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An end to hostility

June 12, 2010

Hostility can never cease or end

If peace initiatives are not taken or feelers sent

It may go on worsening the situation

It may have distrust consequences if allowed long duration

Who has benefited from long hostile atmosphere?

Have they been able to create permanent sphere?

Has it paid any dividend for the times to come?

Only hatred, misery, pain and sufferings to welcome

It has helped only war mongers

We have struggled and remained as strangers

They have proved good businessman and managers

It has brought havoc, destruction and produced ravagers

They have vested interest to see that nations are reeling under poverty

They must remain under their subjugation and never emerge as mighty

It doesn’t augur well with their national interest and hence inflame the passion

Unrest, bankruptcy and misfortune force them to go in for submission

Nothing moves on tract with right spirit and harmony

Illegal funding and over throw of legitimate Governments with money

Subjects may reel under dictators without any freedom

No rights of any kind and prosperity witnessed random

Nations can’t be put under heels for longer period quietly

Their voice can’t be ruffled and crushed mercilessly

They may emerge strong form impossible certainty

It may prove their graveyard even if they are powerful or mighty

No nation can survive with permanent hostility

It may ruin them completely and reduce the ability

There is no reason and purpose behind its continuation

It may be proving stumbling block for their elevation

No one has benefited for continued struggle and lead to slavery

Hostility ahs crippled their economy with no future recovery

You may not be in position to regain glory or fame

You will be reduced to work as pawn with shame

If the peace initiative is lost then it will be very difficult

It may add to sufferings and confidence can never be built

Generations after generation may inherit the hatred

They may find no hope but gloom future to lead

Even in our normal life, we can’t afford to be less tolerant

Even thought it is our weakness and possibly inherent

It is very hard to forget treachery a and set backs

Even then it must be tackled wisely possibly with still more cracks

It is bound to yield promising result

Respect may instill the confidence and substitute for insult

Good confidence building measure may improve relation

Hostility may end for good with its cessation


As I can lead

June 12, 2010

He is not perturbed for what is going on

The battle is going on and to be taken as half won

He has no doubts for its outcome

He shall wait for it and welcome

He has never project himself before any interest

It is safe mode to pursue and adopt it as best

In real hard time it may it may come to be known as test

Its fruit may be enjoyed later when you prefer rest

He will always look forward
No intention to see sideways or backward,
He doesn’t prefer or employ means very hard,
He doesn’t wish to have any reward

Who can be known as your best friend or well wisher?

A successful man and very good teacher

He may remain inaccessible and good pretender

He is there for all with no discrimination for gender

We can dream of a beautiful season

We have every reason to feel satisfied as very good persons

There can’t be going back on stated words

It may have its impact afterwards
Easy going is right option without any mention
Why people think so much and  carry the tension
Our death will not any bearing or draw the attention

You have no need to worry and raise the question

keeping to self or confined to area is best option
shut the mouth and not to utter a word should the adoption
let unnecessary things pass off with no more attention
Pray for right course and necessary action

Don’t you think world is so limited?
Showing off more but less committed
Lapses more but openly never admitted
Achievement less but boosted and noted

Striving very hard to remove the illusion,
Reconciliation all the time for inclusion
Peace always preferred to confrontation
Self interest not first is the only orientation

I shall not confine or limit to four walls of house

Intention very clear where interest arouse,
No preference for outright gain and willingness to submit,
No wrong means but optional means to admit,

I have failed self for gained a lot,
Centre of attraction has always remain in spot,
maintaining high degree of integrity with good rapport

Relying on popular will and garnering support

Is there anything wrong if I possess?
Have my own way with new ideas to find access?
Have philosophy of a day with strict adherence,
Bold approach without anybody’s reference,

Person with liberal thought is considered mad,
He has to part with ways and later feel sad,
My views are perfect and clearly read,
Have I not all the qualities to lead?

Act before it is lost

June 12, 2010

Grab the opportunity before it is lost

Go for immediate action before counting cost

Improve upon the relation before they turn into frost

Everything may go well with it when you suddenly emerge and post

Get it started before chances are diminished

Let it find the day before it is finished

Hold on till the last before it is vanished

Make best use of it before it is perished

They may not come again and knock the door

They are certainly meant for us to be asked for

Why then allow the opportunity to slip away?

Why skip off from the scene when there is hoe of bright ray?

Tide and time may not wait for anybody

This must be realized by everybody

It is basic fact and got to be utilized

Don’t wait for it until you get marginalized

No one advises you to go for hasty action

Pro and cons must be weighted before giving any reaction

It may boomerang on us if it is not taken care of

The clouds may clear off soon before you cry wolf

Right action at right moment may yield positive result

There will be fine flow of oratory if you prepare in advance and consult

It will be flawless performance coupled with great impression

It will out smart every body with deliberation in the session

One can’t expect rosy path always

You have to struggle hard for it to find ways

It stands very far and beyond our reach

We need to go in by frantic efforts to search

All depends on how you are tackling the issues

Constant watch and vigilant eye on periodical reviews

It may certain enhance the capability to gain control

There may then be outs standing performance over all

Love not to live with fears

Brush it off without shedding any tears

No remorse for any of the action taken

Else it may be understood as weakness and mistaken

You will have to live by present trend

If necessary change your attitude or mend

It may ultimately pay in the long run

Not all the work can be extracted at the point of gun

You may be taken as bigotry or zealot

But you may not be considered as fool or idiot

You may have decisive way to pursue for the action

Success is shot sure and failure is out of question

Not everything said should go by books

It can be taken as work of crooks

You must carved out your self as generous

Life should not come at stand till and remain continuous

Concern, not at all

June 11, 2010

Life has not concerned me at all

I have responded to her every call

I did attempt not witness any fall

I scaled highest peak and crushed the wall

I was mentally prepared and up with full zeal

I was determined to post victory and seal

It was going to be a perfect deal

The life was to be enjoyed in real

It has its timings and does not come before time

You will have to brace up and decide the goal prime

It must be pushed with all force you have at your command

You must be perusing it with all considerations at demand

The life is not fulfilled as you must have some one to witness

You lie down in earnest, open up and confess

If there is no one listening to your story?

It will be cruel joke and you may come to feel it sorry

I have come to know the real strength behind success

I had longed for it ever and tried to have open access

It will be only you who will take me to shore

I will then go all out for drive and explore

I did know what the companions mean to me

The whole world is meaningless without Thee

There is something behind for your real show

You may be there as reality and definitely grow

Nothing ends in tragedy until you invite

Spoil the relation and deliberately ignite

You can’t call differently for day a night

Wrong may always prove wrong and right a right

Have a gut to accept in real sense

Face it bravely and never feel tense

Give a credit that is due and deserved

Nothing should go against as it is minutely observed

No one can claim for anything which comes on he way

Some has definitely helped you to come and stay

It is becoming of a good man to pass on the credit

Pass on all good things to others and retain bad things as debit

As I analyze and judge the action for past

It strikes me forever to stay in race till last

I may move on but some one is really there as an inspiration

This I must make as an honest revelation

She was there upper most in my mind

At every moment she was there to find

Her move was courageous and inspiring

She had good guess and effective umpiring

Life is circus

June 11, 2010

The life is like great circus ring

It consists of happy and tragedy wings

Every character has to play an important role

The circus as such is combination of whole

The joker occupies central position

He is tragedy king but nice composition

He makes every to laugh with his funny actions

All the time children come out with “once more” reactions

Everything moves on with systematic way

Whole area is illuminated with light to make it like day

Animals and trained staff move in orderly fashion

Special precise shows in air and ground not covered with cushion

This all is doe to please circus loves and people alike

Children love it most and what to talk about dangers shows on moving bike

It is limited show but all dangerous moves staged

Lions too roar at ring master even if hunted in cage

They are bothered at all about their precious lives

It is performed perfectly perform and in art form they generally believe

You go there for entertainment and tension is relieved

Though fear grips you constantly and you remain under that impression and live

Life is also an art and we perform dangerous acts

This undeniable, inseparable and undisputable fact

How you can perform it nicely and come out of it is super tact?

We are used to live with continuously in fact

We would, like joker in circus want to laugh and cry

We would be making cautious moves and in fact try

The things to moved in orderly manner is call of the day

It is good pointer to mankind and human being to find the way

It is mixed feeling for the human being to cry and shed tears

Sometimes they have to undergo agony and pain still to bear

Keeps the face smiling even in adverse situation for show to go on?

This is how we move on and don’t succumb to pressure and win

No one plays part willingly but has compulsion to do it

It has its inherent weakness and makes men perfectly fit

It has tremendous zeal power to counter and come out

May be that is the strongest point not face the rout

Let us build the stamina and act as different character

Keep the scenes live and perform as seasoned actor

You may be performing in different sectors

You may got to emerge and come out as clear victors

Life may move on but with difference

We must draw correct inference

It may help us at any corner

We got to pick it up later or sooner

At every moment

June 8, 2010

At every moment I die to rise again

Nothing can deter me not even pain

I may not work exclusively for gain

I may enjoy remaining with nature and getting wet in rain

That is exactly what goes around

New joy is in offing and always found

You may be seen loitering round

It may appeal and looks very sound

I may be simply lost with imagination

There may be lots of questions

I may think wise and equate

Confide to friends and relate

I am nature’s lover and love birds

I enjoy their language in nice words

Do they wish to convey something?

Have they to do it with anything?

They on scene with melodious voice

There is pleasure in their noise

They are in mood and ready to poise

It is preparation to go ahead and poise

If birds can leave nest in search for food

Why can’t I try to reach out for good?

They flock together and guide the path

Go quiet on surface of water and enjoy the bath

It is not quest for anything but only survival

They have their own way and attempts for revival

They will not only look after wingless new born

Though they may face the danger and easily torn

I should stay with what ever I have

I need to be bold and brave

If birds can do with self dependence

Why should I not go ahead without interdependence?

There may come success and failure

They may alter the course for sure

I must stay calm with composure

You won’t need anybody to reassure

Try to be as near as possible with truth

It may be useful and worth

Why you need outright conquest?

When you have tried your best

It is not bad to remain and live for self

Sea too is obsessed with treasure in shelf

What is use of holding it when can’t be taken to use

Help to create congenial atmosphere and irritants to defuse

You may live to see world again

It may be altogether different with gain

There may be joy and happiness without pain

Worries may disappear and take to back seat again

Live full life with strong zeal

Try to confine but not to conceal

Don’t lock your self but reveal

It may then prove as holy deal

Everybody is not blessed with fortune

Not all people will dance with your tune

It is not necessary that you may be offered with rose

You have the right to for it and choose

Hostile reception

June 7, 2010

You may invite me with open hand

Shower the love and beautifully garland

It may be remembered as unforgettable event

Unique opportunity or chance heavenly sent