was proud of relation and never lamented

You were too inclined and sarcastically commented

Allowed me to come near and never prevented

The sun was blazing but with no direct rays

I he had forgotten the direction and ways

Soon the blaze will be over and night may set

I have tried so much but unable to forget

The dark clouds have covered complete sky

I wanted to ask question with optional why?

The moon too didn’t come out of hiding

The emotions were taking toll and heavily riding

Only one good news could make me happy

I was feeling very much sleepy

I was on risky side of the slope

I had still good faith with high hope

I know he will respond with responsibility

He has all the strength to go for it with ability

I shall not bind him in any condition

He needs only passion and clear ignition