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Making fun

August 31, 2009

Picture 061

Do you enjoy while making fun?

Do you fear while pointing a gun?

Where you ever chased or made a run?

If not, then you are exceptionally only one


We forget while making fun at other

Care not for feelings and never bother

When we face the same situation one day?

We feel hell let loose and no hope of ray


We have no grief over thousands who perish

Take all kind of life risks which endanger and finish

Still life goes on and nothing stops

Show also goes on and never flops


Physical injury can be recovered

New stars can also be discovered

Bitter words or ill feelings pinch us most

May deliver a blow at personal cost


Why don’t we care and respect the honour

Whether family members, tenants or owner?

Let us be the first to repair the damage

Worst crisis face and try to manage


You may think race is over and won

May not realize ill feelings and frown

They will not hesitate to bring you down   

Time is not far when completely disowned


It is better soon to be realized

Recover fast before you are marginalized

Let whole blame passes and generalized

With less discomfort and not much penalized


Learn quickly and forget so soon

Enjoy the day light and night with moon

Life may seem sweet and worth to enjoy

This is how we adopt to live with joy


Mom,I miss you

August 31, 2009

Picture 061

Today is important day in life,

You found good partner as my wife,

It was great moment and your last wish,

Life is going smooth with fine finish,


Your small plant is now grown into big tree,

I look back with satisfaction and feel free,

Mom, it was you who nurtured me well,

Life otherwise was going to be hell,


You did feed me with honest means,

Neither to yield and nor to lean,

Fair view of situation and act,

Never in haste by neglecting fact,


I cherish your memory when at ease,

How can I afford in memory to erase,

You were always there to guide me in dream,

In darkest hour you come as sun ray’s beam,


I have finest hour to remember,

As youngest I was naughty member,

So much loss but you did not number,

Number of times apology I tender,


Suddenly I raise my eyes at sky,

Tears rush in with force to cry,

After many years you are still at heart,

So much devotion with concealing art,


Twinkling stars resemble your smile,

I see you there though away many miles,

Moon light shower silver blessings,

Body feels gentle touch with sweet kissing,


Fingers run in thick hair deposits,

I lay for while with thoughts composite,

Had you been here for this occasion?

I would have been on earth happiest person,


I have desire to offer you flower,

You smile there but blessing shower,

I shall consider it heavenly offer,

I shall except and no reasons to differ

Hill top

August 30, 2009

Picture 061

On green grass near hill top sat one poet

Seized with serious thought but very quiet

He was lean and thin but on simple diet

He mastered an art in composing the duet


He had masterly skill but not looking smart

Thoughts were slowly entering part by part

It was not age of cars but small wheeled cart

This was only refuge where he had very good start


He wondered at God’s beautiful creation

Was it not serving right place for recreation?

Who has time for observation and thinking?

Hated and killing with moral slowly sinking


Will my simple creation serve the purpose?

If not serving well then what should I suppose?

Should I leave it to fate and continue?

Offer something concrete with ideas new


No one took notice of his presence

His presence on ground was not of any essence

This provided him peaceful and congenial atmosphere

Long vision, right decision with new sphere


He had hardly any means to go on

Paucity of funds and nothing of his own

Poor parent forcing to forgo and ready to disown

He determined to continue to achieve literary crown


Luck would have its way and he joined the college

Intelligent students welcomed him and joined as colleague

Literature was his ambition and brotherhood as an aim

So much to offer and nothing to claim


“No sir, this is not what poet thought in mind”

Professor turned back with gesture unkind

How can you say this is not exactly the meaning?

“I am the same poet who composed and had simple leaning”


This was shot in arm for newcomer and student

He had many ups and down in the freedom movement

Consolidated gain with slow and steady pace

Created position keeping others enough space

I sell my soul

August 29, 2009

Picture 061

“My soul and body for sale “
Offer from fish to a big whale,
When saw a big danger face went pale,
But indeed plain truth and not simple tale,

I can’t grow any more,
Nor can I protect in downpour,
Never faced worst ever this before,
Broken at heart and body lay tore,

I may not offer or even fight,
Find no candle even there no light,
Situation may be worse or even tight,
Worries may be more solution not in sight,

Tough it prove life may prove hard,
Can’t keep it away or off may ward,
Still it may remain, close I may eyes,
Nor it may vanish even I make byes,

I may boost big and promise tall make,
Handle it with ease and eat like cake,
Shaken from within when face rough,
Resolve may shrink when task find tough,

Still I may not relent, and also lament,
But loose I may ground and offer no comment,
I may collect thread and wave it neat,
Try to project success and excellent feat,

Had it been in reach, I may hold good,
Last I may more even without food,
But alas! I am gone and face defeat,
I may loose ground and may retreat,

Still I may hold firm and loose not grip,
Dark may not deter even light may trip,
I still stand fast and put brave front,
Odd may not give in I may more confront,

But as I said I just cave in,
Future lay barren and I shatter within,
I can’t offer more than body and soul,
Life proved hard and I feel foul,

So do I offer soul and body sale,
Story may not find well with male,
But it may find favour and also flavour,
I may keep it low but it will clamour

Firing squad

August 28, 2009

Picture 060

Who should have hands cuffed and blind fold?
Face a death penalty and murder in cold,
Can this practice be not put on permanent hold?
Will this be construed as cowardice act or bold?

Still this is on in this world civilized
Reminiscences of cruel days yet not realized,
Human lives at stake honest life marginalized,
Cry for freedom fight and liberty penalized,

Our forefathers and champions always emphasize,
Struggle for rights and honours energize,
“Live and let others live” slogan globalize,
Intensive struggle and public opinion mobilize,
This was the effort on large scale organize,

Fruits of their struggle just gone in vain,
Struggle for rule and power remain,
Only motto of sway and under domain,
Rest all to suffer heavy under agony and pain,

What did they get and pay in return?
Old hard days of draconian rule and “U” turn,
Misery, poverty and humanity on run,
Autocratic rule and decisions on barrels of gun,

Still end of peaceful struggle not in sight,
Crushed and ruled under power or might,
Those who continue with weapon and fight,
Never see a future in a day or light,

Normal citizens face brutal police assault,
Brutal killing and wounds filled with salt,
If you fail to fill their coffer with kind and wealth?
Think of consequences and state of health,

You may witness fake encounters,
Innocents punished and free the hunters,
You will face firing squads and brutality,
People all over with different nationality 

Is this possible only because of word apathy,
unlawful activities under the kind sympathy,
Doees all sweet and moral words are worthy?
No one can come forward and assert authority.

Severe jolt

August 28, 2009

Picture 062

You gave me jolt without any clue

Was all of sudden as if bolt from blue?

It was shot in bull but hook miscued

No escape route to go for and rescued


Well it was not wise but your decision

You might have thought over with precision

Simple misgivings cannot take us further

Relation can exist not any longer


What happens if one distrusts another?

Who will help for feelings to smoother?

Dooms day in offing and can’t be far away

Uncertainty will prevail and have its sway


You gave preference to your feelings

Under heavy pressure I was reeling

Exerting pressure for final sealing

Emotions I was hardly concealing


I extended hand with noble gesture

You saw in it no stable future

Was it enough or steps mature?

You thought the relations below stature


Nothing will go straight and right say

Relation will strain and not pave the way

Time may come when will have to part

Many questions even if try to be smart


You are not sure of what is right

Why scuffle and unnecessary fight?

Can’t see a reason even in day light

Weakest among even with enough might


I shall bear the blow and brunt

Fingers as such I have burnt

Why to blame you for silly cause?

I may wait for time and small pause


I know you will go and sleep

I may resent and almost weep

Still as man I will maintain and keep

Bury the differences in shallow sea deep

Shooting pigeon

August 27, 2009

Picture 060

Can any one think of shooting pigeon or sparrow?

With any edged weapon or pointed arrow?

Would you ever think of throwing stone at neighbour?

Do you think it worth to make futile labour?


No one attempts at without any purpose

Why don’t you send stone in stead of rose?

Why we dislike displeasure and show through nose?

Threats are instantly eliminated before they pose


We can’t afford to be guard off

Immediate steps to position and ward off

It is human nature not be little sluggish

Humble approach and not to talk rubbish


Are we creating impossible things to live?

Do we not aim higher and in goals believe

If answer is yes then think of always good

No retaliation even if beaten with wood


This may look strange and little funny

Greatness and nobility can’t be achieved with money

No bees may store drops of honey

Still it happens and we don’t raise bogey


Why all great souls laid down lives?

Were they all fools not to long survive?

What forced then to prefer death for life?

They had their own kingdom and beautiful wife


We may not go far but strive for best

Life is not worth to offer for test

Not to sit idle and not to go for rest

Strong resolve at heart and all cards to chest


I am not worthy to offer any solution

Peace should not face kind of dilution

Whole mankind may become extinct

If we not offer ……………………….


What is good to inhale and what to exhale?

Leave that aside with resolve to excel

We may not follow and good ideas repeal

This is simple request or may be an appeal

Apologetic gesture

August 26, 2009

Picture 062

Apologetic gesture and attempts to woo

Do or die approach with resolve to do

I find it very hard and nothing to gain

Adds to tension and worries still remain


It is not that I want to be aloof

But I need the result to be full proof

Can’t afford to be even slight careless

All my efforts are earnest and in fairness


You may comment and pass casual remark

I still go ahead and ventures embark

Whatever may be result or outcome?

I shall steadfast and offer the welcome


What do we need in our general dealing?

Gentle and mild touch with smooth healing

Pages always open and no more concealing

Highest regards even when secrets revealing


Why generally we are disliked in general?

Water test bitter even if fresh mineral

Utter senseless words at the time of funeral

Sweet words only please and do the miracle


These are not mere book words or advice

Neither are they mechanical nor device

It is practiced as generalized pattern

Finding path with the dim light of lantern


No one may like the way as suggested

Minds are bogged down with traffic congested

Entry for wicked ideas and good one arrested

Nothing goes normal as ground never tested

Blood all over

August 24, 2009

Picture 060

Blood spilled all over on ground

Bodies scattered and in mutilation found

Fresh wave of violence gaining round

Hatred, distrust reign with system sound


Who are people doing all criminal acts?

Why not all come to sense and react?

Is it the only way out to combat terrorism?

Are we not to be blamed for all kinds of “ism”?


Every time senseless killings take place

Still no system or alternatives to replace

Mutual distrust and hatred prevails

Love and kindness always fails


We need to have passion and brotherhood

Calm should prevail in vicinity and neighborhood

Why do we add fuel to wood?

When there shortage or no food?


Somebody may loose son, husband or father

We can’t allow it to go any further

What is happening somewhere should not make us bother?

Let us build new relation where love only matter


Why humanity should suffer on this count?

When all sorts of tension and worries mount?

Let us place ourselves to the mercy of Almighty

Who will guide us to destiny and not feel pity


We are here not to create havoc and destroy

Never resort to unruly scene and others annoy

It is humanity that goes on in orderly convoy

Let us build and search ways to employ


August 23, 2009

Picture 061

It reminded me years of marriage

Life passed easily with simple carriage

Happy days ending with joy and I could manage

Nothing went wrong with time and passage


Cruel luck would have it

Lamp went off suddenly and could not be lit

Fate severely struck with perfect hit

He was taken away within a minute


I was dumbfounded and could not cry

Asked repeatedly for what crime and why?

Was there no alternative to spare on earth?

Did you not think what will be condition aftermath?


I have witnessed many anniversaries

All gave me joy and no worries

This only one has saddened me much

Great vacuum in life not easy to fill as such


It has left me completely paralyzed

Situation so delicate and can’t be analyzed

It has left deep scare on mind

Unable to think and new alternative find


Every year it will come and take me off

I may not cry but can not hold bluff

Will it be great tribute if I hold you fast?

Memory to remain till the breath of last


I shall nobly as you desired

Always you teased and work admired

Who knew you will leave and get expired?

Your work may lead me and thoughts aspired


I shall continue to thrive

Your spirit will live and may be revived

I shall make it livelier than life

Prove to be honest and dedicated wife