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December 10, 2009

I will follow the foot prints

Not to reveal or give away the hints

She may be golden hen and proving mint

It is to be understood and not meant

I may not tear off the cloths

Not to bring shame hence forth

May not shout also her by name

I may not care where from its name came

Laila, laila name I murmured

On dry lips little water poured

Eyes searched in all the direction

Nature too didn’t respond with any action

I was single but might have moved with many

Put up great show without having enough money or penny

Was it simple cover up or bargain?

Was it pure love or ground to gain?

*Laila’s name may be remembered for decades

*Majnu’s name may not vanish or fade

Love may find its way in eternal roots

One has to search and walk alone on foot

I may call her my love or honey

Some one may think it is for money

How should I get along and move?

Honesty and desire how to prove?

I was never a good swimmer

But knew well how to reach the shore

Had strong will power to sail through

Faced many hurdles and amidst crisis grew

Love may be called legendry tale

It may make living life like hell

Tidal waves may raise the sea level

Hurdles to cross and smooth the travel

*Majnu  had  sincere desire to marry

Sacrifice to make and words to carry

Nothing could go well with their story

Their names could be taken only with glory

We have rich heritage to look after

It is not to be joked or taken with laughter

Many might have got what they had wanted

Others were tortured, humiliated   and haunted

I humbly sought the purest of pure

Prayed sincerely for it but was never sure

I was suffering from feeling which had no cure

Neither I had any answer not she was feeling secured

Sea remained calm with blue water

Seemed it had no plan to alter

Allowed the movement with free passage

Love is to be sacrifice with clear message

I may not find place as *Majnu did

He openly expressed and did not hide

I have courage to drive and make clean sweep

Not to make relation sour but always sweet

*Laila…female’s name……Majnu…….lover


Where were you

December 10, 2009

Where were you when light went off?

I was frightened and cried for wolf
Wife whispered in ears few lines of song
I couldn’t think what actually went wrong

Before sleep it was sweet fight
Mind was preoccupied with dead night
So many thoughts crossed the mind
Sudden break off light was seemingly unkind

May be it was unexpected and all of sudden
Not easy to skip off when worries are laden
Loud sound may wake you up unaware
All thought may appear as shining flare

I could not laugh at silly exposure
It proved me as coward and unsure
What could I do in difficult situation?
This put me in difficult and awkward position

This clearly speaks the state of mind
This sudden shock is not something new find
It happens when one is not well prepared
Position as such shouldn’t and can’t be compared

Everybody laughed at my uneasy calm
I felt amused as descended from the high tree palm
Though it was not matter of joke
Every body laughed at and unnecessary poke

I too realized many implications
It was raising doubts and complications
Wife too was at pain to explain
Many days she had to hide and indoor remain

Nothing more could be done except to laugh
Wife handled it well as my better half
I too put a good show and brave front
Agony, shame jokes and bore the brunt

These are lighter moments of life

It can only be shared with wife

Time may come when you may realize

How true it was to laugh and memorise